Lost & Found

By Christianqueenofegypt

Disclaimer: Sadly, Christianqueenofegypt doesn't own Yu-gi-oh, but she does own the OC's that are unrecognizable :)

In This Story:

Italics- thoughts or telepathy

/-things Ryou says to Bakura

/-things Bakura says to Ryou

(A/N: Bakura is known as Norin in this story…Ryou calls him Norin/'Kura, and Yami and everyone else calls him Bakura. He's more of a tag-along in the first part.)

\-things Yugi says to Yami

\\- things Yami says to Yugi

Bakura and Yami have their own bodies. They're 'siblings' to Ryou and Yugi.

Yami and Tea are still known as The Pharaoh and Queen.

Rebecca Hawkins is Amish (don't ask me why) her accent is slightly Irish.

Chapter 1: School Days

Ryou Stevens got off the bus and looked around at his school.

Kids were all around, talking about spring break, walking and trying to get inside before the bell rang.

/Well, here goes another day!/ he thought.

/Hopefully this day will be better than other days, eh Ryou?/ Ryou's fraternal twin brother Norin grinned at him.

Ryou smiled and shook his head. /I sure hope so/ he sighed.

He shifted his backpack and picked up his guitar case.

Ryou and Norin had started off very well after they had taken the little girl home.

At first Ryou didn't know where to go, and the two boys were taken in by a Christian Irish couple living in Chicago, not far off where the little girl lived.

Rick O'Brian was a Private Investigator who had a knack for finding people on the run.

When Ryou had told him about his family and his situation, Mr. O'Brian had been more than willing to help.

That was before Ryou's father found the both of them. At first, Daniel was going to take his 'sons' back to England, but he changed his mind, and decided to move to Michigan instead.

When Ryou and Norin were both 16, Ryou had decided to run away again, and this time, to Montana.

Norin had been unsure about the idea at first, but when he thought about all the physical abuse Ryou had suffered at Daniel's hand, he thought better of it.

Being 16 had its advantages, since Ryou was tall for his age at 5'6 and looked older than he was.

He had gotten himself a livable apartment suitable for both boys, working part time at a grocery store.

It seemed everywhere Ryou went, God was with him, because he found Christians everywhere.

But where there were Godly people, there were worldly people too.

So Ryou found out at work one day when a girl about his height, with long black hair and an English accent walked in the store with unknown intentions. Norin had seen the whole thing and had wanted to puke.


Ryou was at front cleaning up near cash register. A good looking girl walked up to him

Girl: Hi. What's your name?

Ryou looked up.

Ryou: Hm? Oh, Hi. My name's Ryou…. Is there anything I can help you with miss?

Girl: Well, you could call me

She handed him a slip of paper with ten numbers on it. It was obviously her phone number.

Ryou (blushing a little): Okay, then what should I call you?

Girl: Cocky… I like that in a guy, as well as good looks

She smiled flirtatiously. Ryou was blushing as red as the tomatoes, not far away. Norin was putting produce away muttering about sending a certain female to 'the Twilight Zone'

(A/N: One of my favorite shows…I like the old episodes… in my stories the Shadow Realm will be known as the Twilight Zone)

Girl: You can call me Isabella

She leans over the counter eye to eye with Ryou.

Ryou (feeling overheated): Um, my boss doesn't allow employee romances

The girl laughed. Norin 'coughed' loudly. Ryou looked over at him and sweat-dropped.

Leave it to Norin to have to save the day. Isabella looked venomously over her shoulder at Norin, then turned her attention back to Ryou.

Isabella: Well, You could quit

Ryou shakes his head, his shaggy un kept hair shaking with him.

Ryou: No, I like it here, I don't want to get fired

Isabella leans over to where she is too close for comfort. Ryou cringed, then gasped as the Millennium Ring started to glow around Norin's neck. He shakes his head furiously. Norin glares. Ryou cheekily smiles at Isabella.

Isabella: Who said anything about getting fired?

Suddenly Jack Martin, Ryou's boss appears behind Isabella and clears his throat.

Jack: Is there anything I can help you with Ms. Holman?

Isabella: No thanks, Jack. I'm just having a look around

She grins at Ryou. His current blush could shame the roses in the back. /Oh, brother/ Norin muttered under his breath. Ryou could be such a wimp at times!

