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Chapter 1-The sorcerer

Yugi finished cleaning over the shop he worked at. Yugi was eighteen, he was smart and sweet, and had a good temper. Yugi was hard not to like, and he was very happy to help out anyone in need.

Yugi brushed his hand across his forehead and stood up, he turned to his boss who sat behind the counter.

'I'm finished now' Yugi informed 'Can I go home now?'

'Yeah, yeah' He got up and took out some money from a box, he then handed it to Yugi 'This is it then'.

Yugi took it and bowed 'Thank you so much'.

Yugi quickly picked up his jacket, pocketing his money, and left his shop. He said his goodbyes to his boss and hurried down the street. As he carried on he passed a food shop, he stopped and hurried inside, using some money to buy a small bag of sweets. He pocketed the bag and the remaining money before returning home.

Yugi walked down the cobbled street until he came to his house. He opened the door and let himself in.

'I'm home!' Yugi called out, he slipped out of his shoes and looked around, but there was no sign of his parents.

Yugi climbed up the stairs and was about to enter his younger sisters room, but the door opened and his mother stood there instead.

'Oh Yugi' She put her hand over her chest 'You startled me'.

'Sorry' Yugi apologised 'How is she?'

His mother shut the door and turned to him 'Not good. I don't think she will improve at all'.

'Don't think like that' Yugi held her hands and smiled 'I'm sure she can pull through it, she's so strong'.

'Yes. Yes she is' She gave Yugi a small kiss on the forehead 'Bless you Yugi'.

Yugi smiled and let go of her hands as she walked back downstairs and Yugi went inside his younger sisters room.

Yugi walked over to the bed, a girl of six laid in the bed, she was very skinny and exhausted but she managed to turn to Yugi and smile weakly.

'Hey Yugi' She said.

'Hey Yuko' Yugi sat on the bed and held her hand 'How are you feeling today?'

She nodded but ended up coughing and Yugi had to wait for here to finish.

'I got something for you' Yugi put his hand in his pocket and took out the bag of sweets he had bought, making Yuko smile again.

'Yugi…you shouldn't have'.

'I have to treat my baby sister sometimes' Yugi put the bag in her hand and curled her fingers around the bag 'Maybe these are magic sweets'.

She giggled and pulled the bag closer 'Magic sweets?'

'Yep. And if you eat them you'll get better real soon'.

Yuko giggled again and smiled at her brother 'Thank you Yugi. You always cheer me up'.

'Well I'd do anything if it meant you'd get better'.

The next day Yugi had no work that day, so he went to visit his friend Anzu. They had been friends since childhood, and she was a great comfort to him when he needed it.

Anzu worked at a bakery so Yugi had to wait for her to go on her break before he could talk to her, it wasn't surprising why all the men wanted to go collect the bread from the bakery, she was very pretty and attractive.

Yugi and Anzu sat on the wall of a bridge that had a stream flowing underneath it.

'So how's your sister?' Anzu asked.

Yugi sighed 'Not good. Everyday she seems to get worse'.

Anzu held Yugi's hand 'Don't worry. I'm sure she'll be fine' Anzu reassured 'She's a determined little thing'.

'Yeah. I guess she is'.

Anzu sighed and rested her head on her hand 'If only those sorcerers could be nice, not trick people and stuff. They could help in this situation'.

Yugi chuckled 'Don't they trick people into giving up their lives and eat their hearts and stuff'.

Anzu giggled 'Yeah. Must be nice to be a sorcerer'.

They both chuckled at the thought of it and calmed themselves down.

'There's actually one nearby' Anzu commented.


'Yeah. Up in the hills' Anzu pointed to the hills that laid just ahead of their town 'He's supposed to be extremely handsome'.

'I don't know how a person who eats peoples hearts be handsome' Yugi said as he kicked his feet 'He must be horrible'.

'But still…if I had to die in the hands of a handsome man or a ugly man, I'd rather it be the handsome man'.

Yugi shook his head 'You really say the strangest things Anzu. Besides, I don't need no sorcerers help, I'm sure Yuko can pull through'.

