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Mello had gotten lucky. That albino kid's idol (and, dare he say, love) had just marched straight into the alleyway.

Well, less of a march and more of a run. A very awkward run. Mello stepped to the center of the alleyway, blocking the man's path. The man slid to a halt, stopping about 2 feet away from Mello. "Where ya goin'?" Mello taunted.

"Get out of the way, I'm in a hurry!" The man's voice was soft, yet more aggressive than Mello had expected.

"No," Mello smiled, and put out his arms so that either one was touching a wall. "I don't think you're going anywhere important."

"I'm late!" The man said, his voice rising. "Get. Out. Of. The. WAY!" His voice got louder on each syllable, finally ending with a scream on "way".

Mello smiled, and suddenly found himself being punched in the stomach. He looked down, and looked back up.

The man was smiling an evil smile.

Mello's eyes narrowed.

The man smiled wider.

Mello swung his arm into the man's head with his right arm, and pulled a knife out of his pocket with his left.

He stabbed the unconscious man in the chest. Once, twice, three times. Then he stopped.

He didn't stop because he was done. He stopped because instead of the blood that should be spurting right now, a pale pink liquid was leaking out of his chest. Mello stared at the liquid, dropping to his knees. He pushed the knife into the man's chest again, but more careful, like he was preforming surgery.

He pulled out his heart.

It was cold and pale pink, and actually shaped like a cartoon-ish heart. He turned it over, and imprinted on the other side was a name.

Yagami Raito

Mello looked at the man. He smiled, but didn't really feel it.

He had finally succeeded in getting his revenge on Near, but Near would have been hurt by L anyway.

Because L loved the Yagami Raito that Mello had heard about. Kinda sucks for Near. :3