Jack: Well, I'm sure my employee has told you about our standard with employee romances

Ryou nods, pretending to cut his neck with the tips of his fingers and points to his ear, communicating that she wouldn't listen. Jack nods.

Jack: Well, if there's not anything we can do for you, there is the door.

Isabella: Are you kicking me out?

Jack: If you want to put it that way, yes. Now if you would excuse us, we all have work to do.

Isabella looks angry for a second, but then calms down, walking to the door, she then turns around.

Isabella: I'll return later, Jack. Ryou, you have my number.

She smiles and leaves. Ryou let go of the breath he had been taking, thanking Jesus for Jack's intervention.

Ryou: Thanks Jack

Jack: Don't mention it Ryou… I just want you to be aware and careful about girls like that. They'll try to come onto you, especially at your age. It's hard to find a good Christian girl nowadays.

Ryou nods. Somewhere in his memory he is thinking of a little girl with big brown eyes and long red hair…

End of flashback

It had been three years since that conversation.

During those three years, Jack had offered Ryou and Norin spare rooms in his house.

His wife had died a long time ago, and his son, recently in a car accident.

"He was about your age" Jack said smiling at Ryou sadly.

"Always loved to read, and ride on horseback. He especially loved his guitar."

Ryou had cocked his head. "Acoustic or electric?" he had asked.

"Acoustic" Jack had replied. "Lord knows, I would have gone deaf if he had had an electric one."

Ryou had laughed. "You remind me a lot of him." Jack said.

"Anyway, about the room, no rent payment as long as you two show up for work." Norin cheered.

Ryou nodded, smirking at his brother. "We also need to get you two to finish your education." he said.

Ryou looked down at his shoes. Norin looked around as if he hadn't heard anything. They'd cut school before running away.

"I couldn't ask you to do that…" Ryou started. "Nonsense" Jack said.

"Growing men like you need to get their education down. What do you want to do, by the way?"

Ryou smiled. "I want to be a medical doctor"

Jack smiled and nodded. "Same as Connor… he always wanted to help people in need, whether it be physically or spiritually." Jack shook his head sadly.

He looked fondly at Norin. "What about you, Bakura? What do you want to do?"

Ryou tried not to laugh at the shocked expression on Norin's face. He'd obviously not expected to be asked.

"Um, well, I haven't really thought about it…maybe psychiatry?" Jack laughed good-naturally.

"So, both of you are interested in medicine, huh?" Both boys nodded.

* Pause *


Norin/Bakura: Shut up!

Whacks author with a pillow!

Cq: Augh! I'm being attacked by…something!

Norin/Bakura:*glare* that's IT! To the Twilight Zone with you!

Ryou: *sweat drops* um Norin… that's really not a good idea…

Norin/Bakura: WHY NOT?

Ryou: Because…if you send Cq to the Twilight Zone then she'll never finish the story!

Norin/Bakura: *blinks* oh…well…*ahem* Carry on then

Cq: with pleasure…as long as you promise not to hit me again…*cheeky grin* Casper

Norin/Bakura: WHAT?

Ryou: *frantically trying to calm Norin down* Now you've done it Cq…on with the story!

~ Play ~


Over time, the image of the little girl had gotten stronger in Ryou's mind. He had talked to Jack about it.

"Could she be a girl from your childhood, maybe a playmate?" Ryou shrugged. Norin was surprised.

How could they have forgotten her that quickly? He himself remembered bits and pieces, but not entirely everything.

He continued to listen quietly to the conversation.

"Maybe, I don't know. Whoever she is, I want to find her" Jack nodded and smiled.

"Why don't you pray about it, and see. She could be in the school you're going to." Ryou nodded.

He couldn't stop thinking about her, but he'd have to for the time being. He had a whole lot ahead of him.

End Flashback

Ryou shook his head, his long white hair shaking with him as he thought of what Jack had said.

He had been right.

Opportunities were opening left and right for the young Englishmen. Now Ryou and Norin were 19 and on their last year of high school.

All thought of the little girl had vanished from Ryou's mind, but not his subconscious memory.

Ryou had recently gotten his black belt in karate a year before. He was pretty good. Norin still had his red belt.

/I figure I could beat Daniel if I have to/ he thought.

/Oh really?/ Norin said.

/Oh Norin, not now, we've got to get to class!/

The former spirit shrugged and walked in step with his brother. Despite all that had happened in the past few years, their bond had become extremely close.

