Lightening POV

I slowly opened my eyes, squinting through blurred vision at my unfamiliar surroundings. Where the heck was I? I sat up and rubbed my eyes with my hands. I was laying on a double mattress in a big cave like room, mostly empty except from an old wooden table, worn down sofa and candlesticks running along the walls. What was this place and how did I get here? I tried casting my mind back to the last thing I remember. I think I remember being at home... Then this guy... He kidnapped me and... I jumped up from the mattress and sprang to attention. I had to find the exit before he shows up and does God knows what to me. I begin to head to what looks like an exit on the far side of the room, but guess who walks in as soon as I put one foot in front of the other? So much for that plan.

"I hope you weren't leaving. I was thinking we could hang out for a while, get to know each other. Perhaps with our clothes off." The guy calling himself V smirked, slowly walking over towards me, looking pleased with himself. The hot ones are always assholes. It's like a rule or something..

"Why did you bring me here? What is this place?!" I ask him boldly, trying to hide how scared I was.

"This is my home. Sort of. I like you, I want to spend time with you is that so bad?" He smirked like he was innocent and just wanted a friend. Yeah right. Kidnap? Not the best way to make a friend. Before he did this, I actually really liked him. Not just because he looked a lot like Angel, a kinder Angel. There was something about him that got to me and I couldn't take my eyes of him. Even now I still couldn't.

"If you think kidnapping me is the answer, then you really need to get out more. Why should I trust you after what you just did?" I folded my arms as he slowly drew closer towards me. I swallowed hard and maintained my brave face but I knew he could sense my fear. Lets not forget this guy was over twice the size of me, both in height and, well, every other way possible. His wings were about as long as I was. He could probably kill me with just one swish. The thought sent a shiver down my spine.

"I want you. I'm chosing you to be my mate. To give birth to my heir. You should think of that as a great honour." He told me sternly. My face dropped. I could tell this guy meant business. And right now I was dreading what he might do if I said no. Would he force me? He kidnapped me and brought me here for that so why wouldn't he? My heartbeat thumped in my chest as he finally stopped in front of me, looking down at me with a half smile, unbelievably gorgeous and unbelievably dangerous. Being so close to him knowing what he wanted to do with me both petrified and excited me. I couldn't even believe this would excite me on any level whatsoever. But he looked so much like Angel and I adored him even if he was an ass. Of course I want to have another child, I loved being a mother more than anything. Perhaps that's why it excited me..

"What if I say no?" I muttered, unsure If I really wanted to know the answer. I bravely tilted my head up and looked him in the eyes. He was so tall. His lips the perfect shape, the kind you would do anything to kiss. He had more stubble than Angel did, making him look older and only more sexy. Despite being captured and wanted to be used for sex I couldn't shake this feeling I felt in my stomach. It was like he'd cast some kind of spell over me and I just couldn't move.

"If you say no, then I will slowly hurt every person you care about one by one until you give in." He replied bluntly, cupping my chin with his huge index finger and bringing my face up to meet his dazzling and dangerous gaze. I swallowed hard again, feeling goosebumps form all over my body. He traced his finger across my cheek and jaw and then finally putting his hand at the back of my head and yanking on my hair, smashing his mouth to mine. His kisses were incredibly powerful and rough my own mouth couldn't even keep up. As soon as he pulled his mouth from mine I drew in a large breath nearly choking and he grinned down at me still clenching onto my hair. He was enjoying this. Did I even have a choice here? I couldn't let anyone get hurt, but could I honestly go through with this? I couldn't help but feel a sudden broodiness wash over me and I started to wonder if it would really be such a bad idea. I desperately wanted a child I knew that for sure. But if I did, what would he do with me after? Would he ditch me and want the child to himself?

"If I went through with this, what would happen to me? Would you just use me and then get rid of me?" I asked him worriedly. Ii couldn't lose another child. Not again.

"I may keep you around. Depends how good you are. If you give me everything I want and do everything I tell you to. Besides, I may decide for some reason I want another." He told me seeming almost open minded. That shocked me a little. But what did he mean by do everything he wants? Does he mean keep me like a slave? Before I could wonder anything else, he puts both his hands on my hips and picks me up like I weigh a piece of paper and just holds me there high in the air. I grabbed on to his arms for support and watched his gaze on me. He smirked up at me and quietly mouthed the word 'cute'. Another shock. Angel despised the word cute. He wouldn't even say it. To him it's the C word. Yet here this guy was, his doppelganger, saying it. To me.. He made a low groaning noise in his throat and his eyes suddenly turned serious.

"I need to bury my cock deep inside you." He growled at me with serious eyes. My breath caught in my throat before he suddenly put me back on the floor and pulled me in against him with one arm, flexed out the other arm and with a wave of his fingers a wooden table came flying towards us. He had telekinetic powers! Surely looking like Angel and having the same powers was more than a coincidence right?!

