A little bit of utterly plotless appreciation. Just sweaty Dean, a shovel, and no T shirt; do I really need to say more?

Diclaimer: I own nothing, just borrowing it to have a bit of fun ...


… the vicious afternoon sun beat down from a cloudless sky over the grimy figure in the field below …

Wiping the back of his saturated neck with his discarded T shirt, Dean rested a stiff, corded forearm along the handle of the shovel, rubbing a sore, chafed hand over his forehead, and shuddered as a stray bead of perspiration trickled down his bare back, tracing the ridges of his spine before disappearing into the moist waistband of his jeans.

Glancing up into the sunlight, he squinted; impossibly long, dark lashes brushing the resulting salty tears across hot, reddening cheekbones. He blinked to clear his vision as he looked down once more into the exposed soil at his feet

Aching shoulders raised the shovel again, a heavy, dirt-caked workboot driving it down heavily into the firm ground with a breathy grunt; a brief hesitation before his sweat-slicked back arched and glistening biceps bunched into the strain of flinging the weighty load to join the growing mound of earth behind him.

Mud-streaked chest heaved out a deep sigh.

He stooped to pick up a water bottle, and throwing his head back, took a deep draught, relishing the cooling liquid as it soothed his fiery throat and offered a small relief against the oppressive heat. He drunk greedily, allowing the water to trickle down his chin, tracing the curve of his neck and pooling in the hollows above his collarbones. He tipped the remainder of the bottle's contents over his head, long fingers rubbing it through short damp hair into his burning scalp.

Another deep breath lifted his broad chest as he relished the brief respite, before reluctantly grasping the handle of the shovel, once again driving the blade into the hard earth with shoulder jarring force.


Next time, he thought, my freakin' smartass brother can find an incantation that doesn't involve burying a dead cow; either that or he can get his ass out of that damn library an' do his own freakin' digging!"