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The Gender Switching Curse of Haruhi Suzumiya

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: After Summer Vacation

It was the first day of school, and it was something Kyon was dreading. She just had to win that trip to China, she had to drag along the brigade, she just had to go there… the one place that was not a tourist trap!

Sure his parents had calmed down, and managed to contact the principal and the other school staff before started. But still…

He also needed to buy new clothes… because that gym uniform wasn't something he could wear everyday.

"Hey! Kyon!" yelled a voice.

"Not now…" muttered Kyon, hopping to meet her in the classroom.

He turned around and saw Haruhi wearing a somewhat baggy black t-shirt and a pair of jeans that were a few sizes too big. She also lost the headband, it would make sense, it was more common to run into cold water than it was hot.

"The gym uniform?" she asked.

"It was the only thing I can think of." Said Kyon.

"I'm taking you shopping this weekend." Said Haruhi.

"Oh goody." Mumbled Kyon.

Haruhi sighed, "I wonder how long we can keep it a secret." Said Haruhi.

"I don't know." Said Kyon.

They two got up to the building and switched their shoes then went to the classroom.

"Hey! Kyon!" yelled Taniguchi.

"Why are you in the winter gym uniform?" asked Kunikida.

"Please don't ask." Sighed Kyon.

Taniguchi and Kunikida noticed that Haruhi wasn't in uniform either.

"That's weird." Said Kunikida.

"She's going to get in trouble." Muttered Taniguchi.

"No… she got permission to not wear her uniform any more." Said Kyon.

"Really?" asked Kunikida.

"Lucky her." Taniguchi.

"Oh yeah lucky." Thought Kyon, "I bet if he went though what we're going though it would be different."

"So I heard that your club went to China." Said Kunikida.

"Yeah we did, it was okay." Said Kyon.

"Wow really?" asked Taniguchi, "Did something happen?"

Kyon said nothing.

"She did something didn't she?" asked Taniguchi.

"More like took us somewhere we shouldn't have gone." Said Kyon.

"Did you at least see the great wall?" asked Kunikida.

"That was actually the best part of the trip." Said Kyon.

In fact it was the best part of the trip, it was before Haruhi's "fun" idea that literally changed everyone in the Brigade.

Kyon sighed when he thought about that guidebook Haruhi found.


It was morning when Haruhi gathered them in the hotel restaurant.

"I found this really great guidebook that has this really interesting location." Said Haruhi, "It said that it's cursed."

"It might be tourist trap." Said Kyon.

"It might not be." Said Haruhi, "It's really far away, but I think it would make a nice week long hike to get there and back."

"That's half of our vacation." Said Kyon.

"I think it might be a good idea." Said Itsuki, "Who knows maybe we'll some wild pandas on this hike."

"Oh yeah! That would be amazing!" said Haruhi, "Don't you think so Mikuru."

Kyon could clearly tell that Haruhi was thinking about dressing up Mikuru in some sort of cute panda costume, while the poor girl just squeaked.

"But who knows. Maybe one of us will be cursed." Said Haruhi.

"You better not get your hopes up." Said Kyon.

(End of Flashback)

"Hey Kyon!" yelled Haruhi.

Kyon looked at her.

"You're thinking about when I said I hope someone cursed aren't you?" asked Haruhi, "I was joking okay."

Kyon said nothing.

"Come on! The Principal wants to talk to us before school starts." Said Haruhi.

They talked with the Principal to clear things up about the whole curses thing.

"I did dig into some files, there was a case of this about 20 years ago in Tokyo." Said the Principal, "But I don't trust."

"Why not?" asked Haruhi.

"Because the Principal was insane. And I don't quirky like Ms. Suzumiya, I mean he should have been placed in a mental institution. In fact he was after a revolt by the students back in '97. Even a teacher by the name of Ms. Ninomiya got sick and tired of him and lead the students."

"Oh yes, I remember hearing about that when I was younger." Said Itsuki, "Didn't he try to save the students heads."

"Early on. That was his first big thing according to the students that had already graduated." Explained the Principal, "But if it's true then that I would have hated to attend that school."

"Why?" asked Haruhi.

The Principal looked at Haruhi.

"The less you know about that the better." Said the Principal.

"He's hiding something." Thought Kyon, he looked at Haruhi, "Then again, I'm not surprised."

They left the office, Haruhi had a plan.

"All right! This afternoon, we will try to find out all about this high school." Said Haruhi.

"But he didn't give us the name." said Mikuru.

She turned to Itsuki.

"Sorry, but I forgot what the name was." Said Itsuki.

"Well isn't that convenient." Thought Kyon.

"All right! I'll find a way myself." Said Haruhi.

"That's going to end well." Thought Kyon.

Later that day it was gym class.

"So what happened in China that you're keeping a secret about?" asked Taniguchi.

"It's nothing…" said Kyon.

"Really, you seem to avoiding the conversation." Said Taniguchi.

"I'm not avoiding the conversation." Said Kyon, "She did something and that's all I'm saying." Said Kyon.

"Come on, I can keep a secret." Said Taniguchi.

That was when there was some sort of rumbling sound.

"What was that?" asked Kunikida.

Somehow the outdoor sinks suddenly just exploded. Causing a large geyser of water to drench the students currently taking P.E.

"This is… is… is…" Taniguchi was at a loss of words, he was staring at someone… where Kyon should have been was girl… she was short and small in certain areas. Kunikida was also in shock.

That was there were screams, they turned to the girls, where Haruhi stood was a boy, the girls were in shock about it.

The teachers were groaning.

"Of course this just had to happen during this class." Muttered Okabe.


It was the third day of their hike, Haruhi was excited she was sure of it. They were near the place she had heard about.

They got to the cliff over looking the location.

"This is the place!" said Haruhi holding up the guidebook, "The cursed springs of Jusenkyo!"

Kyon looked at the many springs in front of them. They were little pools of water, with bamboo polls sticking out.

"This is cursed?" asked Kyon, "It looks like some sort of Martial Artist training ground.

"Well according to this guide book it's cursed." Said Haruhi, "But it doesn't say what kind of curse."

Kyon looked at her, "I really hope this is tourist trap." He thought.

(End of Flashback)

"Why couldn't it have been a tourist trap." Said the girl… who was indeed Kyon all because of those cursed springs that Haruhi told him about, he was now a girl.

Hey at least Haruhi was also cursed and turned into a boy because it…

Next Time: Haruhi and Kyon tell the class about their curses and we find out what the other members have. Not only that but Kunikida tells his dad about what happened to them. Turns out his dad knows a few things about Jusenkyo? Why? Find out next time!