Carnal Knowledge

Disclaimer: It's not mine, though I wish I could be as creative as Annie Proulx. I am only borrowing her wonderful characters so I can FIX what I couldn't stand.

Ennis was sleeping peacefully. He was dreaming of being in the mountains. He was riding a horse; they rode into the woods, walked through the stream and up a hill. He dismounted; stood looking around from his vantage point he could see the valley below. He patted the horse next to him the horse was nibbling his ear. He felt a warm feeling in his groin.

"Mm," he reluctantly opened his eyes and slowly cleared the cobwebs from his fuzzy mind.

"Mornin, cowboy."

"Jack?" Ennis felt a kiss planted on his lips. "What the hell ya doin?" Jack's hand was rubbing against his groin.

"What does it look like I'm doin, I'm pleasing my man." Jack ran his hands through Ennis' hair and nuzzled his nose. He looked Ennis in the eye.

"At least, I hope I'm pleasing him."

Jack picked up the cover and looked underneath, Ennis' cock was standing at attention, the head was dripping wet. Jack looked at Ennis with a wicked smile on his face.

"Oh, yeah, yeah I'm pleasing him." Jack slid under the covers and gave his man a mind-blowing blowjob.

Jack laid his head on Ennis' chest and his arm across his cowboy's waist. Ennis wrapped his arms around Jack and kissed the top of his dark hair.

Jack rubbed circles across Ennis' chest and belly.

"I was listening to the radio the other day," Jack loved sharing things with Ennis. "I heard a song that made me think of us."

"Huh? What are you goin on about?"

"I heard this song, it said, "Save a horse, ride a cowboy." Jack got up on his knees and straddled Ennis' hips.


"Yeah, Ennis, I'm gonna do just like that song says, I'm gonna save a horse and ride a cowboy."

Jack grabbed the lube they always kept on the nightstand and slicked himself up. Ennis' cock was standing at attention and ready for action. He drizzled some lube onto the wet tip and worked his hand around the stiff shaft and made sure the lube was all rubbed in.

"You ready for me cowboy?"

Ennis had a dazed look on his face that told Jack was too riled up for words. So he parted his butt cheeks and aligned his hole against the tip of Ennis' cockhead and slowly slid back onto it.

"Oh, uh." Jack moaned he felt Ennis' big calloused hands grab his hips and Jack started humping up and down on the long, thick shaft.

Jack leaned forward and captured Ennis' lips and they grabbed each other's heads and the kiss deepened, tongues meeting as sweat poured down their bodies.

Ennis lifted his hips and thrust deeply into Jack.

"Jack I'm gonna…" he never got to finish his sentence as he came inside Jack.

Jack's hands rested on Ennis' chest, the two men's gazes were locked together, the sound of heavy panting echoed in the room as they tried to catch their breaths.

Ennis' cock softened and reluctantly left its home inside Jack.

Jack dismounted his cowboy's hips and settled into his sweaty arms.

"That was…." Jack was so exhausted he couldn't finish his sentence.

"Yeah, sure was." Ennis wrapped his arms around Jack. "Sure is nice."

"What is?" Jack raised his head off Ennis' shoulder just enough to look into the brown eyes of his lover.

"That we're savin a lot of horses cause you like ridin a cowboy instead." Ennis smiled at him.

"You bet!" Jack returned the smile and after a nose nuzzle and a kiss they fell asleep, too tired to move.