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Chapter 1

"Come on, move faster! Faster if you want to get to the palace in time, grandson!" the elderly merchant cheered excitedly. He and his grandson were having a horse race as they headed to their destination. Even though his apprentice wasn't really his grandson, he liked to think they were family and the boy didn't mind at all. After all, there were some similarities… like their violet eyes.

"It's not fair! You're better at horse riding than I! Grampa wait up!" the boy drove his horse faster. It made no sense that an old man driving a horse hooked to a wagon load of cargo was winning against the young horseback rider.

They were nearly to the city gates now and the boy knew he was going to lose yet again. Suddenly arrows shot into the ground in front of them, scaring the horses. The animals reared up, throwing the boy off and nearly over turning the wagon of goods that were to be sold at market.

"Bandits!" the merchant called out in fear for his grandson's life. Dark cloaked figures jumped out from behind rocks and sand mounds- sometimes from the sand itself! "Yugi! Go to the palace! Get help! I'll hold them off as long as I can!"

Yugi jumped to his feet and took off, his horse long gone by now. His race lasted twenty minutes at least before he came to the palace gates, gasping for breath.

"Who goes there?" a guard brandished a sword.

"Yugi of the merchant's apprentice! Please you have to help us! We were attacked!" Yugi threw off his head to cool off a little. The guard's eyes widened.


"What? No, Yugi! Please you must help!" Yugi tugged at the guard's arm and the man looked uncertainly at his partner. The other shrugged and the guard nodded.

"Show me where, apprentice!" the guard took off with Yugi leading him and his faithful dog by his side.

"This way!" Yugi raced away, probably faster than the guard, but his grandfather's life was in danger!

After about 15 minutes of running, the guard slowed, "Are you sure that you were attacked?"

"Yes! Yes we were! Just beyond this ridge. Just beyond-!" Yugi froze as his eyes landed on his grandfather's form… or what was left of it. Yugi gasped, crying out, "GRAMPA! NO!"

Yugi fell to his knees, the guard right behind him taking in the scene. The wagon was over turned, all the goods were gone and the horse was missing. In front of it lay the body of the old merchant, red blood staining the sand and making it form clumps.

Yugi crawled over to his teacher, tears falling silently down his face. He could tell that the man was dead; there was no tell-tale rise and fall of his chest to show he was breathing. Throat slit, the body laid mangled on the ground.

Something shined in the man's hand. Yugi slowly cracked the fist open to reveal two family crests. One was the man's own, torn from his robe, but the other Yugi didn't recognize. Taking them from the cold Yugi openly cried mournful sounds as he held them close to his heart. The guard stood a silent vigil until the sun was about to set.

"Hey, kid. We have to go before the gates close." The guard spoke up.

"Go ahead. I'm staying here." Yugi said.

"If you stay here, the bandits will come back or the wild animals will kill you! I'm not leaving you here." The guard grasped the boy's shoulder.

"No! I'm staying with Grampa! Let me go!" Yugi struggled against the guard.

"Do you really think that your grandfather would want you to give up the life that he saved? Think! Why did he send you ahead? To save his own grandson! Now don't give your life away meaninglessly! I won't allow it!"

Something in the guard's words made Yugi break down crying again, his will to fight gone. The guard sighed and slung the kid over his shoulder. With the sobbing body with him, the guard trailed back to the city gates and into the city grounds right before the gates closed for the night.

Little did Yugi know that as he finally fell into unconsciousness, he was headed to a place that would change his life forever.

The Palace.

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