Once inside, the boys went to homeroom.

There they saw their friends Joey Wheeler, Tea Gardner, Yami and Yugi Mouto, and Tristan Taylor, unpacking their backpacks.

Tea was the first to see the younger English twin. "Hi Ryou" she said with a smile. He looked at her and smiled back.

/She looks familiar!/ he thought. He heard a whistle.

Ryou groaned when he saw Norin sitting on Tea's desk admiring her.

/Well, and I thought the women back home were beautiful!/ Norin said with a grin.

Despite Ryou's mental demanding protests, Norin touched Tea's cheek. /She's as smooth as the desert sand!/ Norin smiled dreamily.

(A/N: Unknown to Tea and the rest, Yami and Norin both look like their siblings but still have their powers, as long as they have their items with them.)

/Get back here!/ Ryou said. /NOW!/ Norin gave him a puppy eyed look.

Ryou shook his head. /NO!/

Norin sulked and walked to his desk. /Fine! But next time you want something from me, you can forget it!/

Yami smirked. He'd been eavesdropping on the boys' conversation, but frowned as he looked over at Tea. There was no way Norin would get his grubby paws on his girl! Not a chance!

(A/N: there might be some competitiveness between Yami and Bakura for Tea's attention…I haven't gotten that far yet)

Ryou rolled his eyes. He went to his desk and unpacked his backpack.

Putting everything away neatly, he put his guitar near the door. Jack had given it to him for his 17th birthday.

"I give you my word I will take care of it." he'd promised.

Jack had smiled. "Conner would be happy knowing it's in good hands."

Ryou shook his head again and looked around for Norin, who was standing next to a young pretty girl with long red hair.

Ryou went over to them. Norin walked away with a smirk, leaving the two alone.

"Hello" Ryou said. The girl looked up. She had big brown eyes that were sad, and a little confused at the moment.

"Hi" she said quietly. "What's your name?" Ryou asked gently, aware of her behavior. She looked up at him. "I'm Serenity," she said. "Serenity Wheeler."

Ryou looked surprised. "So, you must be Joey's little sister"

The girl nodded, smiling a little. "Yup. What's your name?"

Ryou smiled back. "I'm Ryou" he put out his hand. "Ryou Stevens"

The girl took his hand and shook it gently. Her hands are really soft! he thought.

Ryou was startled out of his reverie by someone clearing their throat behind him.

He turned around to see a tall guy with short chocolate hair and blue eyes glaring down at him.

"Who the heck are you?" he asked. "I'm Ryou" Ryou said calmly.

"Humph" the guy said. /He looks vaguely familiar!/ Ryou thought.

/He should/ Norin said. /You've dealt with him before, when you were both children./

Ryou was confused. He shook the thought from his head and watched as the guy walked over to Serenity.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm looking for my locket" she said. "It's gone."

The guy folded his arms. "Did you look everywhere?"

Serenity nodded.

"Not good enough!" the guy snickered.

Ryou watched as Serenity's face fell. One tear slid down her cheek.

"That locket is very important to me" she whispered. "I got it for my birthday, and now it's gone!"

Two more tears slid down her pretty face. Ryou felt sorry for her.

"Well get over it, and get a new one!" the guy was starting to get annoyed.

Serenity looked up defiantly. "No! I want my locket! My friend Josie gave it to me for my 10th birthday, and I've had it ever since!"

The guy rolled his eyes. "Get over it, forget it, it's gone!" Serenity started to cry softly.

Ryou looked at her with concern. He turned around to see that Joey was gone.

He must have gone to the restroom. he thought.

He turned back around at hearing a yelp. Serenity's right cheek was red and she was still crying.

"Fix your face and get it together. That's why Josie must have left you, he must have seen that you're nothing but a wimpy little crybaby."

Ryou's blood started to boil. /Who does this jerk think he is? How dare he insult such a sweet innocent angel!/

/Steady lad,/ Norin said gently. /watch your temper! You don't want to scare the girl!/ Ryou nodded and calmed down.

"What did you do that for?" he asked, trying not to sound angry.

"What's it to you, geek?" the guy turned to him.

"Seto, that wasn't nice" Serenity said.

Seto turned back to her. "Shut up. I wasn't talking to you."

Joey had come out of the bathroom just then and had apparently heard that. "Hey Kaiba!"

Seto turned to him. "What do you want, Wheeler?"

