A/N: Done as a request for Christy.

She hated it, hated the rush that enveloped her every time she stood near him, hated the ugly truth that the rudest, most useless guy in the whole school had to be the sweetest, and, she had to admit it to herself, it was the elephant in her brain: he was hot. More than any of her ridiculous movie star crushes. She was angry at herself and resented him for reducing her to one of those giggling cheerleaders that followed him around, minus the pom-poms, peppiness, and popularity.

She knew what infatuation was, and she was aware that it infringed on her judgment and caused her to overlook matters of importance. She'd once before been mildly obsessed with Henry, back before he became one of her best friends and was just "Jasper's cousin," and that consuming crush had led her to temporarily forgetting that dark vans and field trips that nobody else knew about equaled danger. She understood that she was disregarding the fact that he was arrogant, sort of a jerk, and, quite frankly, pretty dumb. All she could concentrate on were his dark eyes and thick hair, his muscled arms and the way he looked in his football uniform…

She tried to tell herself that she was the last person to ever have a chance with him, to just give up now, that the way he called her "Naggie" meant he thought of her as just a smart and annoying girl, that he would never see her the way he did in her parasitic daydreams. She convinced herself that she only cared about the election. That was the only reason she'd leaned in close to him, the only reason she'd let him deface Jasper's campaign poster. She wanted his vote, and nothing more.

However, when it came to a tie she had to wonder if he'd held to his word and voted for her. Nervously, she confronted him the next day and asked if he'd really kept his promise. He just smiled, that dazzling, blindingly-white smile that so contrasted his tanned skin and said, "Of course I voted for you, babe," which sent her almost into hyperventilation and made her completely light-headed. As he walked away, he glanced back and winked. It was enough to make any girl's heart stutter.

She regretted the day she'd become any girl.