"Jun, don't run and fall! Mommy will get worried!" Sakura called out to her son. He continued to ignore her, dashing through the field as if he was invincible. He was holding his stuffed pig in his hand and making airplane noises. "Don't you want to wait for Daddy?" Yet again, her cries were ignored. She sighed and shook her head fondly. Really, he was so happy just because it was his birthday.

Suddenly, he stopped running and gasped. Sakura, worried that he had gotten hurt, stood with great effort. "What's wrong, baby? Did you get hurt?"

He started jumping in place excitedly. "DADDYYYYYYY!" he screamed, hurling his body into his father's strong arms. "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!"

Itachi chuckled. "I'm back," he said warmly to his son, picking him up and slinging him over his shoulders. Giggles erupted from the toddler, and he patted his father's head vigorously. Itachi walked over to his wife and gave her a peck on the lips. "I'm home," he whispered. Sakura snorted.

"I can see that." Itachi smiled and placed his hand on Sakura's swollen belly. "How has she been doing?"

"Oh, she's been doing great. I have back problems, though. And my feet have been puffing up."

Itachi looked at his wife with sympathy. "Well, she'll be out soon. Those problems will be gone."

"Oh, but new ones will arise," Sakura laughed, patting her husband's chest. "Well, we've been waiting for you. Let's have our picnic." The last phrase was aimed toward her son, and he squealed at the thought of eating food.

"When can we have cake?" the three year old asked, squirming on his father's shoulders.

"We can have cake tonight when we get home, not a second before!" Sakura exclaimed.

Jun pouted and resigned himself to being taken off his father's shoulders. Once on the ground, he hurried to the picnic blanket, and his parents beamed at him.

"What's gotten him so excited?" Itachi asked softly.

"He had a play date with Kyuuri today." Sakura replied amicably.

"Ah. That explains everything."

"Where's Sasuke? He said he had a surprise."

"He couldn't come. He's on his first date."

Sakura choked on her spit. "She accepted?" she asked incredulously.

"Surprisingly, yes. I don't see why she did."

Sakura scoffed. "Well, he can be quite annoying and persistent. Well, I guess he deserves it after four years. Still, I don't know what he sees in her."


The two continued to go have their lunch with their son.


Jun was quite sleepy now, seeing as he had just had his bath. However, he was against going to bed until his dad told him a story. Finally, Itachi gave into his demands, seeing as he was so cute.

"...and they lived happily ever after," Itachi finished. A smile played on his lips when he saw his son fast asleep, cuddling close to his stuffed animal, a cow named Frank. He placed a gentle kiss on the boy's forehead and turned off the lights of the room. His wife joined him in watching his son.

She let out a content sigh. "He's so adorable."

Itachi smirked. "Just wait until he turns into a teenager."

Sakura smacked her husband's arm. "Don't remind me. I feel so bad for my parents now; I was a terrible teen."

"Yes, adolescence is a time of unneeded confusion and angst," Itachi agreed.

"Well, I know you were naughty, too," Sakura teased lightly. Another playful smirk appeared on Itachi's face.

"Not as naughty as I can be now," he reminded her, grabbing her bottom and pulling Sakura closer to him.

Sakura squeaked in surprise and pretended to be upset. "Don't do that. You'll upset the baby."

"How about we make another baby?"

To this, Sakura simply giggled before bringing her husband down for a passionate kiss. "That'll be a while yet."

Holding hands, the two pulled on the handle to Jun's door.

It closed with a click.


Sasuke followed the poor girl to her door. She was completely frustrated when she still sensed her presence behind her. Grinding her teeth together, she tried to keep her cool. The fucking nerve of him! She turned around calmly and tried to smile, hopefully succeeding. After all, he had attempted to be pretty decent for the past four years...

"Good night, Sasuke," she bit out with narrowed eyes and a forced smile. He wouldn't leave. "Good night!" she repeated.

"I just want one kiss. Is that too much to ask? Just one, little kiss-"

Jin stared at his lips. They looked pretty kissable. But no. It was highly inappropriate, and she still disliked him to an extent (a large one). Unfortunately, Sasuke took her silence as a "yes." He cupped her cheeks and proceeded to lower his head. Cheeks flushing in anger, Jin freaked out. She thrust her fist toward Sasuke's face, and it connected with his nose with a crack. He fell backwards with a groan and clutched his bleeding, misplaced nose.

"I said no, Sasuke!"

Well that's it for MFJ, I know it wasn't necessarily the greatest, but looking back at it now i'm surprised i stuck through with it. I'm happy i did though. :) I really do like writing fanfiction and I'm going to start being really active on here again. See you guys around, feel free to check out my other stories!