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Complete Control


Rukia could only repeatedly scream her previously best friend's name in vain as she was otherwise pitifully helpless to do anything else as an emotionally void Ichigo came close to splitting her death-long friend right across the middle, the bloody wound almost eerily familiar to the injury the orange head had gotten years ago from when he'd gone against Aizen that very first time.

Sprinting across the gravelly-once-paved-road, Rukia fought to keep frustrated fearful tears behind her eyelids as she raced to get to her fallen redheaded friend. Sliding into the impact crater haphazardly, the raven-haired woman fell to her knees to the barely conscious lieutenant. "Renji! Listen to me!" She hissed in a loud, desperate whisper. "We need to get help!"

"Fat chance, girlie."

Snapping her head up, Rukia was aghast at the bleached, bone-white copy of Kurosaki Ichigo that had abruptly materialized into existence, sitting lazily at the rim of the miniature crater in the street. The Hollow tilted his head, stretching pale lips upward in a sick representation of a smile. "Aww did we scare ya? Poor thing." It simpered with an oily croon, a neon blue tongue flickering into sight at the corner of twisted taunt lips.

Her stomach clenching in fear, Rukia shook her now unconscious friend's shoulder frantically, feeling beads of sweat roll down her neck at a distractingly slow pace. Her body jumped automatically when the white being threw its head back and crowed with mirth. Rukia found her hand shaking the inert Renji's shoulder with a more frantic vigor.

"How funny!" The gold-on-black-eyed Hollow snickered, cocking his head back on one shoulder to see where Ichigo had been standing silently the whole time since he'd flung Renji into the ground. "Ya hear tha' Ichi? We scared yer girlfriend!" Despite the jeering words, the orange haired teenager still merely blinked passively, and it was only the body's natural reaction to rid settling dust particles from settling in the moist eye, not even a faint attempt at an emotion.

Smirking in triumph of his utter victory over his other half, the non-Ichigo lazily held up a hand towards his Technicolor version, crooking black-nailed-fingers indulgently. "C'mere Kingling, I wanna show yer lil friends a lil something."

Rukia watched with sickened fascination when Ichigo numbly dragged his heavy shikai across the buckled cement, sitting heavily beside the white duplicate with an appalling expression of trained obedience. Try as she might, the raven-haired-woman could not look away as the Hollow crooned in approval and rewarded the silently still teenager with an open mouthed kiss, straight on the mouth.

And what finally sealed their fate, Rukia realized with paling horror, was that Ichigo responded with a faint moan for more. They were all screwed.

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