Last chapter and some serious lemon action. Really, I view sex as a completely natural part of life and don't really gloss over things so be prepared!

Chapter 19

Mai's POV

I looked into Naru's midnight eyes. Naru's. Not Kazuya's. I knew that as deeply as I knew he would say something to kill the mood but I had to hear him verify it.

"Mai." He took my hands in his and brought my fingertips to his lips. "Don't be an idiot."

I sighed and shook my head with a smile. "Called that." Before he could ask I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss.

It was amazing after nearly a week of thinking I'd never have this again, never feel this way or taste his kiss again. It was like coming home.

I felt the pads of his fingertips brush away tears from my eyes. "Don't cry anymore Mai."

"I can't help it." I sniffled and leaned my forehead against him. "I'm just so relieved. After you told me not to wait for you…"

"What?" He pulled back to look down at me, expression fierce. "I-You…" He was actually at a loss for words and I giggled. "If you hadn't been such an insomniac then I could have actually explained what was going on."

My jaw dropped. "This is NOT my fault!"

"You're the one who thought I told you not to wait."

"You did! You said 'Don't wait for me'!"

He paused and reflected, then glared at me again. "I told you 'Don't give up' and to 'wait for me'."

"Clearly you need to work on your dream projecting skills." I glared back defiantly.

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever-" He broke off and took a deep breath. "You are still emotionally distraught, now is not the time to be picking fights with you."

I rolled my eyes. "Way less distraught than I was fifteen minutes ago."

"But no less wet." Naru's eyes travelled down my body and lit with an interest that made me look down myself.

I blushed when I saw that my bra and shirt were doing nothing to hide the fact that my body was reacting to the cold, wet clothes. "I… I'll go change."

"Yes. I'd hate to take advantage of you in such a vulnerable position." Naru murmured. "But... you really shouldn't spend anymore time in those clothes, you'll catch cold."

His hands on my shirt buttons stopped me as I made to leave the room. I pushed the door closed as the first button slipped out of its catch and my breath caught.

"N-Naru…" I couldn't help but be impressed at how quickly he unbuttoned my shirt.

"I'm getting used to you stammering my name." His eyes danced as he peeled the wet material away from my shoulders.

This time he sucked in a breath as he saw my white lace bra, plastered to my skin and transparent from the rain. I stood defiantly, ignoring the goosebumps from both his gaze and the chill air in the room. Without a word he reached down to turn on a space heater and moved me in front of it. I sighed in gratification as a wave of heat met my cold skin.

"You'll overheat in all those clothes." I smiled and slipped the dark jacket from his shoulders, tossing it over a nearby chair. I tried to push him down on the edge of his western-style large bed but he side-stepped and I ended up falling down instead.

"I believe I was planning on seducing you." He said in his usual calm voice but with a dark smile in his eyes. He unlaced my sneakers and pulled them off one at a time, shaking his head slightly at my polka-dotted socks. His mouth tipped up when my feet were bare and he could see my silver-painted toenails. "I find your hands and feet fascinating." He cupped my foot and rubbed his knuckles along the arch.

"Why?" I whimpered as he did it again, this time applying more pressure.

"It might be partly due to the paint." He blew gently across my toes and chuckled when I wiggled. "It's so feminine. Someday I want to watch you paint your nails."

"You have a nail polish fetish?" I asked with a grin, propping myself up on my elbows.

"Not exactly." He ran a hand up my calf inside my jeans and I was grateful that I'd shaved my legs before Lin's memory-recovery ritual. "More like a Mai fetish."

I blushed scarlet.

"And it gets worse every time I make you blush." He caught behind my knees and pulled me so my hips were at the edge of the bed.

"That's certainly not the strangest fetish I've ever heard of." I brushed my fingers through his hair and paused. "Naru… There's something I should tell you."

He rocked back on his heels, eyes guarded.

"I'm ah… I'm not… well…" I swallowed hard.

He kept a level gaze on me. "It's about Lin isn't it?"

I frowned. "No. Why would… surely you don't think me and Lin are..?" I snorted a laugh.

"No. I don't think you are. I've been partially aware for the past few days, catching bits and pieces. But If you want to slow down and process…" He pushed his hand through his hair. "Once you take this step with me there's no going back."

"You have no idea how true that is." I looked away. "That's what I have to tell you."

"That you're a virgin?" He looked mildly taken-aback. "I'll admit that that is a bit of a surprise."

I shrugged, taking his lightening-speed deductive reasoning in stride. "I've been sexual with someone but that was a step I didn't want to take. Not unless it was with someone special." I laughed uncomfortably. "Pretty silly huh?"

Naru rose to his knees. "No. It's not silly. That bond can be powerful. Since we already have a permanent bond then that is something you should be sure about. It would further cement our relationship. It's irreversible."

"After making one irreversible decision to bind myself to you then it really shouldn't be that hard to make another." I felt a fluttering in my stomach, a mixture of nerves and anticipation.

"Do you regret that decision?" He asked cautiously.