Joey walked up to him, and now they were eye to eye. "If you eva talk to my sista like dat again, not only will I kick your sorry butt, but I bet Tea would love to show you whad happens to people where her mom's from!"

Ryou saw Tea nod. "Got that right!"

Ryou nodded in agreement. "Look," he told Kaiba.

"I know you don't know me from a can of paint, but if you harm that girl, one more time, I'll make your life a living nightmare!"

Kaiba smirked, folding his arms. "Oh yeah? Prove it!"

Ryou nodded. "Playground. 3:00. Be there!"

He walked away, back to the desk with the whole gang staring after him.

/Bravo!/ Norin grinned. /Way to win an angel's heart!/ Ryou smiled.

/Will you need my help?/ the twin asked.

Ryou shook his head. /I'm sorry, but your assistance is not needed. I'm a black belt, remember?/

Norin gave him an evil grin.

Ryou jumped at hearing the bell ring, and the teacher come into the room.

During lunch, the group invited Ryou and Norin to sit with them. They both agreed.

As Yugi was walking back to the table with his tray, he looked over at one of the far lunch tables and noticed a girl he'd never seen before.

From where he was standing, he noticed she was wearing what looked like a black jumper, with a long-sleeved black shirt underneath.

Her blond hair, he couldn't see, except for a few bangs on her forehead, but on her head was a small cap of some sort with two long strings on either side of her face.

"She's Amish" Tea said, coming up behind Yugi. Yugi nearly jumped at her sudden statement. He looked first at the girl, then back at Tea.

"How do you know?" he asked softly. "I used to live in Lancaster Pennsylvania…we lived in an Amish town there, called Chestnut Grove"

(A/N: I don't know if there is such a place, please bear with me.)

Yugi looked surprised. "I never knew that" he said with a slight smile. "There's several things you don't know about Tea, Yugi" Yami said, coming up behind Tea, and putting his arm around her shoulder.

Yugi blushed, then looked back at the Amish girl. She's really pretty he thought, I wonder what her name is.

Looking back at Yami and Tea, he smiled. "I'll be back" he said. "Sure thing, Yugi" Yami smirked. Tea giggled. "Just let me know if you need help." she winked. Yugi cocked his head. "Why?" he asked.

"She may not speak English...the main language of the Amish is Pennsylvania Dutch... it's a type of German." Yugi smiled and nodded.

"Thanks, Tea" Tea nodded, amused. "No problem." With that, Yugi took a deep breath and walked over to the girl.

"Hello" Yugi said, as the young girl looked up at him with the brightest blue eyes he'd ever seen. She smiled slightly. "Hullo" she said in heavily accented English. Yugi hesitated slightly and looked back at Tea. She nodded her head regally.

"Would ya like to sit down?" the girl asked. Nodding, the boy sat down and smiled at her. "what's your name?" they asked at the same time. Yugi laughed and the girl giggled.

"You go first." Yugi smiled. The girl blushed pink.

"My name is Rebecca," she answered, her accent slurring on her name. "Rebecca Anne Hawkins" Yugi perked up at her last name. "Hawkins? You wouldn't be related to Professor Arthur Hawkins, would you?" Rebecca nodded.

"Jah, er ist mein Opa" Yugi nodded politely, though having no clue what she'd just said. At Yugi's expression, Rebecca blushed again. "Ach! I'm sorry…I meant 'Yes, he's my grandpa'."

Yugi nodded understanding, then his eyes widened. "He's your grandpa?" he asked in shock. Yugi had never known Professor Hawkins to say he'd had a granddaughter, let alone one so pretty.

"Wie ist ir Name?" she asked. Again, Yugi looked at her confused, then realized she was asking his name. "Oh, my name is Yugi. Yugi Mouto" Rebecca smiled shyly, and again, Yugi noticed that slight pink blush.

"Rebecca!" a high pitched call, or was it a squeal, called. The little girl who owned that high pitched tenor was over by the far left table by the wall, looking for Rebecca.

As Yugi was resisting the urge to cover his ears, he noticed Rebecca covering her face with her hands.

"Oh, nein!" she groaned, and Yugi was sure she'd muttered 'Oh, no' in German.

The boy smiled, despite himself.

"Rebecca! Wo du bist?"1 Rebecca rolled her eyes and brought the little girl close to her.

"Hush, Sadie, der Rest der Engischers kann dich horen"2 the little girl, who looked to Yugi like a miniature version of Rebecca, shrugged her shoulders.

