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Most demons would find something like this very annoying. I, on the other hand, find this very amusing. A human in demon territory, tending a wounded animal. This kit couldn't be more then eight years old. And he showed no fear. Doesn't he realize that he's treating a demon? For Kami's sake! I have nine tails! They're pretty obvious! Man, this kit is gentle. Big surprise. Most humans are pretty rough or would attempt to kill me while I'm down. This kit was defiantly different. But still, what the hell was he doing here in demon territory? And why did I help him when he was attacked?

At first, I just came here like I always did since I was five. I just came into the forest and played some games. I always ignored what the adults say, but who doesn't? Adults only listen to adults. Kids never do. That was a fact of life, as Hokage-sama said. Besides, it was always safe before. I guess I shouldn't think that now since a giant wolf tried to attack me. I feel sorry for this fox. It didn't have to defend me, but it did. It fought off that wolf, but got a damaged leg also. The least I can do is help it out as much as I can. To say 'thank you for saving me'.

Arashi Kazama, your average eight-year-old with spiked blond hair and bright blue eyes filled with child innocence. He was a fast little kid and a little smarter then most were. Not to mention that he was too kind for his own good. Ok, so maybe he wasn't so average. He was also an orphan. His father died before he was born and his mother died a couple hours after she gave birth to him. He was raised in the orphanage, and by the Hokage, who always told him never to go into the forest since he caught him there once before. Arashi never listened.

Kyuubi No Kitsune, nine-tailed fox demon. Powerful and fearful. Very intimidating when he wanted to be, but he didn't want to be that right now. In fox form, his fur was an orange-red color and his eyes were ruby mixed with molten gold. To most demons, ruby in the eyes means insanity. But Kyuubi was as sane as they come. In his human form, he was a good six-foot, give or take a couple inches. His hair was the same as his fur, reaching to his lower-back, and his eyes were mostly gold, pupil rimmed with red, along with fox ears on his head and one tail shown, the same color of his hair. He had family, but had been a loner his entire life.

And the fates decided that a loner shouldn't always be alone. At least, not Kyuubi. That was the conclusion that the fox came to while Arashi continued to treat his injured leg. It still confused him why a human was here, but he decided not to ask since he might scare the child if he transformed into his human form. Arashi finished wrapped his leg after a few more minutes, smiling at how well he did. The wrapping wasn't too tight, nor was it too loose. If Kyuubi wanted to, he could still get up and walk around. "There you go, kitsune-san," Arashi spoke. "Thanks a lot for helping me."

Normally, Kyuubi would just scoff and turn his head away. But this kid made him act slightly different. He stood, walking a little closer to the human boy, before nuzzling his muzzle into Arashi's arm. The blond smiled brightly, petting the fox's back, making sure to stay away from the hurt leg. 'Okay, this kit needs to stop that,' Kyuubi thought to himself. 'Sending way too many shivers through my body.' Then Arashi's hands found Kyuubi's ears and started to scratch them a little. 'Damn, now I see why dogs like this so much. Feels good.'

"You're not a normal fox, are you?" Arashi asked, his hand trailing down Kyuubi's back to the nine fluffy tails. "You're a demon fox!" Kyuubi rolled his eyes. About time the kid figured it out. "Well, you gotta be a good demon or else you wouldn't have helped me."

'So that's why he's not scared of me,' Kyuubi thought. 'He thinks I'm a good demon because I saved him. Wow, humans come up with weird ass crap.'

Kyuubi felt Arashi shifting around before he backed away, watching as the blond got to his feet, dusting off dirt that got stuck to his clothing. "I have to leave now," Arashi stated. "If Hokage-sama finds out I'm out here again, I'll get in trouble." He waved before turning around and walking off. Hearing something behind him, he stopped and looked, seeing the orange-red fox following him. "You can't come with me. How will I explain why a demon fox is following me?"

'Figure that out yourself, kit,' Kyuubi replied in his head. 'I want to know why you intrigue me so much.'

Arashi walked away again, and Kyuubi followed. "I can't take you with me," the blond repeated. Kyuubi just stood there, watching the blond boy. Arashi sighed. "You're not leaving me a choice, are you?" Kyuubi shook his head before the child picked him up, holding the fox close to his chest. "Alright," the child spoke again before he started to run through the forest. The guards at the gate didn't bother stopping him when all they saw was a yellow blur pass by them. They pretty much knew who it was. The only person with blond hair that bright and runs that fast.