By the time Yugi got back, his sister's condition had worsened. They had to call the doctor out, Yugi sat in one of the chairs in the living room, he could hear his sister crying as she too was scared with what was happening. Yugi often caught the words "She might not make it" From the doctor, making tears fall from his eyes occasionally. There was nothing he could do to save her.

But then he remembered what he and Anzu had talked about earlier that day. He stood up and looked out the windows to the hills, it was dark and hard to see anything, but he would do anything if it meant his little sister would be safe.

He quietly left, making sure that none of his family could hear him as he left the house and made his way to the hills.

Yugi looked around as he reached the hills, he wasn't sure what kind of place a sorcerer lived in, but he kept his eye out for anything that seemed out of place.

Then Yugi saw smoke and as he approached it he saw the strangest castle he had seen. It was like cubes stacked in the most awkward way, it barely resembled anything of a home, but anyone living there had to be a sorcerer-or at least knew where he lived.

Yugi hurried down to it and knocked on the door loud and hard, hoping to wake anyone inside.

'Please open the door' Yugi begged.

Then the door opened and caught him by surprise as he stumbled slightly. A man stood in front of Yugi, he was shirtless and looked rather tired from Yugi's persistent banging, though he was extremely handsome.

'What do you want?' He asked.

'I-I…a-are you a sorcerer?' Yugi asked.

He looked at Yugi for a minute making Yugi feel nervous, he hoped he hadn't gotten it wrong and offended him.

'I don't do night shifts' He said and was about to close the door on Yugi, but Yugi managed to keep it open.

'Please! My little sister is dying and I need some medicine!'

'Not my problem!'

'Please! You're my last hope!'

The man sighed but let go of the door so Yugi could walk in 'Alright. What's wrong with her?'

'She…keeps coughing, and she's weak and very tired-'

'I got it'.

He walked into the house, leaving Yugi standing by the door a little wary.

'Get in' The man ordered.

Yugi shut the door behind him and walked cautiously inside, the man stood at a table which was piled with books and bottles and other various objects Yugi wasn't sure what they were.

"For a sorcerer he's not tidy" Yugi thought.

'How are you going to pay me?' The man asked as he continued searching.

'Well…I don't have very much money, but I'll give you all the money I earn until I pay it off. Is…that okay?'

'No' He replied 'People try that and then they run off. So you have to pay me now or no medicine'.

'But…I can't afford it'.

He looked up at Yugi and smirked 'This sister of yours…you'll do anything I guess'.

'Y-Yes I would. But…how'd you-?'

'I know everything' He interrupted as he pulled out a bottle 'So if you want this, I might have an idea'.


'Yes' He walked over to Yugi and put the bottle in his hands 'You must become my servant'.

Yugi's face fell 'S-Servant?'

'Yep. Unless…you don't want this sister of yours to get well'.

'No! I-I mean…I-I want to make sure she's well first'.

'Fine. You have until midnight to return, if you don't, I'll have to take back my medicine. Now go, I'm tired as it is'.

'Y-Yes, thank you'.

Yugi quickly bowed and left the house, running back through the hills and back to his home.

Yugi quickly returned home to give his sister the medicine he had been given. In no time at all she started to recovery quickly, and he was grateful the man hadn't tricked him. But he remembered his sworn promise to be his servant, he decided not to tell his family. He didn't want them to get upset by it all.

Yugi packed his bags with everything he thought he might need if he was going to live with him, he wrote a quick note explaining he would be alright and to take care of Yuko if she got ill again and left without them noticing.

He walked back up to the hills again and back to the castle, letting himself in and shutting the door behind himself. It was dark and he couldn't see anyone around, he carefully walked forwards and found a couch to sit on. He put his bags on the floor and sat down, taking in all that had happened so far.

He was going to be someone's servant to save his sister, but not just any person, a sorcerer. Yugi yawned and closed his eyes as he leaned back.

"He's not going to eat my heart" Yugi thought as he relaxed.

And in no time at all he fell asleep.

***************************End of chapter 1*******************************

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