"Was machst du hier?"3 Sadie gave Rebecca a cheeky grin.

Yugi recognized that grin as the one he'd used on Yami and Tea so many times.

Could Rebecca have a boyfriend already? he thought, slightly disappointed.

Instead of looking embarrassed, however, Rebecca looked angry, and a little scared. She repeated her question. Sadie giggled and Yugi saw a small sweat drop form on Rebecca's head.

"Sadie" she whispered.

"Caleb war für Sie auf der Suche"4 Sadie answered. Rebecca frowned. What was Caleb doing here?

"Wo?" she answered. Sadie pointed. Rebecca saw him, tall and proud in his Amish suit, his blue-green eyes locked on her, frowning at her with his lips pursed.

Rebecca shivered involuntarily. She rolled her eyes as Sadie ran back to her older brother, probably giving him an up Geschichte gemacht, a made up tale.

Caleb started walking toward Rebecca. "Balg" she scowled glaring after Sadie.

Rebecca looked up into Yugi's curious violet eyes. She blushed for the third time in fifteen minutes.

"It means "brat" in German… that little girl is Sadie Adelman, the sister of my former beau, but I have no clue how or why they came here."

Rebecca looked over her shoulder nervously and gave a little yelp.

Tea saw this and looked on intrigued. Isn't that Caleb Adelman? Boy, he's sure grown!

She looked from Caleb to Rebecca, and back to Caleb again. But what would he want with Professor Hawkins' granddaughter?

She continued to watch the scene, curious of Yugi's reaction to all this.

To her left, Yami and Bakura, as he liked to be called, were involved in a debate of some sort.

Tea turned her attention back to the scene.

"Rebecca!" the girl looked up.

So her name's Rebecca… Tea thought. Interesting.

"Das ist nicht der Weg zu einer zukünftigen relative sprechen!" 5

Tea was in shock! Future relative?

She noticed Rebecca's major blush of embarrassment. Oh what she would give to see the look on Yugi's face right now!

"Zukunft relativen?" Rebecca snorted with disgust. Yugi tried not to laugh.

"Jah!" Caleb growled, grabbing Rebecca's arm.

Rebecca struggled and Yugi stood up. "Let go!" he said firmly. "No" Caleb answered, surprising Tea, Yugi, and Rebecca.

"I just learned Englisch….how did you…?" Rebecca faltered as Caleb glared at her.

"Never mind…Ich komme zu Ihnen nach Hause nehmen!"6 Rebecca gasped.

Yugi surmised that whatever this stranger had told her wasn't good.

"Nicht!"7 she said, shaking her head.

"Jah, ich bin!"8 he countered. "Wo?"9 she asked. "Pennsylvania" he answered, giving her a dangerous look.

Struggling against his arm again, she shook her head again.

"Nein, mein Zuhause is jetzt hier, mit meinem Opa! Ich kann nicht zuruck zu Chestnut Grove gehen…Es hält auch viele Erinnerungen!"9 Rebecca held unshed tears in her eyes. Caleb sighed.

"Ihr Platz ist bei mir, Rebecca,"10 he said softly, touching her cheek, "Wir haben seit der Kindheit verlobt gewesen ... Es ist töricht, unsere Liebe für einander zu leugnen"11

Rebecca looked at Caleb in horror. Yugi winced, but had no clue on what they were talking about. He wondered if Tea had any idea.

Sure enough, when he turned around, Tea had a shocked, embarrassed look on her face, evidenced by her red cheeks.

So she had been listening the whole time! Yugi thought, amused.

"wer hat Ihnen diese Idee?"12 Caleb smiled sadly.

"Ihre Großeltern ... sie gab mir den Segen für Ihre Hand in der Ehe"13

Rebecca shook her head in disbelief. "Das ist unmöglich! Meine Großeltern starben vor zwei Jahren!"14

Caleb shrugged his shoulders as if it hadn't meant anything. "Das is eben so wie es ist, mein Schatz. Komm, wir mussen diesen Ort verlassen" 15

Again Caleb pulled Rebecca to make her stand, and still the girl refused.

Yugi was confused and frustrated. From what he could tell, the boy was telling Rebecca they had to leave, but she didn't want to.

The hardest part about it was the language barrier. They were speaking pure German, and Yugi only knew a few words: Brat, Yes, No, and Oh no.