"How do you have the same power as him?! You could be his twin.." My voice shook wondering how it could be possible. Did I even believe in doppelgangers. Or coincidences? He chuckled to himself as he placed me on the table and started undressing. Here I was, with this completely hot, sexy yet threatening guy wanting to give me exactly what I want. Whereas the only other two guys in my life either won't have sex with me cause he has somebody else or won't have sex with me because they are secretly afraid they will hurt me. Angel's an ass, but I give him this, he doesn't actually want to hurt me. But will V? I watched as his shirt and belt hit the floor, taking in all the similarities between Angel and V and noticing everything is practically identical. His jeans slowly fell to his ankles and that's when I noticed his huge bulge in his boxers. That too looked very similar. Was this even possible. I just couldn't wrap my head around it.

"Like what you see?" He asked smirking. I flashed back to the first time I saw Angel naked. He asked me the exact same question. I didn't reply and that seemed to make him angry. He tugged on my vest, forcefully pulling it up over my head exposing my bra and ripping it off before I could blink. Next he yanked off my leggings with my shoes leaving me in just my pants. Oh God. I could tell he was really getting turned on bu ripping my clothes off. He was already hard before but now I could practically see his enormous member throbbing beneath his boxers. He put his thumbs inside them and slowly began pulling them off. As if my heart couldn't beat any faster he does this making me feel like my hearts going to explode in my chest. He was trying to tease me, I could tell. He grabbed both of my wrists with his large hands and moved my arms out so he could view my breasts. My face felt hot with embarrassment and I couldn't bring myself to look into his baby blues. I turned my head completely to the side and looked away from his stare and his manhood.

"Look at me." He ordered angrily grabbing my wrists tighter. I met his gaze and saw the hunger in his eyes, like a lion waiting to pounce on a deer. I was his dinner.

"Please stop, you're hurting me." I say faintly and surprisingly he loosens his grip and places one of my hands on his erection. Now I was looking at him. Identical to Angel in the downstairs department, check. He placed his hand on mine and forced it to move up and down his sticky length. He felt incredible. But I was terrified.

"Do you like how much you turn me on, cutie?" He asked grinning down at me with his serious eyes. He seemed to love it when I look him in the eyes. Maybe that's what was turning him on so much. I could feel him get wetter and wetter every minute and he just stands there staring at me, moving my hand with his. He wasn't grinning anymore and his almost blank expression made me feel nervous.

"Let me return the favour." He says suddenly, sliding his free hand into my pants and exploring my delicate parts.

"No please.." I start but he grabs my hand harder and thrusts the fingers on his other hand into me violently.

"You say no, but your body says yes. You're deliciously moist." He tells me pulling his fingers from my underwear and putting them into his mouth. He licks on his fingers for a few seconds and instantaneously jerks off my pants and places his tongue where his fingers were not moments ago.

"Ple..ase.. I don't.." I try to say but his tongue lapping me up and circling my sensitive spot takes my breath away and my body trembles around him. I didn't want him to see just how much I was actually enjoying this but I couldn't even control myself. He was making me feel things I've never felt before, yet came close with Angel to feeling. He thrusted two of his large fingers inside of me making goosebumps appear all over my body once more. Damn he knows what he's doing. I couldn't control the moans that escaped my mouth and I felt too much pleasure to even be embarrassed. Within minutes I felt my whole body spasm and a gush released from between my legs which V seemed to absolutely love.

"Fuck that was delicious. I need you right now, you're ready for my size and I'm gonna break you with it." He panted reaching for his throbbing soaked member before I had even had a chance to catch my breath. I just couldn't keep up with him no matter what he did! Was I really gonna let him do this? I didn't exactly have any options left. Part of me wanted to see more of what he could do and I hated myself for even thinking that.

I looked into his eyes whilst panting hoping he'd give me a minute at least to compose myself. His blank expression just looked through at me as I felt the tip of his member brush up against my sensitive spot. He guided the tip up and down slowly pressing harder, transferring his wetness to my own. I watched him now unable to look away at what he was doing to me, watching as he squeezed the end of his member and squirted a ton of pre-cum against my opening. Jeez this guy was seriously freaking hot! Why am I always attracted to the bad ones or the ones I can't have?!

"You like that don't you?" He smirked leaning in closer. Before I had a chance to say anything he buried his large member deep inside me in a flash, making me scream out in pain. V roared and at first I thought it was because it had hurt him too, but he was loving every second of it. Before he even had a chance to move inside of me, the earth around us shook violently and I was afraid the cave would collapse on top of us.

