As some of you have noticed, ForgottenEllipses had real life happen, and didn't end up continuing this story, and I had real life happen and never managed to either write the original I had intended or adopt this story to anyone else. Sorry! I know that makes me terribly unreliable, especially after I told you all in the comments that I wasn't going to abandon the story.

So...this story is officially unofficially un-abandoned. I am working on it, but I've written exactly twenty words of chapter three thus far, and I'm working on two other fanfictions at the same time so no promises as to how long it's going to take me to actually get anything published. But I'm tentatively willing to tell y'all that I'm back. (You have my little brother G to thank – he got to be thirteen and found this story and it's his favorite. Thanks, G! :0) )

My old note, in case you're new to the story and so don't have the context:

A/N: IMPORTANT: Hi guys. I just wanted to write you all a huge, huge, thank you for sticking with this story as long as you have. Writing it has been a ton of fun, and a big step for my writing. I loved it so much, I never imagined that I would come to this point, and I find myself having to apologize. I am abandoning this story. The thing is, I love this story too much to continue it like this. I've had plans all along to turn it into my own story once it was done - to break it away from the Harry Potter framework, rewrite it as my own, and even try to get it published. Now I find that I just can't do this to my world anymore. It works, in this form, as a sort of add-on to the Harry Potter universe, but it has grown beyond that, at least in my own mind. Long story short, I can't write Tobias anymore. He's not quite who he's supposed to be, for me. The world is almost, but not exactly, the world it's supposed to be.

But at the same time I don't want it to die entirely. So I am asking, is there anybody else out there who would like to continue it? There is still plenty of potential in it - enough so that I was planning on writing at least another 150,000 words - but I would let you take it where you want, and make it yours. All I ask is that you NOT ship Harry and Snape, or Harry and Moriyana. That's just...no. Sorry. I can be as involved or uninvolved in your writing process as you want - I do still have ideas of where I was going to take the story, for example, but you do not have to use them. If you want it, send me a PM.

Once again, thank you all so, so much, and I'm really sorry about this. RhiannanT

UPDATE! Hey peoples! Last announcement, I promise. :0) Lots of you reviewed asking me to post who was going to take over the story, and also if I was going to publish my original stories online. So here's what's up.

Thank you (and congrats) to the amazing ForgottenEllipses, who will be adopting this story! I got fourteen messages from different people offering to take it – thanks so much! - and so I had a tough choice to make. Outcast's Alley will remain under my name, but Bastard Prince will move to hers, and be continued that way. I've been communicating back and forth with her, and I know she'll do a fantastic job.

As for my original story. I am not, at the moment, writing the story that inspired/was inspired by (bit of a mix of both) the fanfiction Outcast's Alley. However, I am currently writing a story that is set in the same world as that story will be – a world similar, though not identical, to the one in Outcast's Alley. The first chapter of it is already up on my blog. If you would like to read it, the link will be up on my profile.

UPDATE: I AM now writing the story related to Outcast's Alley. It is on my blog.