Italy Love

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Summary – Isabella Swan is mate of Carlisle, and Jasper. When Edward heard her father thoughts, they kidnap Isabella convincing her father that she has gotten a scholar ship in Italy. What will happen? How will Isabella take to having four lovers? Read More to find out...

Bella's Pov

I was walking in the park when two men in hooded cloaks approached. I turned around quickly walking in the other direction but before I got too far away one of them grabbed me as the other put a cloth over my nose and mouth. Making me fall asleep, I felt one of them picked me up.

When I woke up I was in a room, I did not recognise tied down to a bed, I quickly managed to free my hands but before I could reach for my feet, the door opened. A man walked in shutting and locking the door before turning around to me. He studied me for a few minutes before coming closer,

"What have we here" looking at the ties that use to hold my hands then back up at me, He came closer I tried moving backwards but he grabbed my arm putting pressure onto it.

"Now none of that pet" Grabbing me even tighter while pulling me closer to him.

"Im not your pet, let me go" he started laughing

"No and yes you are my pet but also my son Jasper's pet too" he spoke while smiling

"I'll never be anyone's pet," he started pulling my hands above my head chaining me to the headboard instead of the rope. When he finished he lifted up my head up so that he could look into my eyes.

"Your my pet, and you will respect me" I looked at him seeing blond hair with hazel eyes.

"Sorry" I whispered scared of what he would do to me.

"You're forgiven but you need to respect me and my son clear"

"I will" he smiled again

"Good now im going to ask you some questions and you must answer them with the truth" I nodded he moved closer.

"Are you a virgin" I looked up at him before answering

"Yes" whispering before I put my head down. He lifted my chin up so I was looking at him now

"It's nothing to be ashamed of it just means I will have you before my son does that's all" I gulped

"You look scared don't be your safe here" I tried to smile at his words

"I'm okay" he smiled he watching me for a few minutes

"If I untie you are you going to try and run?"

"I won't run" he nodded before untie my feet and arms. When he finished I instantly brought my legs up putting my arms around them before rubbing at the tie marks.

"So pet I think that an examination will do" I looked over at him he was smiling

"Yes" he pulled us over to him before placing me on my feet.

"Now you're overdressed strip" I looked at him not moving (outfit on profile)

"Now!" I quickly took my shirt of and jeans before I could start at my bra his hand stopped us

"Leave them on" before pulling me back onto the bed, laying us down before he gets up to unlock the door returning back over to the bed. A man walks in pushing a trolley in. Putting it over to the side of the room before, he stopped back at the door looking at us both.

"Jasper come on over" he spoke while going to sit behind me, lifting me so that I was leant against his chest. He came over slowly looking us over

"She's perfect" he spoke

"I agree, did you bring everything," he asked looking up at him

"Of course where"

"I think her arms" I looked up at him scared now he was looking at this man I noticed him nodding his head to him. My eyes darted over to the other man who was going back over to the trolley starting to push it over to the bed. As the man next to me held me still as I tried to squirm out his grip

"Now pet will you behave while I put some tattoo's on your arms." I looked at the equipment on the trolley before nodding, he smile at me before one of the other men handed him a needle,

"This is to make your arm numb so that you don't feel it" I nodded my head as he injected the needle into my arm before repeating it on my other arm. He then picked up the tattoo needle

Carlisle PoV

I watched as Isabella watched us put the ink in the needle as Jasper handed me the stencil with his name in the heart.

"Im going to put this on your arm you need keep still so it won't move" she nodded to scare to speak. I put the stencil on her arm before I wet it so that it transferred over after a few minutes; I took it off before looking over the outline on her arm I noticed that she was looking at the design.

"Jasper's going to hold you so you don't hurt you're self" I carefully started with the tattoo needle going over the outline then filling the heart in swopping the colour to hazel for Jasper's name when I finished she had a few tears on her face. I quickly wiped them away, as Jasper handed us my outline which I placed above his I did not know what colour for the heart I noticed Isabella watching as I took the paper of the stencil.

"How about you choose the colour for the heart" I asked Isabella she looked up looking worried

"It's okay" I pulled the tray onto her lap, she looked at the colours before pointing to a purple colour. I smiled picking it up before starting on the tattoo when. When I finished Isabella was crying a little more now, I could tell this was painful for her but we had to so everyone knew she was ours one day we tell her why she's here and why we took her but not yet. Jaspers was calming her

"You're doing great last one I promise" she looked at us both with pain in her eyes, before nodding her head. Jasper passed me a needle to numb her shoulder; I injected it in passing the needle back to jasper. He then handed me the last stencil that was the one to say Cullen's name on. I applied it on wetting it before pressing it down lightly, looking over the colours before deciding on hazel with red outline after a few minutes. I piled the paper of, starting to work on the last one Isabella screamed when the needle touched her shoulder even though we had kidnapped her and were keeping her here. I cared about her; I concentrated on finishing the tattoo as quickly as I could. When I had finished Isabella was shaking lightly but also crying. I gave all the stuff back to Jasper before pulling Isabella closer to me as she cried.

"Shhh it's over now please Isabella" she looked at us after a few minutes she had managed to calm down.

Bella's PoV

When he finished with the tattoo's I felt really saw as they stung a lot. He was trying to calm me as I was crying, finally I calmed after he spoke. Jasper had disappeared with everything but came back a few minutes later with a tray of food.

"Im going to wipe the excess ink of them okay" he spoke I nodded he started to gently damp them taking the excess ink of when he finished

"There we go Isabella I need to tell you something" I looked up at him confused

"The reason your here is because a friend of ours, saw you being our mates. We are sorry of the way you were, brought here but we wanted to protect you my son heard your father's plans to what he was going to do to you but we could not let that happen. Im sorry for hitting you but you must understand you have to listen to us all so we can help keep you safe." I looked at him

"My father beat me. That's why I spoke to you before like I did. Im fed up of being people's pet." He nodded looking like he understood

"I hope you dont mind the tattoo's, its stops others from touching you." I looked down at them

"I don't, they look lovely." he laughed

"They do look beautiful on your skin." I blushed he laughed,

"Would you like something to eat?" I nodded Jasper pushed the plate over to us. I noticed there was a load of fruit on the tray. Picking some up, started eating it slowly

"May I ask for something to wear? Please?" He nodded, Jasper got up going over to a bag and pulling out some PJ's, handing them over to me. Stepping of the bed to put them on before sitting back down eating some more fruit when I finished they were watching me.