The blond stayed in the orphanage still, but no one really went into his room. He had no roommates and no one bothered him. At least no one would find the fox. Once he was in his room, he placed the fox down on his bed before taking off his shoes and shirt so he could cool off faster. Kyuubi was a little surprised that Arashi didn't have much baby fat, but he still had some. He probably didn't have that much because of his running. Arashi laid down on his bed, making sure not to lay on the fox, before he started to pet Kyuubi's reddish fur again.

"Demons can take another form, right?" Arashi asked. "It's what the legends say. Do you have another form?" Kyuubi nodded his head. "Can I see it?" The fox shook his head that time. "Why not?"

'Because I don't feel like it and you can't pet me when I look like a human,' Kyuubi replied in his mind. 'Wait a minute. He probably just wants to be able to talk to me. Well, I can do something about that.'

"You're mean," Arashi pouted. Kyuubi couldn't help but admit that he looked…kind of cute.

'Of course I'm mean,' Kyuubi agreed, sending his thoughts to Arashi's mind, which made the human boy jump in surprise. 'I'm a demon.'

"How did you do that?" the blond asked, completely shocked.

'Telepathy,' Kyuubi replied. 'Some demons are born with it.'

"Wow. That's amazing!"

'Not so much,' Kyuubi snorted. 'By the way, what's your name?'

"Arashi Kazama. What's yours?"

'Just call me Kyuubi.'

"Can I call you Kyuu?"

The fox sighed. 'Fine, but only you.'

"Yay!" the boy cheered. "Hey, why did you help me? In the forest from the wolf."

'Did you want me to just sit back and allow him to make dinner out of you?' Kyuubi asked with a smug question and a smirk on his lips. 'I could have just done that.'

"No, I'm just curious. I thought demons were evil and look out for no one other then themselves. But you helped me out when that huge wolf attacked me."

'Trust me, I'm still trying to figure out why I saved you,' the fox said, lowering his head to between his paws next to Arashi's side. 'How about I ask the next question. What were you doing in demon territory?'

"I was in demon territory?" Arashi asked, staring at the fox with a confused gaze. Kyuubi nodded his head. "I always go there. Ever since I was five. It was where I always played. Hokage-sama caught me there last year and told me not to go into the forest again because there were evil demons in the forest and they would eat me if they ever caught me. But I'm too fast for a demon."

'Oh really? Have you ever seen how fast a demon is?' Kyuubi asked with the smug smirk on his fox face again. Arashi shook his head. 'Then how do you know if you can outrun one or not?'

"I'm really fast," Arashi replied, sitting up before crossing his arms over his chest with a smirk on his face.

'For a human,' the kitsune added. 'Anyway, don't go back there. I might just decide to stay on the sidelines next time you get attacked.'

Arashi's arms lowered from his chest into his lap, a sad look on his face. "But, I like the forest."

'Dangerous for humans. Especially little boys that look like a good meal.' Arashi heard the joking tone of Kyuubi's thoughts and decided to play along with it. He slowly inched away with a fake scared look on his face. Kyuubi barked out a laugh at that, which Arashi joined in. 'Seriously, kit,' Kyuubi said once he was able to control his laughter. 'Don't go into the forest anymore.'

"Aw," Arashi pouted before a thought struck him. "What if I want to see you again? You're bound to go back to the forest. So what if I want to see you?"

Kyuubi sighed. He had no clue why, but he really couldn't deny the child seeing him often. But still. 'What about your human friends?' the fox asked.

"I don't have very many," Arashi replied, a depressed look on his face. A real one, not a fake or playful one.

The fox tilted his head to the side. This kid was nice enough that he should have tons of friends, but he says he doesn't have many. Kyuubi sighed, crawling into the blonde's lap before licking at Arashi's chin. The boy laughed a little from the tickle feeling of the fox's rough tongue on his sensitive skin. Arashi wrapped an arm around the fox, hugging the demon close to his body, as he buried his face into the silky fur. 'Alright kit,' Kyuubi spoke through his thoughts again. 'You can come into the forest to see me if you really want to. But you have to wait somewhere close to your village to meet with me, ok?'

"Okay," Arashi replied with a nod. "How can you find me, though?"

Kyuubi snorted again. 'I'm a demon, kit. I'll track you down by your scent.'

Kyuubi was gone the next morning when Arashi woke up. He said last night he would be gone before the boy woke up and Arashi could come into the forest later on today if he wanted. But for now, Arashi had school.

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