Catch You, Catch Me

I almost couldn't believe it when I saw them there.

Jen-chan couldn't, either.

It's different. I never thought they would get together.

Yeah, I know, he's the Digimon Card King and it would only be natural he liked someone who played the game, too... But...

...Well, now I see why he rejected Hirokazu. He did it nicely though, so it's not that bad. Hirokazu got over it.

"I was expecting a card game between them." Jen-chan says, watching them from the branch we're sitting on. They didn't see us in this tree, at least I don't think they did.

"Yeah, not a picnic. I wonder who made the food... I never thought she was a chef." I reply. "This must be why Ryou hasn't been able to see us so often."

"Dating... I didn't think he liked anyone... At least, not her." He sighs, I lie back into his arms. He holds me while we watch them, laughing and eating. Having fun. I'm happy for Ryou, he found someone. They appear to be close, maybe as close as Jen-chan and I are.

"Think they'll tell the rest of us?" I ask, "Or will they keep it a secret?"

"Did we tell the others, Takato?" Jen-chan asks. I laugh.

"Our situation is a bit different...Though, we could have told Hirokazu..."

"They'll tell us when they're ready, I don't think we should call them on it or anything." Jen-chan says, "We shouldn't be doing this, you know."

"Watching Ryou and Alice have a picnic?" I ask, yawning slightly. "If they find us, we can just say one thing..."


"We were here first."

Jen-chan laughs, "Maybe. Still, they catch us, our," he clears his throat, "position should give them an extra shock." He kisses me on the cheek, easily keeping his balance on the tree branch. Amazing how he can do that, if we had switched places, we'd both be on the ground. Or, at least I would be.

"Then we tell them something else..." I begin.


"...We didn't see anything if they didn't see anything."

We both laugh.

Ryou and Alice don't hear us. They're just talking, laughing, eating, drinking. No cards. I never thought I'd see the day where Ryou went anywhere without his Digimon cards.

For a little while longer, we watch.

This is interesting, though, Ryou and Alice...A couple.

"Think we'll get wedding invitations soon?"



He smiles. "...Nothing. I hope the best for them, you?"

"Yeah. Me, too."

We continued watching them for a while, not that we could have moved from our perch without them seeing us. Then they left. And so did we. Jen-chan gave me a kiss and walked me home.


Original Author's (AKA Ori's) Notes:
For the record, the reason so many of these re-uploads are Leekato is because Taiki is obsessed with that pairing. More than I was, probably!

...No, seriously!

Anyway, like the other Ryou x Alice fics, the title is from...Card Captor Sakura...It's the first opening theme. I thought it fit the scenario. Catch You, Catch Me...

Taiki's notes:

The only change I made to this fic was changing "Lee" to "Jen," and because it was Takato's POV I had him refer to him exclusively as "Jen-chan," which I thought fit for Takato. He strikes me as the, ah, I don't want to say "needy" one but the more "attached" in the relationship. Does that work? I don't quite know how to describe it.

You know, Ori's better at analyzing the characters than I am. Ask him.

-Taiki Matsuki