Why Pokemon: This story is going to be about Pokemon! It's dedicated to my younger cousin Ralph (or Ralphie!). He is always so kind about reading my stories as I write them. When I was younger I would make nighttime stories for him. He's requested a Pokemon story, since he's just bought the new game and has loved the TV series since I can remember.

How is this going to work: Well you guys (My lovely readers) will be submitting OCs for six spots. May the best OC win!

What are the spots: One LEAD CHARACTER, yes, one of your OC will be a lead character. TWO traveling buddies. ONE rival (who will be traveling with my OC) and TWO Team Rocket members (These member's will be like their Jessie and James. They will also have their own side plot as well.)

Any thing else: Yes, This will take place in the Sinnoh religion, but that doesn't mean your character can't have a Pokemon from another region. Also, if your character isn't accepted as the main character and I like them, they can be one of the two traveling buddies.

Character Profile:

(I NEED DETAILS! Especially if you want your character to be accepted as the main character!)



Age (No younger than 16 for trainers, no younger than 22 for Team Rocket)

Occupation (Trainer, Coordinator (I NEED AT LEAST ONE! So please submit one!), Team Rocket):


Physical Appearance:

Outfit(s) (Two preferably. Three if you're a coordinator (Their contest outfit)):

Character History (Family background ect.):

Personality & Character Traits:

Pokémon Owned (Six max, one min. NO LEDGENDARIES! Also give personalities and genders. No nicknames, sorry.)

Favorite Pokémon:

Home Town & Region/Country of Origin: