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Harry stood looking around the schoolyard, nervously biting his lower lip. Today was the day that they were doing the weather experiment in Fifth Grade Science. Take a helium filled balloon, put his name and the school's address on it and let it go. If a student was lucky in the next few weeks someone would answer telling them how far the balloon had flown. He watched as his classmates moved forward bickering among themselves over the color of their balloon. He didn't care; he would take whichever one was left. "Potter!" Harry jerked his attention back to his teacher and came forward to take the barely inflated red balloon from her.

He watched as his classmates tied the small lament cards to the ribbons on the balloons and eagerly waited for the go-ahead to let it go. Harry looked around and making sure that no one was looking at him, fixed a small weight to his balloon. He had found the pretty rock on his walk to school that morning. It was blue and green, and Harry had been enthralled when he picked it up. He had also written a short standard letter and added a line, then wrapping the letter around the rock, took his sandwich bag and tied to the ribbon. He held his breath as the teacher looked around making sure that everyone was ready to release. If she saw that his was different, he would probably get in trouble.

Dudley and his gang were cracking jokes back and forth as they released their balloons and caught them again. A strong breeze whipped through the playground and this time instead of catching it, the ribbon of Dudley's balloon slipped through his fingers. He blinked at in shock then grinned as most of the students took that as a cue to release theirs as well. Dudley's grin however turned into anger as his balloon was caught in a tree and he howled as the bright blue balloon popped on a thin branch.

Harry hid his grin as he held onto his balloon, "I wish I could have a friend," he thought, "some one to write me, someone who will be my friend." He closed his eyes as he repeated that to himself, "please." He thought and released his balloon.

Harry watched it with growing dread as the breeze made it head for the tree and the same fate as most of Dudley's gangs balloons. But at the last minute, a cross breeze hit it and it flew around it as it languidly made its climb higher in the sky. "Please," he thought again, then blinked as his balloon seemed to glow and disappeared from view.

Duo Maxwell flipped his braid over his shoulder and sighed, he was bored, and everyone who knew him knew that bored and Duo was never a good combination. A quiet flapping and light tapping in the wind kept trying to gain his attention from the computer screen and the game he was playing, and finally after a particularly loud flap and clang he looked out the open door of Deathscythe. A small sorry looking red balloon had caught on the vent boosters on the right shoulder of his mecha, the ribbon of the balloon holding a very battered piece of plastic. He sighed to himself, if that thing got in the air shaft, he would blow an engine. He moved the arm of his suit pulling the hand as close to the chest as he could, and then climbed out his seat onto the hand and leaning over as far as he could snag the ribbon. He was about to drop it to the ground when he spotted handwriting in the plastic package, and his curiosity getting the better of him, took it back with him into his seat.


My name is Harry Potter, and I go to primary school in Surrey. We are doing a weather experiment by releasing a balloon and seeing how far it travels. I would really appreciate it if you would write me back. Please, I could really use a friend. If you tell me about yourself, I will tell you about me.

Please write me back soon

Harry J Potter

Ingrid Crockford was bored; she had recently graduated from Hogwarts and had gone to work in the muggle side of the Owl Post. Her job was to take letters addressed to Hogwarts and send them on their way via owls. She had been hoping for adventure, excitement, anything other than scanning though the stacks and stacks of mail that were sent to Surrey. She hid a yawn behind her hand, and leaned her head on the other as she watched the letter zip through the machine that read zip codes. If one beeped she would pull it out, and put it in the small sack that lay at her feet. Her eyes began drifting close and just before they closed all the way a name caught her attention.

Ingrid quickly stood up and grabbed the letter with a deft hand.

Harry Potter

Surrey Primary School

Surrey, England.

Harry Potter, she knew from her Aunt Doris was at Hogwarts this year. She blew out her breath as she glanced at the letter in her hand, should she… shouldn't she… then she shrugged and slipped the envelop in her mail bag.

Harry blinked his green-eyes in surprise as a disgruntled looking barn owl landed in front of him and stuck out his leg. "Who would be writing me?" he thought to himself and took the letter. Ron was ignoring him, his breakfast quickly disappearing off of his plate. "He acts like he's been starved his whole life," Harry thought to himself and shook his head in disgust. He caught sight of Hermione Granger as she walked by them, her bushy hair bouncing a little with her steps. She sat down and caught him watching her then turning red, she pulled out her transfigurations book and began to read, hiding behind the large tome. He looked back at the letter in his hand, and then holding his breath, opened the envelope.

To Harry Potter,

My name is Duo Maxwell...