LbN: Written for SilverAurora's Talented Challenge. Sorry about the sketchy language usage. Blaise is learning! Hope you liked it!

Avoidance. That was the first rule of survival. Avoid sketchy areas if you can help it. Avoid battles you know you can't win. Avoid getting caught. Blaise had just broken the hell out of that rule. He was currently sitting in a damp holding cell with his hands tied behind his back. The metal chair he was seated on was extremely uncomfortable. The lights kept flicking.

"Glad you're finally awake, Mr. Zabini," a voice to his left said.

Blaise felt his blood run cold at that voice. It couldn't be. She was dead. He snapped his head around to see Bellatrix Lestrange walking toward him. He tried desperately to control his breathing. This was bad.

"I could go through your list of transgressions, but I don't think that's necessary," she said. "First Draco, now you…disgraces," she said with disgust.

There was no way out of this yet, that Blaise could see. He only had one thing that could possibly get him out of this, so he used it…. "Hol nekem?"

A spell blasted him backwards. "Let's not play stupid. I know you. You speak English."

"Mi muri nyomor? Cine sunt tu?" He kept switching languages. Hopefully she'd think someone had hexed him. No such luck.

Taking three long strides towards him, Bellatrix grabbed his face in her hand.

Seeing this as the only opportunity he might get, Blaise lashed out with his feet, tripping her up. Standing and swinging his chair around, he knocked her down and ran to retrieve her wand. This took some maneuvering, but seeing as his adversary had just taken a chair to the gut, he had some time. With a triumphant grin, he managed to lie on his side and grasp the wand. "Alohamora!" The cuffs came undone, and he stood over Bellatrix.

Something very odd was happening. It looked like she was shrinking. Her facial features changed. "Well done, Blaise."


"We had to put you under duress for this one. We figured that wouldn't happen if I walked in here. Bellatrix however, even when dead, causes severe panic." Tonks stood up and held out her hand.

Blaise hesitated, not knowing whether or not to give up the wand he'd recovered.

"It's alright," Tonks said, knowing what he was thinking. "The test's over."

He handed it to her and she shook his hand.

"Welcome to the Auror department."