Conan and Cindy spoke until it was time for Zula to take watch.


The group got up and gathered their things to be ready to leave. Malak prepared a breakfast of rabbit meat and eggs. Cindy had decided that it would be safer for the group if they all went back to Shadizar together. Plus when it came down to it Cindy wasn't quite ready to leave her adopted home world. Cindy used that morning to bring up the nerve to speak to Jimmy about her true feelings. She asked him to take a short stroll in the woods where she could speak to him without the awkward chance of one of the gang walking over and hearing her. She knew if they did she would lose her nerve.

She felt the conversation was going really well considering. Jimmy told his side of how when they had gone through the gateway there was a power surge and they ended up being transported to two different locations. He had spent night and day searching for any sign of her. He never gave up hope he would find her. It was about a month ago when he ended up getting kidnapped by the worshippers and he had been rendered unconscious. He woke to find himself and Goddard stuck in that cell. It was enchanted and withstood everything Goddard could hit it with. He couldn't really express how happy he was to see her again. Cindy started to try to tell him how much he meant to her but the words just wouldn't come out and her mind went blank. Say something to him. Let him know how you really feel. Jehnna's words came back to her. She had told Cindy that when she was young she had asked Zula "If you want a man what do you do to get him?" Zula had told her "Just reach out and take him." So Cindy reached out and pulled him close and kissed him deeply.

Five years later:

All of Shadizar was celebrating the union of the Vortex and the Neutron family. The Royal Palace had been fully decorated and the Ceremony was about to start. The Main hall was filled with a conglomerate of people from Shadizar and Retroville. The music started to play and Jimmy entered the room being escorted by his mother Judy on his right side and Queen Jehnna on the other. When they reached the alter they turned and waited. Cindy entered next and was escorted by her dad on the right and King Conan on her left.

The ceremony was beautiful and there wasn't a dry eye in the hall. As soon as the words "you may kiss the bride" were uttered Jimmy pulled Cindy in close and kissed her passionately. The entire hall erupted in cheers that traveled out into the city. The announcement reached the farthest regions of the city and everyone celebrated the happy union.

The reception was a lot of fun and because Jimmy didn't want to choose one of his friends to be best man Sheen and Carl took turns roasting the bride and groom. Libby was the maid of honor and her speech filled in the gaps for the people who didn't know the bride and groom personally. Such as how Jimmy and Cindy used to fight all the time to mask the love they clearly no longer hid. The rest of the night consisted of everyone dancing and feasting.

"May we cut in?" Conan and Jehnna politely asked Jimmy and Cindy. She smiled at him and said "We would be honored"

"Congratulations Cindy, I'm very happy for you."

"Thank you, you and Jehnna really made this evening special for us."

"It was our pleasure. You both are like family to us and it's the least I can do, seeing that I would never have gotten together with Jehnna if it weren't for you."

She hugged him tightly and reminded him if it weren't for him she would probably not be alive.

Akiro and Jimmy made sure to always keep the portal open between Retroville and Shadizar. Jimmy, Cindy, Akiro, Conan, Zula, Jehnna, Malak, Libby, Carl, and Sheen remained close and continued to go on adventures together in one world or the other over the years.

Conan quickly got over his apprehension about flying in one of Jimmy's rockets and he was soon looking forward to the next adventure into space. It became common for Conan to take the controls and he would have fun blasting in and out of tight areas in a daredevil manner. Akiro also enthusiastically learned about science and Jimmy willing learned magic. Everyone benefited from their mutual talents.

So we come to the conclusion of this story and to end it in the traditional Conan way…..

And so they sought adventures in distant lands and honor and fear were heaped upon their names.

But that is another story.

P.S. Conan is sure that Ultra-lord would fall at the end of his blade. Sheen rejects that theory.