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Chapter 1: Oh Teacher! Hancock's first day!

If you were to ask any one in the world, "Where do all our great people and leaders come from?" you can be guaranteed that they would say Marineford Academy.

The school, as old as known history since after the Void Century, resides on a peninsula in the Red Line. Shaped like a E with a tip coming up from it's bottom line and a square tumor off it's back (the principles office). That was the grounds of the school surrounded by a tall barbed wire fence.

South of the school, a garden lovingly tended to by students and beyond that the two, three story dorms. One for girls and the other for boys, an open space of grass between the two. The teachers lived in their own houses off grounds in the town of Shabondy five miles away from the school, whose only connection with this grand school a meandering dirt road.

The most notable thing about this school, besides it's students was a forest twice as large as all the school's grounds. Don't believe for a moment that this was a normal forest. Demons lived there, giving powers to those who could defeat them in combat. Ancient Ruins with clues to the mysterious Void Century are rumored to reside there as well, lost to humanity for all of time, though no one knows for sure.

Today, the first day of school, a new teacher arrives on Campus with questionable morals.

Boa Hancock flipped her hair behind her shoulder, the wind persistently blowing it back over. It gave her a sense of power to watch men gawk at her, to forget everything around them and stare, transfixed. She was their angel, gracing them with her presence. Even the girls stopped to admire her, dreaming of obtaining her body, starving themselves to do so.

The school bell rang and students rushed to class, many hesitating to glance at her. Hancock felt no pressure by the bell, she was a teacher and thus perfectly acceptable for her to be late. She could envision her new life here, beautiful young boys fawning over her, begging for her attention. Grown men pampering her with gifts and praise. She could do what ever she wanted, get what ever she wanted. Why? Because she is beautiful.

Walking into the room, the rowdy class of twenty froze at the sight of her. Tall and slender wearing a red dress on top of a white blouse, the collar spread wide open to show cleavage. Her smile beguiling.

"Hello class, I am your English teacher, Boa Hancock. Treat me kindly" To finish her love trap she added a wink at the end. Every single boy jumped from their seats, hooting and cheering, the girls swooning in their chairs. She had the whole class captivated, all but one student sitting in the back corner.

He had messy black hair and a scar under his left eye. A goofy grin on his face as he snored softly, mouth rudely wide open.

"Boy!" Hancock shouted, annoyed that someone would sleep while she talked. "Wake up and pay attention!"

"D-don't do that!" A girl in the front row whispered urgently. "That's Monkey D. Luffy! He's a member of the school gang.!"

"I heard he killed a freshman last her." A boy whispered.

"He's a monster!" Another girl shouted.

"Nonsense!" Hancock dismissed their concerns. No man could resist her, certainly not this monkey boy. Standing before the boy's desk she took a book from another student and slammed it down on the hard wood. The sharp noise startled several students but did nothing to wake the sleeping boy.

"Wake up!" She screamed, slapping the boy across the cheek, desired results almost instantaneous.

"OW!" Monkey D. Luffy shouted, jumping back and falling out his chair, smacking the hard floor. He rubbed his sore cheek.

"How dare you sleep in my class!" Hancock shrilled, looking so far down upon Luffy that she was looking up, finger pointing at him. "I am your teacher! And you must give me your full attention!"

"Oh?" Luffy casually cocked his head, studying her. He didn't blush or look away from her transfixing beauty in coy shyness, he didn't react the way men should react to her. "Nice to meet you teacher." He bowed respectfully, picking up his chair and taking his seat. "Good night." And he promptly fell back asleep.

Hancock bit her lips as bitter rage flooded her. There was no way, no possible way that his boy could look at her beauty and then fall asleep! She raised her hand to strike him once more when her student's begged her to stop.

"Leave him alone Miss. Hancock!" They pleaded. "He's nothing but bad news!"

Hancock's hand wavered in the air and she grudgingly let it go, for now. She had a job to do after all. But this was far from over, and as she walked to the front of the room, writing on the chalkboard what the class will be studying over the course of the year, she decided that she will do whatever it takes to make him succumb to her. For there was no man in the world who could resist her charms.

"And besides," A boy continued. "He says he's going to be pirate king!"

Thus the prelude to the new school year of Marineford Academy and possibly, it's last.

"So many new students, so many old oneees." Principle Kizaru chuckled as he skimmed the student registry.

"I can't believe you let that gang come back." Dean of Discipline, Akainu growled. "They'll cause nothing but trouble the whole year!"

"Now, now Sakazuki. They are reeeeaaaally bright kids! I have a hunch that this new year will open new oppertuuunities to them and they'll mature for suuuuure."

"You're a damned fool Borsalino. If they tarnish this school's reputation..."

Kizaru sighed, straightening the papers before setting them down. "So you've heard."

"Yeah, I've heard. And I don't like it one bit. This school year is critical. If one scandal or stunt gets blown out it will be the end of the school."

Kizaru pushed back from his desk, turning around to gaze out the windows open to the Devil's Forest, lost in thoughts. He smiled. "We have to put faith in their dreams Sakazuki. They're young so they dream big, unlike an old man like me."

"Dreams." Akainu grunted, but completely agreeing. There was no greater force in this world than a man's dreams. Something proven to him long ago by two brave, and very stupid men. In pensive silence they sat, anticipating the exciting, and dangerous year before them.

Watch as dreams unfold in his never before heard tale! This is,

Oh Teacher!

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