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A/N: Cindy is trapped in the world of Conan. Does she have a chance of survival in such a place? The gods don't think so. But than they didn't know about the Vortex determination and they certainly didn't reckon with Conan the Barbarian!

Cindy: Ok so here I am in another dimension sitting next to a fire in the middle of nowhere with the most unlikely person as my protector and partner, Conan the Cimmerian. She glanced over at Conan. He was tending the fire. He stood at over six feet tall and the muscle was bulging off of him. His attire was a mismatch of fur boots, cowhide pants and shirt. His wrists had leather gauntlets that matched the leather sword belt and scabbard that normally contained his sword. It was a sign of his trust of the girl that she was allowed to sit quietly and examine it. She herself was wearing fur boots, and a leather armorer vest.

The Atlantean sword is incredible. I've never seen anything like it. The hand guard and pommel were solid bronze. The hilt was engraved with a volcano that is erupting, and appears to be sinking into the ocean. The cross section looks like two sea monsters swimming away from the destruction. Her fingers glided along the runic inscription that was etched deeply down the first six inches of the blade. She turned over the sword and there was a matching inscription on the other side. The bronze hilt bordered the inscription with two parallel struts that formed a ricasso. She had seen the warrior shorten the stroke of the weapon by grabbing the blade by those struts. The pommel had a skull in the center of it beneath a piece of iron all within a funeral raft. The blade was double edged and the struts ended with hooked langlets that were 3.1 inches across before starting the cutting surface which was 2.1 inches across. The sword was relatively short at thirty-nine inches but it weighed seven pounds and twelve ounces making it hard to wield. But the warrior was so strong it appeared weightless in his hands.

Conan had told her the sword told the story of the fall of Atlantis. It went something like this: There were once giants and they fooled the gods and stole steel from them. The gods were so angry that they destroyed Atlantis but forgot about steel on the battlefield and that is how men found it. I bet Neutron would laugh at that….Oh Jimmy…

She looked around and the sun had just set but it was light enough for her to see across the desert terrain. A coyote howled in the distance and shivers went down her back. She tightened her hand on her sword grip without noticing she had done it. His horse stomped it's feet and snorted in response. Conan spoke "Calm, yourself Thunder" It's just a coyote." If he had noticed she had reacted in the slightest to the howl he didn't say anything.

How did I come to be in this camp? Well it all started several months earlier Jimmy had managed to open a dimensional gate way into this world. I admit it sounded exciting when he asked me to accompany him here. We were holding hands when we walked into the portal together but for some reason I can't think of I stepped out into this world and he wasn't with me. To make matters worse there wasn't an opening on this side to go back through. I tried to wait around and even called out his name until my throat hurt and my voice was hoarse. But there was no sign of Jimmy. I'm sure he must be as worried as I am about him.

Anyhow a group of five bandits rode up on horseback and let's just say they didn't have my best intentions in their minds.

I wasn't going to be a willing victim that's for sure. I broke three of their noses and at least one wrist as they attempted to grab me. I used every martial art technique I knew and I left my attackers on the ground. I was sure I was going to be fine until one of the bandits raised his cross bow at me and I was sure I was about to die but that's when I heard the most terrifying sound. I have been since told it is a Cimmerian war cry. I never even saw him approach but suddenly he just hoisted the man right over his head and roared out "Five men against one! You cowardly dogs! He tossed the man right into a boulder and turned to face the other men that had brandished their swords.

I felt my blood go cold as I was sure that my rescuer was about to meet his fate. But he drew his sword and went into a defensive stance. He held the sword handle in his two hands and kept the blade vertical in front of his body. As the first attacker ran in Conan easily parried the sword out of the way and chopped the man's arm right off. In a fluid manner as if he had done this countless times he kicked the man in the chest knocking him off of his feet into the dust. He dropped to one knee and swung his sword over his own head placing the blade diagonally in time to block an attack from the rear he then pivoted and chopped off the man's leg. Another bandit ran in and swung over head with his sword but Conan caught his wrist and struck him right in the forehead with the pommel of his sword. Blood squirted out of the man's forehead and he dropped to the ground either dead or unconscious. The other two men retreated and ran back to their horses. Conan had yelled out insults to them as they rode out of sight. It was terrifying yet at the same time very exciting.

After the fight Conan had turned and knelt as he spoke to her. "I am Conan from Cimmeria. You have nothing to fear from me girl. Come here. And tell me your name" Cindy had hesitated for a moment but his smile was reassuring and after all he did save her life. The Cimmerian was enormous. Even kneeling down she had to look up to make eye contact with him. But she held his gaze and bravely said "My name is Cindy Vortex from Retroville." The pride showed in her eyes. His eyes are blue like Jimmy's oh I hope jimmy's ok. What could have happened to him?

"Cindy Vortex?" He placed a hand on her shoulder and said "That was some bravery you showed for such a young girl. You have a warrior's spirit."Only one female in all my travels ever showed this kind of spirit. Ha even now this girl refuses to show fear.

Cindy asked "Are you ok? I mean they didn't hurt you did they?"

"Ha! I'll dine with Crom the day scurvy ridden dogs like that get the best of me."

"Who is Crom?"

"Crom is my god. He is strong and lives in his mountain, and when I die I will have to go before him."

"Oh, I see. I don't suppose you have seen a friend of mine around here? He's a young boy a tad shorter than I am and goes by the name Jimmy."

"I'm afraid not Cindy."

"I have never heard of this Retroville you speak of. Is this Jimmy from there as well?"

"It's a long way from here and I don't think I'll ever see him or it again" The look of disappointed was obvious.