Also, Yugi could tell that the boy was obviously romantically interested in Rebecca, and seemed to want more out of their 'relationship', but again, Rebecca wanted no part of it.

Hmmm…Maybe Tea can explain things to me. he thought. Yugi looked at Rebecca and smiled. "I'll be right back" he said. She nodded, having forgotten he was there for a moment.

Thinking on her grandfather's love and Yugi's kindness to her thus far helped Rebecca to further her resolve.

"Ich will nicht mit dir gehen"16 Caleb raised an eyebrow, and released her, as if avoiding contact with a shunned woman.

"Dann werden Sie gemieden!"17 Rebecca shrugged her shoulders. "So sei es" 18

Caleb scowled and walked away, beckoning his sister to come along. "Sie werden es bereuen, diese"19

Rebecca gasped as her childhood friend walked away and soon was out of sight. The girl put her head down in her hands and sighed woefully, trying to keep back the tears threatening to come.

Now what was she going to do?

(A/N: for those of you who don't know German, there's a Dictionary at the end of this part. Enjoy!)

Yugi sat by Tea to see if she could help him understand the situation. "Did you understand all that?" he asked. Tea winced and nodded.

"Yeah, I did, but…" she looked up, and Yugi noticed her expression change.

"I can't tell you now…you'd better get back over there, Yugi…Rebecca could really use a friend right now" Tea grinned at his dubious expression. "Don't worry…I think she'll be speaking in English from here on out"

Yugi smiled. "Thanks Tea" Tea nodded, then jerked her head toward Rebecca. "Hey….make it count" she muttered. Yugi sweat dropped.

"Oh forget it, just get your butt over there before I send Ryou instead!" Yugi frowned and then went back to the table.

Walking cautiously, he noticed Rebecca was hunched over on the table, her head in her arms, her food tray untouched. Concern and compassion overtook the boy and he walked to her side.

"Rebecca?" he asked warily. She slowly raised her head. Yugi noticed that her blue eyes were cloudy and red from crying. Obviously whatever that boy had said had upset her greatly.

"Jah?" she asked quietly. "Is something wrong?" Yugi asked, touching her back and arm gently.

The girl shook her head. "I'll be all right." she said. "I just have some things jumbled up in my head, is all"

Yugi sighed in relief. So that boy hadn't caused her any physical pain. If he hurt her, I don't know what I'd do…I what- Augh!

From the table, Joey, Tristan, Yami, Bakura and Ryou all looked over at Yugi.

"Atta boy Yugi!" Joey crowed. Ryou stepped on his foot, heeding the glare from Tea. "Shut up! Can't you see he's busy?" she growled.

"Yup! He's busy alright!" Joey laughed. Tea got up and poured her milk on Joey's head. The other four boys looked at this in shock and then howled in laughter.

"I've always wanted to do that" Tea smirked. Suddenly Yami got up and grabbed Tea's hand.

Yugi saw what Yami was doing and looked over at Joey. Uh oh! he thought.

The Pharaoh and Queen, Ryou, Serenity and Bakura made it out of the building safely, and Yugi just got Rebecca under the table before Joey yelled those infamous words. "FOOD FIGHT!"

Food went flying everywhere! "Mmh" Rebecca mumbled. Yugi blushed as he noticed that he'd grabbed her by the waist, and her head was on his chest. He gulped. Hard.

He instantly let go. They looked at each other and blushed bright red. "Um…sorry" Rebecca gave him a small embarrassed smile. "It's ok" she answered. "Can we get outta here?"

Yugi nodded slowly. Putting his finger to his lips, he beckoned her to follow him. 7 feet to the door…

6 feet….5.…4.… Yugi grabbed Rebecca's hand and shielded her from some oncoming mashed potatoes that were heading for her hair.

3 more feet to go, then SPLAT! He'd gotten hit by a bowl of chocolate pudding, pudding first on top of his gold bangs.

The two had gotten outside when Rebecca could no longer contain her joy and was holding her sides of laughter.

"Hahahahehehehe YUG-I hehehehe" Yugi noticed that she wasn't the only one. Tea and Serenity held their mouths where occasional titters escaped.

Yugi's brother Yami could barely look at him for fear of being sent to the Twilight Zone.

An occasional snicker from the Stevens' brothers could be heard as well, and Ryou had a banana peel on his head.

