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Sakuno was walking down the street. "Sakuno"! some one yelled. she turned around and saw a red car pull up. "Kelly, mom" she said.

"Hi sissy." Kelly said. Kelly was 7 she had red hair, freckles, and was wearing a green shirt and a pair of blue faded jeans. "Sweetie." Shannon said. she was 41 had red hair and was wearing a blue tank top and shorts. "Hey are you going to pick up Gibbs." Sakuno had asked. "Ya." Kelly said.

"Well see you at home then. "sakuno said

"Bye." Both Kelly and Shannon said as they started driving away. then you heard a gun shot BOOM! Sakuno turned and saw her mother get shot in the head. and ran into a phone poll. CRASH!

"Mom, Kelly." I yelled.



"Huh, oh it was just another dream, mom, Kelly." I said. "Sakuno get you're ass up or you'll be late for school". Sumire yelled.

"coming obaa-chan". I said a small tear ran down her cheek and picked up the locket around her neck. It was a heart shaped locket with a gold chain and a blue ,purple ,green ,and gray stones in the heart. She opened it and saw a picture of her, Kelly, Shannon, and a man. he had gray hair about 47 was wearing a navy suit. "Well I guess I better get ready to go to school." She said.

"third person prove"

~10 minutes later~

"good morning obaa-chan" Sakuno said. She was wearing her school uniform. her eyes were red from crying. Sumire was wearing her fuchsia track suit.

"Sakuno what took you so -, sakuno what's wrong sweetie?" Sumire asked. She looked up to her obaa-chan and said. "I had that dream again, of Shannon's and Kelly's death." she said wiping a tear away. Sumaire came up to sakuno and hugged her. "Do you want to stay home from school today" she asked. "no, I'll be fine." she reassured her. "all right, I'll see you at school than" she answered. "k" she answered. Sakuno went and grabbed her bag, and put her shoes on. "bye" she said as she walked out the door.



Ryoma was walking to school when he heard some one call his name. He turned and saw Eiji Senpia, and Momo-chan senpia.

"O'chibe" "Echizen" They had said at the same time. "Hn" Ryoma said. then he was glumped by Eiji. "e-e-eij-eji-sen-senpia." Ryoma said while Eiji was chocking him. "Sorry O'chibe" he said. "common you two we don't want to be late for practice." Momo said. "ahh, your right we have to hurry common." Eiji said. "Hn" Ryoma said while walking away.

On their way they saw sakuno. "Sakuno-chan" eiji had yelled, but she didn't respond she had kept on walking. "hmm, that is strange she would have answered, she also looks sad." momo had said. "Ya, she does." eiji said. "Echizen what did you say to her." momo asked. "nothing" he answered." were going to be late." ryoma said still walking. "oh ya rrruuunnn!" Eiji yelled while running toward the school.


"hi sakuno" tomo-chan had said. her hair in pony tails.

"oh, hi tomo-chan, how are you today." she asked.

"great. now common so we can go see Ryoma-sama!" tomo-chan had yelled

"sorry tomo-chan i have something to do." she answered. "ok, see you in class." tomo-chan had said. she then ran off to the tennis courts.


"Maybe I'll give Gibbs's a call and see if I can come over this weekend and go visit Kelly and Shannon's grave." she said as she walked down the schools halls and saw the school nurse walking towards her. "hello." Sakuno said walking toward the woman who was looking at some files in her hand. She had black hair to her shoulders and was wearing glasses, tan skirt to her knees, and a blue long sleeve shirt, with her white doctor jacket on.

"Hello sakuno, and I told you to call me Kagome."

"Oh sorry I had forgot."

"It is ok are your injuries? Any better?" she asked.

"Yes they are almost healed."

"That's good you better get to class or you'll be late"

"Ok". sakuno waved goodbye and walked away.

"tennis courts"

"third person prove"

eiji, momo, and ryoma walked to the tennis courts.

"hey minna." eiji said to the other regulars.

"hello guys." oishi said.

"hey" fuji said.

"good day" kawamura said giving them a small wave as they walked up. Tezuka gave them a nod.

"fffssssshhhh" kidoh said.

"hey" momo said.

"Hn" said ryoma.

"Good day guys" inui said coming out of nowhere.

"aaaaaaahhhhhhh!" eiji had screamed and jumping into his doubles partner arms. "inui stop scaring us. "eiji wined.

"sorry" inui said.

"momo is something wrong." Fuji asked.

"huh, oh it's just on our way to school we saw sakuno-chan , and she had looked really upset." momo said.

"ya and we had called her name and she hadn't looked up and had just kept walking on." eiji continued." maybe we can talk to her after practice or to couch ryuzaki." Fuji said. and they had started practicing.


"hn, mada mada dane". ryoma said.

"hello, osakada" fuji said.

"hi fuji-senpia"tomo-cha said.

"would you might know what is wrong with sakuno-chan." fuji asked her.

"she is probly upset, because today was when her sister and mom had died."tomo-chan said.

all the regulars including tezuka, ryoma, and inui was writing in his journal and looked at tomo-chan. "what"eiji asked.

"sakuno had lost he sister and mother a couple years ago, she always acts like this on the day they passed or when she has a flashback or dream about their accident. Sad thing is she had witness their accident. But much worse things have happened to her in her past. Should not have said that last part." tomo-chan said covering her mouth.

All the players looked sad, shocked, and confused of what tomo-chan said.

"what do you mean." oishi asked. "i-uh-umm, oh look at the time I'll see you guys later bye." tomo-chan said while running off.

"that was wired, anyways maybe we can ask coach Ryuzaki or maybe sakuno."fuji said. the others nodded and went back to practice.

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