I looked at him; my very own narcissist, a man who had put his life on the line for me more than once. I thought of Lin, and why Naru would bring him up. I had feelings for Lin, and if the choice was between Lin and Kazuya it wasn't easy, but between Lin and Naru there was no contest. I'm sure Lin would be a good boyfriend for someone and he certainly was attractive but I wanted Naru the way I wanted to breathe.

"I want you." I knelt in between his knees so we were both on the floor. "I want to drown in you. I want you to possess me."

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "If you keep talking like that it's going to be very difficult to be gentle for your first time Love."

I laughed. "I'm pretty sure I'm not still physically a virgin Naru. Very few women have their hymen intact these days."

"It should still be gentle your first time." He opened his eyes as I started unbuttoning his shirt. "I take it you've made your final decision?"

"There was never a decision to make, final or otherwise." I pushed off his shirt and pulled his undershirt over his head. "Finally… I've ached for your skin Naru." I ran my hands from his collarbone to his hips.

"Are you sure you're a virgin?" He asked hoarsely.

I grinned, proud that I could affect him like this. "I knew that you were more experienced than me so I practiced."

"No more practicing… except with me." He pulled me into his lap and kissed me. "Ever."

I nodded and unlaced his shoes, slipping them off and smiling when I saw his black socks. "Typical Naru, are you colorblind?"

"Are you saying I don't look good in black?"

"Perish the thought." I nipped his collarbone and ran my tongue over the faint red mark.

Naru lifted me back onto the bed but stayed kneeling in between my legs, tracing the line down the middle of my stomach with his lips and dipping his tongue into my belly button. He continued travelling down after paying homage to the dip in my stomach, until he touched the line of my jeans.

"For the love of god Naru, just unbutton the damn things." I grabbed handfuls of the comforter.

"Contrary to popular belief, begging does not make me feel like being more merciful." He sucked on a particularly sensitive area just inside my hip and I arched up to him, giving him room to slide his hands under my lower back. "It just makes me want to torture you more."

"Cruel bastard." I traced his jaw with my fingers.

He popped open the button on my jeans. I lifted to shimmy out of them as he tugged, miraculously leaving my lace hipster underwear in place.

"While I've got your attention." Naru captured my wrists and held me still. "No more modeling."

My jaw dropped. "What? How did you..?" I stopped and gritted my teeth. "Lin."

He nodded and slid his hands—and subsequently my wrists—under my back so I was forced into an arch. "I don't remember everything from while my memory was suppressed but I do remember obsessing over a picture of you modeling."

"Obsessing?" I gave him a cat's satisfied smile. "Really." It was hard to imagine Naru obsessing over anything that wasn't work-related.

He gave me a small smirk and pushed to his feet, bent over me but still towering impressively. With a dark look he dipped to catch the peak of my breast in his mouth, rolling his tongue around the thin fabric until I gasped his name.

"Okay! No modeling!" I could barely get the words out but it was enough and he relented.

"Good." His eyes were dark and I could tell by the tautness of his jaw that his control was ready to break.

I reached down and slid my hands along the line of his hip, into his pants and felt that tightly held control snap as I dragged my fingernails up his bare thigh. His psychic energy flared out and I caught it before it touched anything outside of the two of us, turning it back into nothing and neutralizing the destructive force. Using my new power sent a jolt like electricity through my body, touching every sensitive part from the inside and I met Naru's eyes as a similar reaction tore through him. For once he'd let go of his powers and it hadn't hurt and for that I was grateful.

Instead of hurt, it felt amazing, sensual but not explicitly sexual and I rubbed against Naru's body with a soft sigh.

"It did not… feel like… that with Gene." Naru gasped.

"That's probably a good thing." I managed when I caught my breath. "Twincest is a little weird."

"Only a little?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Trust me Naru, there are plenty of girls out there who would be very interested in seeing you and Gene-"

"STOP." He wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Can we go back to what we were doing? Before the twincest comment?"

"Mmm." I smiled. "I believe I had my hand down your pants…"

"Oh yes." He closed his eyes as I traced my fingers around in semi-circles, following up his thigh, across the line of his hips and down the other thigh, getting closer and closer to the part of him that I wanted to know intimately. "And I was just about to divest you of the rest of your clothes."

"Were you now?" I unfastened and unzipped his pants. "Want to race?" I stripped off his remaining bottom layers and hooked a foot in them, pushing them to the ground.

I wish I could have taken a picture in that moment, his eyebrows raised in surprise as he made no move to cover himself, typical Naru. Not even a little self-conscious as he kneeled over me. I let my eyes travel down his body.

"You really are too handsome for your own good you know."

"Mai, tell me something that doesn't have to do with my corporeal attributes please." He stroked a hand down the side of my face. "If that's all you care about then tell me now and we'll stop."

"Why not talk about your attributes. They're so… plentiful." I dragged my eyes down his body appreciatively.

"Fine." He straightened and made to pull away.

