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Arashi cried in pain as he slid back into Kin's arms. This was Arashi's eighth hour of labor and he could now see why Kushina looked so drained. His lover's sister stroked his hair gently while she whispered soothing words of comfort.

"Alright, the first kit is crowning." Taiyou said from between Arashi's legs "On the next contraction I need you to push." the woman said patting his knee

As the contraction hit Arashi bore down and pushed squeezing Kin's hand. Taiyou muttered quiet praise while Kin whispered soft encouragement as Arashi pushed the first of his twins out. Arashi made a small groaning noise as the newborn slid from his body.

"A girl" Kin whispered in his ear as the baby made her presence know

Arashi opened his eyes wearily to look at his firstborn as Alina's mother, Miaka, cleaned her. "Relax for now" Taiyou told Arashi gently "the contractions will start again shortly and the second child will be here."

Arashi just nodded as he leant back on Kin, trying to calm his breathing. He laughed when he noticed Shinta looking horrified from the doorway. "What's wrong Shin?" he huffed "Never seen someone giving birth before."

Shinta started and muttered sarcastic about humans bleeding more. "Shut up three-tails!" Kin growled stroking Arashi's hair gently. "Don't listen to Shinta, he's just mad that Kyuubi's going to have heirs to take over for father if the need arises." she whispered to the blond in her arms.

Arashi laughed at Shinta's growl that was until another contraction hit. At the first cringe everyone was back in place to deliver the second baby. He hadn't even been given the chance to hold his first baby.

"Four minutes impressive" Kin joked taking his hands again as Taiyou checked on the baby's progress.

"Here we go" Taiyou said placing a hand on Arashi's knee "On the next contraction you push."

Arashi nodded squeezing Kin's hand when the contraction hit. A push and a half later and there was another baby in the room. "Why isn't she crying?" Shinta asked trying not to convey the worry etched in his features.

Taiyou wiped the girl's mouth and nose without responding, but still the baby was silent. "She's breathing" Taiyou whispered and Arashi let out a sigh of relief

Miaka handed Arashi his first baby and then cleaned the second baby. He was so caught up in what his daughters were doing that he didn't even notice as the after birth passed.

Soon Arashi had a baby in each arm with Kin still seated behind him, supporting him. "Have you thought of names?" she asked looking at her red haired nieces

Arashi nodded "Takara" he whispered at the first baby. The little girl had red hair a little lighter than her father's and Arashi's bright blue eyes fighting to stay open. "And Emiko" he whispered at his silent daughter. The little girl was almost identical to Takara, save for the golden highlights in her hair.

"I hear my grandchildren have been born" Soukon said walking into the room. Kin beckoned her father over to look at the little girls. Soukon looked at the sleepy girls with a soft smile. "They're beautiful." he whispered stroking Takara's cheek.

Arashi sighed contentedly as he handed Takara to Soukon and Emiko to Kin. "I'm tired," he slurred in exhaustion. Taiyou helped lower Arashi and Kin slipped out from behind the human. As soon as Arashi's head hit the pillow he was out like a light.


As Arashi slept he dreamt of the last sixth months and all of the time with Kyuubi's family. Shukaku had led him to the family after breaking out of his tomb. She told him that she had seen the attack on her way home. The one-tailed demon found him and offered to bring him back to her gaze. Arashi almost took the offer but he figured that he would be better off with Kyuubi's family for the time. He had promised to find her after the babies were born.

When Arashi had first arrived with Shukaku they were attacked. Shukaku protected him from the first two that tried to land blows until there was a loud growl that had the wolves backing down. Arashi stood slightly behind Shukaku as Kyuubi's father walked toward him calculatingly.

"My son's mate…?" the old man asked Shukaku where his son was silently

"Madara…" Shukaku whispered

"He's pregnant" one of fox demons whined "with half-demon children."

"My grandchildren!" Soukon snarled at the demon. The demon stepped backwards and bowed his head in submission. The rest of the pack followed the other's lead. Soukon looked at Shukaku, who still stood in front of Arashi protectively.

"I won't let you hurt him," she growled

"I won't hurt him" Soukon said, "My son loves him too much and he carries my first grandchildren. Now Shukaku, what happened to my son?" he asked forcefully

"Madara took him over and made him attack Konoha. He was sealed into…" Shukaku trailed off looking questioningly at Arashi

"My newborn son…" Arashi whispered, "A woman drugged me and made me sleep with her." Arashi explained when he caught Shukaku and Soukon's questioning gazes, both growled at the answer.

The next thing he knew, he had a red head and a blonde attached to either side. "My wife" Soukon said motioning to the older red head "Taiyou and my daughter" he motioned to the young blonde "Kin. I am Soukon and you know Shinta, who is probably pouting somewhere again."

"I only kicked his ass twice today" Kin said rolling her eyes

Arashi was soon left in the capable hands of the pack's matriarch. Shukaku left with a promise that she would come back and check on him and his kits in six months. After the initial shock had worn of Arashi was welcomed as pack.


Arashi woke to the sound of crying coming from the bassinet next to his bed. "Hey Takara" Arashi said sleepily

The baby quieted once in his arms but she began mouthing at his chest. "Hungry?" he asked with a tired smile. He placed the small girl in her bassinet next to her sister, who was also mouthing at the air, and untied his robe. Chest exposed he grabbed a girl in each arm and brought each to a nipple where they happily began to feed.

Arashi leaned against the wall and watched the twins, completely at peace. He took in their little faces, part him and part Kyuubi. As the girls ate their ears and tails made an appearance. Arashi looked at the soft foxlike ears and the five tails that each girls had, which were swaying softly.

As he took in his daughters, he realized that he never got a chance to really see his son, Naruto. He wondered how the boy was faring, was he being looked after, loved? Arashi sighed knowing that he couldn't have taken the boy with him but it still hurt to know that there was a child that was his that he couldn't raise. He sighed and smiled sadly at the little girls as they began to slow. He wondered what the little boy would have thought of his sisters. Would the boy have been like Kushina or him? He had certainly looked like him but Arashi sighed again knowing he would never know who he would become. After the girls had finished eating Arashi placed them in their bassinet and shed a few tears for the child he would never get the chance to know.


Three days after the twins birth Arashi's strength seemed to return to him and he finally left his room, a girl in each arm. He could see Shinta out of the corner of his eye- stealth was never his strong point- and he was sure Kin was somewhere, trailing him to make sure nothing went wrong.

Everything was going well until the two guards walked into the village with a woman held between the two of them. She was putting up a valiant struggle. Suddenly Shinta was at his right side and Kin at his left side, both snarling at the perceived threat. Arashi tilted his head trying to get a good look at the woman. Arashi gasped and handed a baby to each of his mate's siblings.

Once he was assured that the twins were safely in their aunt and uncle's arms he ran forward toward the woman. "Karura" he whispered as he threw his arms around her. The woman looked at him tears in her eyes, the bags so dark under them. "No…" he whispered taking her into his arms as the guards let her go. The pair sank to the ground, both crying for the shared loss.

During all of the commotion a little girl slipped into the pack's settlement. The girl stared at the pair through tears. "Come here Misaye" Karura said opening her arms for her daughter. The crying five year old ran into her mother's arms. The trio pulled apart long enough for Kin and Shinta to place Arashi's crying twins in his arms.

"Oh sweeties" he muttered, it was the first time Emiko had cried.

"They're beautiful," Karura whispered as she clung to Misaye

"What are we going to do?" Arashi asked

"Fix it" Karura said looking up with fire in her eyes


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