Chapter 10 – nice to meetcha


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Harry grinned as Hedwig fluttered down to the table holding out her leg. He took the letter off then raised an eyebrow when he noticed a second one addressed to Pants. "Pants?" Harry murmured and blinked when a blushing Hermione pulled the letter from his fingers. He opened his mouth to question the name, but her pleading look at him had him stopping and then shrugging, she would explain later.

He opened the letter, "Green-eyes," he read and then grinned again. He had never had a nickname that was something nice, Freak, boy, jerk and punching bag were the ones that the Dursley's had called him. "Your owl is a menace," Harry's glanced up as Hedwig snagged another piece of bacon from his plate and after nibbling on his fingers flew off. "She decided to play keep away from Fei who was most put out with her. Then she had to flirt with danger and play with Heero." He snickered, "which had me introducing you to the other pilots." He worried his bottom lip, 'what if they don't like me, what if they make Duo stop writing… what if?' He shook his head and continued reading, he would see what it says and not jump to conclusions.

"They are very excited to meet you and have each included something at the end of my letter. My last mission went well, found an OZ facility in Africa that had taken several kids from the neighboring villages and was making them work in their Mobile doll factory. Kids looked half starved and were being beaten. The parents of the kids took them, and are now hiding in the jungle.

"A Troll! I would ask you what you thought you were doing, but I am sure you had that lecture already, so I will just say I am glad you weren't hurt and that Pants is now your friend. Tell me about Quidditch, it sounds like a wicked game and would love to, when we meet in real life, to ride on your broom and find a way to play a bit. Maybe we can borrow your friends Ron's brooms?"

Harry grinned as Duo continued describing the 'safe' side of his work, it sounded fun and frightening. Hermione gave a sigh and Harry looked up to see her flush at him then put the letter away, "he remembers me…" she smiled, and blinking rapidly looked away, "I hoped he would. I'm going to write my mother and have her send me a couple of pictures she took of us and Sister Helen together."

He watched bemused as she dashed away, "Oi where's Hermione going?" Ron asked, "Library?" Ron shook his head in disgust, "barmy."

"Ron, Hermione is not barmy," Ron gave him a disbelieving looking, "Should I call you a barmy because you eat like you're starving?" he asked eyeing the food on his friends clothes, "we are all different Ron, it's what makes us friends." He grinned to take the sting out of his words as a red faced Ron brushed food from his clothes.

"But studying," Ron began.

"But Chess and Quidditch," Harry mimicked Ron's tone and Ron grimaced and nodded, "we have class come on."

Hermione used a copying spell that she had read about to make a copy of the note for her mother and sent it off. She knew that her mother had been concerned about Duo, had even talked to Sister Helen about adopting him, but Duo had been adamant about the younger children that he protected and would not leave.

Later that night, in his dorm, Harry pulled out the letter again, it was silly he knew but he was nervous about reading 'what the other pilots had written, what if they didn't like him. ' "Stop being stupid, Harry," he told himself sternly and opened the letter, re-reading Duo's part, then taking a breath began reading what the other pilots wrote.