"Know anyone that can cause earthquakes?" V asked a little pissed off. I mouthed Hope and he seemed to understand what I meant. But Hope never told V what his abilities were. So how would he know? A loud crashing sound of crumbling wall echoed through the cave and V instantly pulled out of me leaving me with an uncomfortable feeling. He looked extremely pissed. I saw him clothe himself from the far side of the cave and I decided to do the same as best I could. It wasn't long before the errie silence of the cave was disrupted as I spotted my dad followed by Hope, Angel, Max and Dylan. How the heck did they find me?!

"Sweetheart you okay?!" My dad asks running over to me. Luckily I had managed to get dressed just in time. Hope was next by my side checking if I was okay. But where had V gone?

"I'm so sorry I left you..." Hope began.

"You should be. You can't be trusted with anything!" Angel barked at him and I rolled my eyes. Here we go again...

"Is it a coincidence someone harms Angelica and then someone kidnaps Lights?" Dylan asks suspiciously.

"Who did this to you?" My dad asks brushing hair away from my face.

"I did." V spoke from a far corner of the room. Everyone turned towards him and everyone's faces dropped as they saw the double of Angel standing in the corner.

"Why do you..." Hope began but was cut off before he could finish.

"Why do I look like him?" V pointed towards Angel. "Why don't you ask them." He instructed, now pointing to Max and Dylan.

"You hurt Angelica..." Max's quiet and shocked voice filled the room. V smiled slightly and nodded.

"I had no more use for that bitch. She's lucky to be alive. Very lucky." He laughed. He nearly killed Angelica and here I am letting him do this to me?! God I feel so stupid! Angel walked over to his doppelganger and took him in. Must have been a lot like looking in a mirror and I can bet he isn't happy there is someone else out there that looks exactly like him.

"You could be my twin..." Angel mumbled softly.

"That's because I am." V smirked crossing his arms over his muscular chest.

"That's impossible. How..?" Hope looked towards his parents for answers. Max looked like she was hiding something and Dylan looked like he didn't even know where to begin.

"I thought he died.. Angelica had told me he died when I gave birth to him. We buried him thinking he was dead.." Max's shaky voice explained.

"She lied?" Dylan asked her and she nodded.

"She kept me for herself. Selfish little bitch wasn't she? She knew how strong we would be and she couldn't take it. She wanted to be number one. And if she couldn't get rid of us, she would have to use one of us and create a better plan. Of course that plan didn't quite go to plan for her as she couldn't keep up her end of the bargain so I had to get rid of her." V informed us.

"Wait what bargain? Why would she do something like that?" Dylan snapped.

"She couldn't be number one like she always wanted. So instead she would keep me for herself and then one day have a better heir than you. But alas, no matter how much we tried she just wouldn't get pregnant. So once I found out she wasn't the best option, I turned to what is the best option. Her." V pointed towards me. He probably was just going to use me.

"You wanted to impregnate my daughter?! I don't think so, buddy." Fang barked across the room. "Seriously, what is it with your kids wanting to put their hands on my daughter?" Fang snapped at Dylan.

"Fang, that's not fair." Max told him and he seemed to back off.

"If you don't mind, I was kind of busy before you all barged in. If you would kindly fuck off so I can continue impregnating this cutie pie I would like that very much." V informed them before walking back over towards me. Angel grabbed him by the arm and pushed him back a couple steps.

"No. I don't care who you are. You want her you got to go through me." Angel growled, amusing V from the looks of the smile spreading across his face. Hope came from behind me and helped me off the table leading me towards the others.

"Gonna get you home baby." Hope whispered in my ear making me feel better instantly. I was a little shaky on my legs after what V had done to me. I knew it was too strange for him to be exactly like Angel. They're actually twins!

"I'll find her again. Wherever you take her. She wants something neither of you idiots are willing to give her. That's why she didn't even try and escape." V grinned.

"What does she want then smart ass?" Angel growled at his twin.

"A baby." His smile reached from ear to ear as everyone, especially Hope and Angel looked at me probably thinking I was nuts!

"If she wants anything she can ask me." Angel told him. V just laughed at his answer. Did he really mean it? Was he saying he would...with me?

"You won't touch her. You're pathetic." He continues smiling making Angel all the more angrier. Angel has touched me, just never all the way. I know he didn't want to hurt me and now I know why.

"At least I don't have to kidnap her to get her attention." Angel bellows.

"Angel we're leaving. Lets go." Max told us abruptly leading us to the exit. I followed out with Hope and my dad leaving Dylan inside with Angel. Would he try and kidnap me again? I don't want anyone getting hurt because of me.

"You don't have to be like this. I'm sorry it ended up this way. If we'd have known you were alive, we would have come for you." Dylan tells V as he leaves. Angel reluctantly follows calling his twin an asshole on the way out.

"Come near her again and I'll kill you." Angel shouts back through the cave. Perhaps he cared more about me than I realised. He glanced over at me with a similar black face to his twin and then winked at me suddenly. What did that mean?