Chapter 4: The Return of Ryoko Asakura

Kyonko stared at the girl in front of her, she had to be just some girl who looked like Ryoko… that's it.

"Hey Kyon!" yelled Haruhi, "Are you done yet?"

Haruhi noticed the girl.

"Oh Ms. Suzumiya, its good to see you again." Said the girl… which confirmed his fears.

"Didn't you move to Canada?" asked Haruhi.

Ryoko nodded, "I did, but I got back to Japan a couple days ago. My stuff is being moved in back home while I stay with a family friend here. What are you doing here?"

"Me and the S.O.S. Brigade got cursed during a trip to China. We came to ask a guy who has the same curse for advice on how to live with it…" said Haruhi, "Didn't have good advice so we went shopping with his mother and wife."

"What kind of curse?" asked Ryoko.

"That girl right there… that's Kyon." Said Haruhi who began to go into details about the curse.

"Oh wow… that sounds amazing." Said Ryoko, "Sorry about splashing you with cold water Kyonko."

"Don't call me that." Said Kyonko.

Ryoko giggled…

"How would you like to have dinner at our house so that you can talk to your friends." Said Akane.

Kyonko froze when she asked that question.

"Thank you for the offer." Said Ryoko.

Kyonko decided to wait to freak out until having a talk with Yuki.

After buying the clothes (which Haruhi paid for) they went back to the Dojo. When they got home. They saw Ranma, Ranko and Ryo staring at the three members of the S.O.S. Brigade from the doorway.

"What are you doing?" asked Akane.

"Those three are just like my group of friends." Said Ranko, "I mean the similarities are just there."

"Okay…" said Akane, "Well tonight is the night I cook dinner… so…"

The family began to freak out. Akane wasn't the best cook in the world.

Haruhi and Kyonko (who hasn't had a chance to run back) went into the living room with Ryoko. Of course they knew the truth about Ryoko. But they couldn't help but to stare.

"Yuki. Can I talk to you?" asked Kyonko.

Yuki nodded… and the two went into another room to talk, Kyonko couldn't help but to fell weird after overhearing this snippet from the Saotome family.

"Mom! Remember last time you cooked?" asked Ranko.

"It wasn't that bad." Said Akane.

"Oh yeah… say that now! You weren't possessed by the Lord Krad, ruler of darkness! I still have nightmares!" yelled Ryo.

They went into the actual Dojo to talk.

"I am sorry." Said Yuki, "Ryoko had to return."

"Why?" asked Kyon.

"Because of my curse I require a back up." Explained Yuki, "The curse sometimes attracts water. Meaning once a day I will turn human."

"She needs a back up in case of emergencies." Said a voice.

Kyonko turned around and saw Ryoko giving a pleasant smile.

"I am ordered not to kill you, however the one in control of me wants still wants results. So I am ordered to do something else." Explained Ryoko.

"What?" asked Kyonko.

Ryoko giggled, "You'll see."

"I have a bad feeling about this." Thought Kyon.

Later during dinner which was cooked by Nodoka so it tasted good, wasn't toxic nor would break of the laws of physics or nature.

Just don't ask who Lord Krad is, the world is better off not knowing.

However during dinner Kyon (having changed back since the conversation) having one of the strangest dinners of all time.

Ryoko was acting if… she well… has feelings for him.

It was creepy… whenever he would reach for something from the assortment of food she would grab at the same time and blush. She would sometimes look at Kyon blushing.

Haruhi noticed this too and was extremely upset by it.

Mikuru also looked a little upset. She also had feelings for Kyon but couldn't act them because of Haruhi.

Yuki, Itsuki and the Saotome Kids just ignored it.

The adults in the room however, stared at this with a sense of utter déjà vu… it was a while in when Nodoka said something that would make four people in the room freak out.

"Kyon and Haruhi remind me of you two when you were that age." She said.

Ranma began to choke on his food, Akane blushed, Kyon gave them a "you're kidding right." while Haruhi had a blank expression.

"Must be a subbed version, because from what I heard swords, mallets and multiple fiancés aren't involved." Said Ryo.

"Ryo you don't know the whole story." Said Akane.

"What I know I got from old reports… you are away the whole thing with Kodachi made the news." Said Ryo.

"Which thing?" asked Ranma.

"The first one." Said Ryo.

"Oh… yeah, I forgot, an event like that would have to make the news paper." Said Ranma.

"You don't see it?" asked Nodoka.

"No dear…" said Genma (now in human from) in a tone that said, "Please drop it."

"I guess they're not." Said Nodoka.

That night, Kyon sat by the house's koi, pond. He really couldn't sleep. With Ryoko's new tactic he had a massive headache.

"So you can't sleep." Said a woman with red hair, she looked a lot like an older version of Ranko.

Kyon looked at her, "Who are you?" he asked.

"Honestly… you have the same curse." Said the woman.

"Ranma?" he asked

"That's me." she said.

"So what's the problem with that Ryoko girl?" asked Ranma-Chan.

"You have to keep it a secret though." Said Kyon feeling he could trust the older cursed boy/girl.

"I will keep it." Said Ranma-Chan.

"Before she moved to Canada, she tried to kill me." Said Kyon.

Ranma-Chan blinked, "Really?" she asked.

"Yes, she did. Yuki knows about this and I'm pretty sure Mikuru and Itsuki know as well." Said Kyon.

"Mom's right, you are a lot like me…" said Ranma-Chan.

"What?" asked Kyon.

"It's nothing…" said Ranma-Chan, "Mikuru isn't crazy… is she?"

"No…" said Kyon.

"Good." Said Ranma-Chan.

"Did… did one of the girls who liked tried to kill you too?" asked Kyon.

"Yes… and please don't remind me. We managed to become good friends, so I'd rather forget that part of my past." Said Ranma.

"Okay…" Kyon managed to say.

That is when something came from the sky, went into the Koi Pond and splashed Kyon when it clashed landed.

"Come on, let's go get some water." Said Ranma-Chan.

"Yeah." Said Kyonko.

The next day, the S.O.S. Brigade went back to town on the Bullet train, Kyon couldn't help but to stare at the 6th person joining them for the Journey home.

"That's it?" whined Haruhi, who had finally managed to ask Ryoko why she transferred out so suddenly

"My dad didn't want to tell until the last minute." Said Ryoko, "Dad is weird like that."

Haruhi sighed, she looked at Ryoko who was smiling presently. She then looked at Kyon who was looking out the window.

There was no way she was going to lose to Ryoko. Not at all… besides, they had similar curses. So she was also winning in that sense.

Next Time: The Computer Club decides to strike back against the S.O.S. Brigade, how? By kidnapping Mikuru and Itsuki! How do they do that? Well it's pretty obvious... Now Haruhi, Kyon and Yuki must all get them back with out giving up their computer. Can they do that? Find out next time!