"It's Not FUNNY" Yugi growled. Rebecca stopped immediately, as if out of fear.

Norin pulled the banana peel out of Ryou's hair, Yami looked up at the sky, and the girls looked down at their shoes.

"Sorry Yugi" they all chorused. "Danke"20 Rebecca chirped. Yugi smiled and blushed. "Aw, it was nothing"

Norin rolled his eyes. Tea glared at him. "Du bist mein Held" Rebecca said as she walked up to Yugi and kissed his cheek.

Yugi never felt so overheated in his life! Tea raised an eyebrow as the girl walked away.

"She said you're her hero, Yugi" she grinned before she walked off to let Rebecca know that she was headed toward the janitor's quarters, instead of the classroom.

Yugi felt faint. Yami and Bakura cracked up. "Aww" Serenity gushed, as she held onto Ryou's arm. She kissed his cheek, and walked off after Tea and Rebecca.

"Ryou? Is it just us, or are we in heaven?" Yugi asked. Ryou giggled girlishly. Yugi sweat dropped. Well, there goes my answer!

"Hey guys! Wait up!" they called as they ran after the group.

German Dictionary: Term/Definition

1) Rebecca! Wo du bist?- Rebecca, Where are you?

2) Hush, Sadie, der Rest der Engischers kann dich horen- Hush, Sadie, The rest of the Enlischers can hear you!

3) Was machst du hier?- What are you doing here?

4)Caleb war für Sie auf der Suche- Caleb was looking for you

5)Das ist nicht der Weg zu einer zukünftigen relative sprechen!- That is not the way to talk to a future relative! (variation)

6)Ich komme zu Ihnen nach Hause nehmen!- I've come to take you home!

7)Nicht!- No!

8)Jah, ich bin!- Yes I am!

9)Nein, mein Zuhause is jetzt hier, mit meinem Opa! Ich kann nicht zuruck zu Chestnut Grove gehen…Es hält auch viele Erinnerungen!- No, my home is here now, with my grandpa! I cannot go back to Chestnut Grove ... It holds too many memories!

10)Ihr Platz ist bei mir, Rebecca- Your place is with me, Rebecca

11)Wir haben seit der Kindheit verlobt gewesen ... Es ist töricht, unsere Liebe für einander zu leugnen- We have been engaged since childhood ... It is foolish to deny our love for each other

12)Wer hat Ihnen diese Idee?- Who gave you that idea?

13)Ihre Großeltern ... sie gab mir den Segen für Ihre Hand in der Ehe- Your grandparents ... they gave me the blessing for your hand in marriage

14)Das ist unmöglich! Meine Großeltern starben vor zwei Jahren!- That's impossible! My grandparents died two years ago!

15)Das is eben so wie es ist, mein Schatz. Komm, wir mussen diesen Ort verlassen- That's just the way it is, my dear. Come, we must leave this place

16)Ich will nicht mit dir gehen- I will not go with you

17)Dann werden Sie gemieden!- Then you will be shunned!

18)So sei es- So be it

19)Sie werden es bereuen, diese- You will regret this

20) Danke-Thank you

At 2:40, Ryou finished up the last of his subjects and placed everything neatly in his desk.

He looked around the classroom.

Seto Kaiba was gone. /Must have wanted to make an early entrance./ he thought.

Norin scoffed. Ryou got up to use the restroom.

When he was finished and ready, he put his books in his backpack.

Suddenly, something shiny caught his eye.

He bent to pick it up. It was a gold 14kt diamond heart shaped locket!

Curious, he opened it up. Inside there was two pictures.

On the left was a little boy who looked like Joey.

On the right, there was a picture of another little boy, strangely resembling himself!

Ryou looked closely at the picture. Same color hair, eyes and the same nose!

Ryou didn't understand. How did his picture end up in Serenity Wheeler's locket?

Ryou pondered that question as several memories came to him. One, he really didn't want to think about at the moment.

He looked in his back pack for that small dark blue velvet box that had held his cuff links.

He took the locket and placed the ends in the loops. Making sure it was straight, he closed the box and put it in his pocket.

He took his jacket off and hung it up, unbuttoning a couple of buttons on his shirt.

Remembering to keep his id, Ryou went outside and to the playground. Several kids were on the bleachers.

Serenity, Tea and Rebecca were among them, Serenity crossing her fingers.

