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The next day Dara is in her seat, scribbling furiously on a piece of paper. Dean is sitting by her and he looks at her paper.

"What are you writing," he asks nicely.

Dara looks up from her paper. "Nothing, I'm drawing a picture for my baby."

"Who's that," he questions her confused.

"Blaise of course," she replies coolly getting up to go to the Gryffindor table and give it to him.

When the pair reunites Luna is looking at something above her.

"Honestly Luna, what is wrong," Dara asks when she walks closer to Luna. When she walks closer she sees that her brother has his arm wrapped around Luna's waist and he is also looking up too.

Dean looks at the pair confused and looks back at Dara.

"I believe we should leave," suggests Dean whispering in the girl's ear.

"No you two can stay," Luna says, in her dreamy voice of hers. "Draco and I are just looking at dabberblimps."

Dara covers her mouth, "Are you serious, I mean honestly I don't even think my brother believes in such-"

"Nonsense," Draco completes her sentence. "In fact I do believe in such nonsense because she does and she is the most wonderful person in the world."

Dara looks at him dumbfounded, before storming off to the library holding Dean's hand the whole way.

"I can't believe them," she mutters as she walks toward the library. "I mean they didn't even let me in on the secret how unfair."

"Dara are you okay?" inquires Dean, nervously.

She stops at the entrance of the library and sighs, "No I'm not okay Dean."

Dean coughs and Dara looks at her hand and swiftly takes it away.

Meanwhile Draco and Luna walk back to the Slytherin common room so they can study. Luna was helping Draco with his Arithmacy when Draco sits up looking at Luna. They had been sprawled out on the floor before so Draco sitting up surprised Luna.

"What's wrong," she queries.

"Oh nothing just wondering if my sister is close with Dean like we are close to each other," Draco responds.

"I bet they are but since Dara has a boyfriend Blaise I don't think Dean wants to get too close to her, though I bet Dara would be a little sad if Dean never talked to her again," Luna said.

"She would be heartbroken," Draco agrees as they clean up their books.

Meanwhile in the library Dara is reading a book while Dean studies.

"Who are you close to," Dara asks, "in my house?" She is still looking at her book but she wants to know what his answer is anyway.

"I would have to say you are," Dean replied, quietly.

Dara looks up at him shocked. "Why me?"

"Well you because you don't judge me," Dean said, "also you don't mind a hand every once in a while."

Dara smiles at the comment.

"I can see why Blaise likes you so much," Dean continued.

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