"Cindy my friend Akiro might be some help in finding your home. He is a wizard and knows a great many things. If anyone would know how to get you home it would be him. He lives in a kingdom named Shadizar. We are a many moons from there but we can leave in the morning and start heading there if you like."

"Yes, Please! I would really appreciate that."

"Cindy if you're going to travel with me you will have to have some weapons and armor. You won't be safe dressed as you are now. We can stop by an armorer in Stygia to acquire you armor that fits. As for a sword, at this Conan walked over to one of the fallen bandits and pried the sword out of the cold dead fingers. "This will do for now Cindy" She looked disgusted but didn't complain as she wrapped her fingers around the handle.

"You can clearly fight but can you use a sword?"

"I haven't had any formal training to be honest."

"Well I'll have to change that. You'll need to learn swordsmanship to survive in this world. We can start your training tonight before we rest if you're ready.

"Ready when you are." Cindy put the same determination into learning swordsmanship as she did in competing with Neutron and she excelled at it. Conan was amazed at how fast she learned everything he taught. They had traveled from sunup to sunset for weeks and still Cindy would be ready to learn whatever she could. Conan was proud of his prodigy. She would often speak of her friend Jimmy and how she really hoped she would see him again soon. Conan smiled at her determination.

Once he said to her "This Jimmy must be some boy to have you fawn over him so much. I look forward to meeting him. He laughed to himself when she turned beat red and tried to deny liking him. Conan simply laughed and shook his head.

Cindy's gazed at the fire as her thoughts drifted to her first real sword battle as Conan's prodigy. They had been riding along a trail through the woods. Conan was leading the way on Thunder and Cindy was following close behind on her new horse Spirit when the path was suddenly blocked by armed men. Thunder reared up on his hind legs and Conan commanded him to calm down. The horse immediately obeyed.

One of the armed men stepped forward and demanded that Conan and his companion hand over their money. One of the men yelled out "and hand over the girl!" Conan slid off his horse and drew his sword.

Cindy jumped off her horse and stood beside him with her sword drawn as well. The next few minutes erupted in chaos.

The Men charged in with their swords and Conan went to work. Cindy did not fail to cover his back. One of the men ran at Cindy and she leapt into the air and did a flip over his head. She landed behind him and swung with all her might. I really don't want to hurt someone but it's him or me! Her sword sliced the man from his right shoulder to his left hip. He collapsed to the ground. Cindy didn't have time to really lament what she had done because another bandit ran in and swung his sword at her. She had just enough time to duck under the blade and she rolled into a somersault and plunged her blade through his stomach. He was standing there clutching her blade and screaming. He spit blood on her and called her some insults she didn't recognize. She snarled and placed one foot on him she pulled hard and her blade slid free. The force sent him flying onto his back.

A third man closed in from the side and punched her right in the face and she hit the ground hard. He picked her up by her neck and slammed her against a tree. She was being choked and her feet were dangling off the ground. White spots started to appear in her vision and she knew she only had a few moments before she blacked out. She desperately pulled out her knife and started stabbing it into his forearms. She plunged the knife in rapidly and was dropped. She landed on her side and the now hysterical man was shouting and kicked her right in the stomach. He slammed into her stomach a second time but despite her choking and gasping for breath she caught hold of his leg and slammed the knife into his thigh she quickly interlaced her legs into his and twisted, causing him to slam face first into the ground. She crawled away and staggered to her feet. She leapt onto his kneeling body and drove her sword home through his heart. The man collapsed and was silent.

She wiped the blood from her injured nose and looked around for Conan. It turned out Conan had defeated the other seven of the men and now He was standing with his arms crossed. The pride showed in his eyes for his student.

He smiled and said "I'm glad you're alright. But I knew you would be fine. You are an amazing student." She is so much like her. This could have been our daughter. Valeria would have been proud of Cindy.

He reached out his massive hand to her and she took it and he pulled her to her feet. Cindy I have a gift for you. He went to his horse and pulled out a leather case that was a little over three feet long. He opened it up and pulled out a curved sword. It had a bronze engraved hand guard that had a demon face on both sides. It had a smooth oak grip that was lacquered to a dark brown finish. It was beautiful over all and Conan could see the excitement in her face.

"It's beautiful! Where did you get this?" She looked at him and met his gaze.

"It belonged to someone that was very close to me. She died in battle a few years back but I think she would have been proud to know someone like you was using her sword. You are as brave as she was Crom knows that for certain."

Cindy couldn't contain her grin and her cheeks flushed red at the compliment. "Thanks a lot. I really mean that."

"I was considering giving you this for a while. A great swordsman needs a great sword."

Her mind drifted back to the present. She had been in possession of Valeria's sword since that first month she had been here. It was a fantastic weapon to fight with. It held an edge remarkably well and was light yet strong. She was proud he thought so highly of her to give her this weapon. It had become an extension of her arm in a way that other sword never did. It made her feel sad that Conan lost his beloved Valeria. She must have been a remarkable woman.

Cindy had trouble sleeping that night because her mind drifted between her concerns over Jimmy and the events that had taken place in the several months she had been traveling with Conan. He had taught her to sword fight, to sneak around without being detected and to hunt off the land. They had gotten into many skirmishes along the way with bandits and warriors that wanted to make a name for themselves by being the one that took down the Cimmerian. Apparently his reputation preceded him where ever he went.

It should be noted that Cindy had fought many more times than what has been told in this tale as of this point. Soon like the Cimmerian her own victories could not be easily counted. She was gaining a reputation in the surrounding lands.

But in the morning she would reach Shadizar and this Akiro. Conan was certain that Akiro would be the answer to Cindy's dilemma. His confidence was reassuring. She fell to sleep and dreamt of happy times with Jimmy and the gang.

To be continued…..

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