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Chapter 4

His face met the muddy ground as he was tackled from above. Struggling, he tried to get away, hearing evil cackles. He got up, intending to escape, but pain over came him. A fist to his face, a knee to his stomach. As pain engulfed him, he doubled over gripping his stomach –trying to stay conscious. His body wasn't used to this.

"Heh! You're really useless you know that? Here I thought that you had died seven years ago, but I guess I was wrong. I don't know why Kaiba saved you, but I'll make sure to fix that. You were supposed to die that night, you worthless piece of trash! So Just die!" his attacker yanked him up by his hair.

"No! Please! I didn't do anyth-!" his pleas were cut off by thick hands around his neck. The small vampire finally had a good look at his attacker, thought he already knew who it was. Ushio, the vampire that had killed his family so many years ago, nearly killing himself as well.

Now he was finishing the job.

Sharp nails clawed at the hand, but there was nothing else he could do. Dark clouds cloaked his vision by the time the hands released him. He knew he fell to the ground, but didn't feel the pain that should've come with it. The last thing he heard was a heart-piercing howl.

The vampire jolted awake, his eyes flying open before he could make sense of what just happened. Gasping and panting for breath, he closed his eyes. Just a dream, just a dream. It's always a dream… he calmed himself, taking deep breaths. Right. Always a dream, the same nightmare he had had for the past seven years. This one had been a little more creative, he'd actually felt the pain this time. And that howl was new, probably from his recent encounters with the wolves. Locking away the nightmare, he opened his eyes and got up to prepare for the new day. That's when he noticed it…

His hands and legs were tied.

"Wha-?" twisting slightly, the vampire peered behind his where his arms were tied. Silver glinted in the near- non-existent light from the covered windows. Silver! Why am I tied up with it? Where am I?

Now the vampire looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. He was on a bed or cot of some sort with a thin blanket for coverage. There was a lamp close by and some boxes of junk in a corner of the room. A door led somewhere, but he knew he wouldn't be able to get to it easily. Other than that, the room was bare.

"Where am I? Why am I here?" the vampire looked around wildly for escape. Suddenly, his stomach growled hungrily. No! This isn't a good time! I need to eat! It was then that he realized that his stomach hurt in a not-hungry way as well and that his cheek had swollen. So it wasn't a dream? He thought, fearful.

At that moment, the door to his 'room' opened and a blonde male stepped in. the blonde gasp in surprise and the vampire stared at him hungrily. This stare-off continued for a while before the blonde raced away, the door slamming shut behind him. The vampire cringed. He heard the blonde race through the house (?) and run into various things, like a vase for example, all while yelling for 'Yami'. Who's Yami?

The pound of feet on the floor boards above him stopped and he heard a brief conversation, though he couldn't quite make out the words. Then the footfalls started again, two sets this time and the door flew open sooner than the young vampire expected. Flinching, the vampire curled in upon himself, trying to protect his sore body. He kept his back to the wall and brought his bound legs up in front for defenses.

Scanning his attackers, the vampire recognized the blonde from before. However the new one caught his attention. The man looked exactly like him, except a wilder version. His blonde bags spiked up in a wild array and the dark skin was different from the vampire's own pale shin. His double also had startlingly red eyes and those eyes glared at the smaller creature with pure hatred. Shrinking back, the vampire almost thought that the double was a vampire as well, but the animal scent mixed in the other's blood killed that thought almost instantly.

And brought on another set of problems –his hunger.

"Joey, go get the phone and call Marik and Bakura while the thing and I have a little chat." The vampire cringed at the hateful words. Thing? He was more than that! Did everyone hate him?

The blonde, 'Joey', gave the shorted man a look that said 'don't kill him' but obeyed anyway. The double must've been his superior. Once Joey left, the double turned his hateful red eyes back to the vampire.

"We saved your life, now you owe us answers." The double stated to stalk forward, his arms crossed. Instinctively, the vampire knew that if the other got any closer, his body would act on the need for food and this would end very badly for him. The man took another step forward.

"Stop! Stay away!" the vampire closed his eyes tight and hid his face with his bangs. He was trying so hard to control the hunger that he was visibly shaking. The double growled.

"You don't order me around, thing! This is my house, you are my captive. I can do whatever I want!" the double took another step forward. One more step and he would be within attack range.

"I'm warning you!" the vampire's voice quivered. He could smell the blood hidden within that identical body; hear the pulse that drove it though the veins. He wasn't going to make it. "If you don't stop –I'll -!"

"You'll what?" the other taunted, taking that last step. The vampire stopped shaking. He grew deathly still.

"I warned you." He whispered. In the blink of an eye, his wings sprang out and he shot off the cot. Scarlet eyes widened in shock as sharp, tiny teeth sank into the bronze skin of his neck.

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