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Chapter 1

The fourth shinobi war had ended in three years, and now here he was, strutting past the gates like nothing had happened.

Uchiha Sasuke.

Sakura ground her teeth silently. Fuck you, she cursed mentally, keeping a fake smile on her face. The stupid man had only tried to kill her fifty times in the past three years. Naruto always had faith in him though, saying Sasuke would realize his stupidity eventually. Well, he had. It had only taken the deaths of over 6,000 people, many of them innocent. She may have loved him once, but now she was no fool.

She hated Sasuke.

She didn't want him back in this village. She wanted him to stay away as far as possible. Too many people had suffered. Yet, the village still wanted him back because he was the last and only Uchiha. Somewhere along the way, Madara had disappeared. Everyone thought that Sasuke had heroically killed him. Sakura was good at keeping up appearances, but she secretly thought it was old age.

Looking at his smirking face, Sakura pondered if it was too late to kill him herself. She looked at Naruto's beaming face. Yeah, it was. The idiot was too happy, too elated. She kept a happy grin on her face, just for him. Oh, how she lovedNaruto. He'd better be grateful,she seethed silently. She had to convince the one in charge to let Sasuke back in using her... feminine wiles. One date was promised with his lonely, loser friend.

As strong and intelligent as he was, Naruto was too stupid. He often looked past the needs of the village just to help his friends. Now, it was alright if the village leaders were being stupid, but more often than not, Naruto had abandoned his duties simply to try to get Sasuke back. Like saving the Hokage. The memory left a bitter taste in Sakura's mouth. Her shishou had taken the S-rank mission to eliminate Sasuke. The former Hokage had been close, very close.

Then Naruto intervened.

He stopped Tsunade from using her lethal medical Jutsu on Sasuke by calling out to her. She was distracted momentarily, and Sasuke had used that opportunity to cut off Tsunade's left arm. Sakura was there. She remembered the look on her sensei's face when it happened. It had been contorted with pain and one more thing. Disappointment. As Sasuke prepared to deliver the final blow, Sakura moved faster than she ever had in her life. Sakura scooped her shishou and the missing arm close to her body and brought them out of harm's way. While Naruto tried to get Sasuke to "snap out of it," Sakura reattached her teacher's arm. It was now part of her body again, but it was basically useless to her now. Tsunade could no longer channel chakra through it for her monstrous strength. Sakura remembered how Tsunade had just broken down and cried. It wasn't just the arm. Tsunade had had enough. Her troubles had been piling up over the years. First, the Uchiha betrayed the village. Then Akatsuki and Orochimaru had caused a lot of trouble.

Then Jiraya died.

Sakura knew that got to the older woman the most. Tsunade loved Jiraya dearly in her own odd way. Sakura had sensed the difference in her after his death. She became cold. It was clear that she was devastated. However, she still had refused to abandon her work.

And now this. Half her strength was gone, and it was Naruto's fault. Naruto and Sakura had been called to retreat, but Naruto was reluctant to do so. Sakura had to drag him away by force. When they reached the village, it was clear to everyone that Tsunade could no longer serve as Hokage. This time, Naruto respectfully applied for Hokage, and everyone thought he would get the position.

He didn't.

A man named Nakahara Saobi received the position instead. Naruto was furious. Sakura grimaced at the memory of him literally turning red with rage. He had stomped off to find Saobi, only to find Saobi didn't reside in Konoha at the time. He had been wandering with his sensei for quite some time, slowly getting stronger and building a fine reputation. It wasn't event the elders who had suggested the man. It was Tsunade.

Naruto felt betrayed by her. Sakura knew he still resented her for the decision, but it was for the best.


"You promised!" Naruto screamed at her. Tsunade suddenly slammed her desk with her good hand.

"Shut up!" she roared. "You are not fit to be Hokage the way you are now!"

"You don't even know this guy! This Saobi doesn't even live in this village. He could be-" Tsunade grabbed his lips, effectively silencing him.

"This is the right call." Tsunade told him. She released him and sighed. "It wouldn't have been you either way. The vote was between him and Neji," she admitted. "You wouldn't have gotten Hokage anyway, Naruto." Naruto gaped at her for a long time. Tears had come to his eyes, and he suddenly sneered at her.

"Go to hell, you old hag." Tsunade did not bat a lash. She simply closed her eyes, folded her hands in front of her mouth, and shook her head.

Sakura had been sad for him. She tried to comfort him. "Naruto," she started softly. Naruto ignored her. He simply slid up from his chair and left her in Tsunade's office.

Tsunade sighed and combed a hand through her graying hair. Hanging her head, even her anti-aging jutsu didn't seem to be working now."Sakura," she started wearily. "I'm tired." Sakura sat down beside her mentor and placed a soothing hand on her back.

"Of what, Shishou?" Sakura asked gently. Tsunade looked up to make eye contact with her prized student.

"Everything," she replied before reaching under her desk for a sake bottle.


Saobi was an odd man, lazy and hardworking at the same time. With his constantly tousled red hair and light brown eyes, he was full of contradicting statements. Sakura liked him, though. He was a good leader without trying, and he truly cared about the citizens of Konoha, shinobi and civilians alike.

Needless to say, Naruto hated him.

Sakura was brought out of her reverie when Naruto started tugging at her arm. "Look, here he comes!" he whispered excitedly. He was indeed coming. A disgusted shiver went down Sakura's spine as she smiled at her friend.

"Finally," she said, containing her anger. "He's back."