"Glad you finally showed up!" Kaiba snickered. "Let's just get this over with!" Ryou muttered.

Kaiba grinned arrogantly. "Tell you what, Stevens, right?" Ryou nodded.

"Tell you what Stevens. Winner takes the girl on the upcoming trip to Duelist Kingdom, while loser sits home dejected!"

Ryou rolled his eyes.

"Not a chance! That's really lame, Kaiba! I'll tell you what! If I win, you have to give your word that you won't harm Serenity Wheeler again! Not only that, but stop picking on Joey and the others too. If you win, I'll go back to England where I belong! Sound fair?"

Serenity gasped. She remembered Josie saying something like his dad was from England, could Ryou… No that's impossible! she thought. Or is it?

She looked on, anticipation on her pretty features.

"I wish my brother were here to see this" Tea said.

"I didn't know you had a brother" Serenity looked at her friend, surprised. Tea nodded.

"Unfortunate family misunderstanding" she said, a growl in her voice.

"But anyway, Josiah loved stuff like this! He was very quiet, but deep down, he was a real fighter." Tea looked sad.

Serenity felt sorry for her, and Rebecca looked at Tea with concern. "What happened?" she asked. "We were living in Pennsylvania and he was kidnapped by his father" Tea clenched her fist.

Serenity shoved out the thought entering her mind. She looked on.

"Serenity, get ready to go, I'm taking you out after I get finished with this geek."

Serenity blushed, her eyes were beginning to turn yellow. Yugi and Tea both saw this and squeezed each of her hands.

Ryou fought the taunting memory coming to him.


"When I get older I'm going to find you and take you out on a date!"

End Flashback

Ryou growled, and shook his head furiously.

"What's the matter? Jealous of me and my girl?"

Ryou looked straight into Seto Kaiba's eyes and glared at him. "No! Now let's get this over with!"

They started out pretty good in the first half hour.

"Tell you what," Ryou said, panting a little. "Since I have my black belt, I'll go easy on you"

Seto was panting, hard. "No," he said. "Give it all you've got!" he stood up.

"Alright then" Ryou muttered.

He ran over to the exercise bars jumping up to the tallest one.

All the kids watched in amazement as he flipped one, two, three, times in a row, arching his foot and kicked Kaiba in the jaw.

Kaiba fell on his back. He glared up at Ryou, blood streaming down his lip.

When Ryou got up, Seto scissor locked his legs, and tripped him up.

Ryou fell, while Tea winced and Serenity looked on helplessly. Kaiba grinned at her.

She glared at him. "I'd never go on a date with you even if my life depended on it!"

Kaiba smiled as he got up, blood still streaming down his mouth. He wiped it away on his sleeve.

"Sure, sweetheart you say that now, but you'll think differently when I ki…" he didn't get to finish his sentence.

Ryou had turned around and gave him a crab kick in the forbidden zone with his sneaker. Kaiba fell to the ground and Joey rushed over, counting to 3.

When Kaiba didn't get up, Joey declared Ryou the winner. All the kids applauded and whooped.

The rest of the gang came down from the bleachers. "Alright!" Yami laughed "Nice job" Yugi grinned. "Congratulations" Rebecca blushed.

"Way to go!" Tea laughed.

"Where'd you learn to fight like that, man?" Tristan asked.

Norin slapped his brother on the back, grinning.

"I was in karate and I got my black belt last year." Ryou told them.

Tea looked at him astonished. "Turns out the simplest of kicks was his downfall" they laughed.

Ryou smiled and looked over at Serenity. "Thank you" she said.

"You're very welcome" Ryou replied.

There was something so familiar about her… something he just couldn't shake off.

"I believe this belongs to you" Ryou said, as he took out the box and opened it.

"My locket!" Serenity cried. "Where'd you find it?"

Ryou smiled. "By the backpacks. It must have come off when you put your backpack away."

She smiled. "Thank you, Ryou, thank you so much!" he smiled as she took it and placed it on her neck.

She beamed up at him. "My friend Josie would have been so happy to meet you" she said, smiling sadly.

Ryou nodded, still having that sense of familiarity around this beautiful young girl.

He looked over at Kaiba, who glared at him as he walked away.

"You haven't heard the last of me Stevens" he growled as he walked away.

"Look at 'im, runnin' wid his tail between 'is legs!" Joey laughed.

Ryou rolled his eyes and shook his head as he and the others made their way inside to go home.