Hi, this is for Rosa Clearwater's The Houses Switch. For this I'm having the characters pick out a house out of a hat and they characters have to stay there for a week (in that house). They are in their sixth year so you all know. Dara is Draco's twin sister.

My characters are:Luna Lovegood and Dean Thomas.

My prompt: Confusion

Seeing as this is the first chapter I don't immediately include what I have to include. So be patient and hopefully we will get through this week together. So before I rant any more. Here is my story 'How It Starts'. Enjoy. :)

Draco sighs as he rests his head in his right hand. 'Why must Dumbledore be so idiotic,' he thought.

Before he could think about it anymore his sister walks up to him with Blaise right by her.

"I hope that I don't have to be in a different house," said Dara, reclining back on the couch.

"Same here," agreed Blaise.

"Well at least it's for a week," said Dara.

"Yeah, gladly it's a week or you two would die from being away from each other right," said Pansy, as she walks up to the three.

"Right Pan, I would die without my lover beside me, but you would like that wouldn't you," countered Dara.

Pansy shrugged and sits on the other side of Draco. At dinner they all go up to a cup to receive where they will be staying for the next week. Pansy gets Ravenclaw while Luna gets Slytherin. When Dara and Blaise walk up the pair aren't in the same house. Dara gets her own house while Blaise gets Gryffindor. Dean Thomas then walks up and he gets Slytherin.

They all get situated back at their normal tables and discuss what house they got. Dara looks at Blaise nervously, she didn't want to be separated from him, but at least they would be in the same classes together.

"Don't be so tense," said Pansy, laughing.

"Shut up Pans," Dara sneered.

Pansy looks at Draco but he is quiet not looking at the two arguing. Sometime later Dara is walking back to her house dormitory when she sees Luna wandering around.

"Luna what is wrong," asked Dara, as she got close to Luna.

Luna turned around and she smiled. "It's nothing I think it was an Umgubular Slashkilter who took my shoes."

Dara rolls her eyes and takes out her wand out of her pocket. "Accio Luna's shoes."

Dara then gives the shoes to Luna before walking away.

"Thank you Dara," said Luna from behind Dara.

Dara puts up her hand as she walks further away.

"I hope we are roommates when I go to Slytherin tomorrow," said Luna.

Dara then turns around, shocked at the words that came out of Luna's mouth. It takes a couple of minutes for Dara to recover but she soon is walking back to the Slytherin dormitory where she sleeps soundly.

Hope you all liked it. If you want you can read the story 'Dare 2 Dream'. If you haven't already. Till next time keep your wand's in check.