I tugged him off-balance and flipped over so I was kneeling over him. "Don't be so dramatic Naru. You're brave and selfless, but I won't talk about your brain because you already know that you're brilliant."

"How am I selfless?" He tilted his head to the side curiously but the erection pressing against me let me know he hadn't forgotten I was almost naked and on top of him.

"You risked your life for me, putting my safety over your own. You're my knight in shiny black armor."

He smiled slightly at that. "That wasn't selfless Mai, if anything that was entirely selfish." He easily reached around me to unsnap my bra with one hand and I let it fall away, brushing it to the floor to join Naru's pants. "I selfishly wanted you for myself." His eyes narrowed and his lips parted when my breasts were exposed and I giggled at how easy he was to distract, considering how much pride he put into his ability to focus.

"Do that again."

"Do what?" I gasped and laughed when his fingers found my ribs. "N-no! I'm t-ticklish!"

"I can see that." He kept his narrowed gaze on my breasts as they bounced with my laughter.

I tried to escape him but just ended up wiggling and grinding my hips on his erection, which did manage to get him to stop tickling me but didn't put me anywhere near escape. The next stroke of my hips was intentional and he groaned, rocking up to capture the tip of one of my breasts in his mouth again.

"Ohh god!" I had to stop moving and catch his jaw at the same time as I came perilously close to an orgasm. "S-stop! You're going to make me… I'm going to…!"

"So soon?" He smirked satisfactorily. "You're too easy."

"It's not like it's an off switch." I said when I recovered, skipping backwards out of his grasp. "But since you're apparently so stoic I guess you need more attention." I knelt in between his knees. "Try not to bring down the house." I put my mouth over him with agonizing slowness while slipping my fingers into the back pocket of the jeans I'd been wearing, pulling out a condom and tearing open the wrapper.

I'd bought a pack after being in Japan for a few days, before the case started. I wasn't sure I was going to be having sex but just in case, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I watched Naru's stomach muscles tighten as I swapped my mouth for my hand, squeezing gently. "Just so we're clear, you're STD free right?" I asked calmly.

"What? … Of course." His eyes were glazed as he looked down at me, his mind taking a few moments to catch up.

"Good. Now I was told that this would get a guy to do anything I wanted." I put the condom in my mouth.

"That what would…?" He cut off with a groan as I put my mouth back on him, rolling down the condom with my lips. "Yes. Anything." He gasped. "Now get up here." With a fluid motion he had me back on the bed and kneeling over him.

I made to adjust so I could get my underwear off but he grabbed it and snapped it with a wrench of his hands and I squeaked.

"I'll buy you new ones." He growled without the hint of an apology.

He sat up so he was seated on the edge of the bed and I rocked up on my knees, carefully easing onto him. It was a completely unique sensation, being stretched like that in such an intimate way and I stopped halfway, body shuddering from the sensations.

"Go as slow as you need." He murmured, lips brushing mine. "This should-" He broke off with a gasp as I stopped holding myself up and sheathed him completely inside me with one motion that would have hurt if I hadn't been so aroused.

I took some time to catch my breath, feeling the orgasm that had been building crest at the feeling of being so intimately and deeply joined with Naru. The waves shuddered through me and I felt a throbbing that seemed to match my racing heartbeat.

"Sweet… Damnit Mai-" Naru tangled his hands in my hair and held me tightly, breath uneven. "I said slow!"

"I can go slow another time, I want you NOW." I rose on my knees and fell again, gentler as I found a rhythm fast enough to ease the almost hungry ache I felt for him but giving my body some time to adjust to the foreign feeling of being filled with someone else.

Naru wrapped an arm around my waist and held me still while he pushed into me, taking over the steady rhythm until I wrapped my fingers around his shoulders, encouraging him to let me participate. We found each other in our movements until it felt like even our breathing and heartbeat were at the same pace.

I felt my pleasure building at the same rate as his power and I drew it slowly into me while he pushed, both physically and psychically. It was finally too much and I bit his shoulder, moaning his name as I let the orgasm sweep me under, taking Naru with me so both our bodies shuddered with the tremors of the mutual climax.

We fell back onto the bed, bodies slick with sweat from our love making and both breathing raggedly.

"You are NEVER allowed to leave." Naru tucked my head under his chin.

"Well YOU are never allow-" Footsteps outside the room made me break off mid-sentence and Naru tactfully pulled the edge of the comforter over our lower halves, keeping my chest pressed to his.

"Naru! Mai! It's Takigawa, he has an urgent case that needs our immediate attention." Lin's voice came through the doorway.

"How immediate?" Naru asked, closing his eyes in annoyance like he already knew the answer.

"Multiple possessions at his father's shrine that are forcing their hosts to attempt suicide. They've had to bind three people in the past hour alone."

I sighed and looked at Naru. "Not much choice then."

"I suppose not." He pinched the bridge of his nose and let his head fall back onto the bed. "We'll meet you in the office in five minutes." He called to Lin.

"Team Shibuya, off on another adventure." I smiled.


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