Endlessly, She Said

Transformers FanFic


Chapter One

She walked slowly down the street on her way home. The party had just ended and she was already out past her curfew, so she figured – why should she hurry home just to get lectured? Slowing her pace, she looked up at the stars in wonder. Ever since she was little, a fascination with the galaxies had been present. As she got older and learned more about the stars, her fascination only grew.

Hearing sirens from behind her, she stopped abruptly and turned around. Seeing it was a fire truck and not a police car, she began walking again, only to freeze when the truck turned down her street. Breaking into a run, she rounded the corner and pushed herself even faster when she saw that the truck was parked in front of her house, the firefighters already spraying down the burning structure. Sprinting to her house, she cried out when she was stopped by one of the men.

"No! No, my parents are in there!" She screamed.

"I'm sorry Miss, but there were no survivors."


"Alaina…Alaina! C'mon girl, wake your ass up!" Alaina shouted out as she shot up into a sitting position, her matted brown hair falling over her face and landing in her lap. Breathing heavily, she turned her dark green eyes up to the person who woke her. Arty was a kind old man that owned a small restaurant, and he often let her sleep on the bench in front of his place.

"You have another nightmare?" He asked, kind eyes wrinkling with worry. Alaina nodded.

"Oui." She murmured in her native language. Born in France, her family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada shortly afterwards, speaking French in their home and English elsewhere. She had a habit of reverting back to French whenever she was upset.

"English, girly." Arty reminded her with a smile. "Sorry to wake ya, but it's already seven o'clock and shop's about to open."

"Oh, I'm sorry." She said while standing up and stretching her sore muscles. "Thank you for letting me sleep here tonight." She said, waving before walking away.

It wasn't easy, being homeless, but after six years of it, you tend to get used to it and the fact that you have to take what you can get, no matter how you get it. Alaina was very fortunate that Arty had a soft spot somewhere in his heart for her and let her sleep on his bench. It was under an awning so it was dry most of the time, for which she was extremely grateful. Sighing quietly to herself, she set off to find her breakfast. Or steal it. It all depended on whether or not she found anything edible first.

Unfortunately for her, all of the food she managed to find was either too rotted or too molded to eat. So that left the homeless woman to either steal her food or go hungry. Already being underweight for her height and age, not eating wasn't exactly an option. So, putting up the hood on her ragged jacket, she walked to the local food market to see what she could find.

After walking around the market a few times, Alaina knew what stand would be the easiest to gyp. Walking through the crowd, she snagged a small bag of apples, immediately turning away and pushing through the crowd.

"Hey! Come back here with those!" The owner of the stand yelled after her. "Officer, she stole my apples!" He shouted to a cop that patrolled the area. After hearing the sound of police sirens behind her, Alaina broke into a sprint, clutching her prize closely to her chest.

"Stop!" The police officer shouted, running after her.

"Yeah right." She muttered, pushing her legs to go faster. Breaking free from the crowd, the thief looked for an escape. Seeing none, she sprinted down the road, ducking through back alleys and deserted streets in order to hide from her pursuers.

"Where to hide, where to hide…" She said quietly to herself.

Having already run a few miles, she ducked into a narrow alley and waited for the police vehicle to pass her hiding spot, holding her breath. After it passed slowly, she exhaled in relief, gasping to catch her breath.

"God Damnit. I hate it when that happens." She murmured to herself, sliding down the wall. "Those fuckers just don't know when to five up." She sighed once more. "At least I got some food out of it." With that said, she ripped open the bag and extracted an apple, biting into it ravenously.

"Oh my god, this is so delicious."

Finishing up her breakfast, she gazed up at the Sun. "It must be past noon." She pondered. That meant that she had been running from the law for over an hour. "No wonder why I'm so exhausted." Stretching, she tucked her apples into the various pockets her clothing had before standing up. Alaina strode through the alley way, exiting the side opposite that of which she entered.

"Whoa." Stopping in her tracks, the brunette stared at the silver Pontiac Solstice and yellow Camaro that had black racing stripes painted down its hood. "Those are some nice cars." She muttered. Strangely, she could almost see the two vehicles puff themselves up with pride.

Walking over to them cautiously, as if their owners would walk out and yell at her for looking at the cars, she placed her hand lightly on the Camaro. "Daaamn." She sighed. "What I wouldn't give for a ride like this."

As she admired the car from all angles, she gave a short laugh. "Hell, I'd give anything for a fucking shower." She muttered, picking at her dirty clothing. "And some clean clothes, now that I think about it."

Walking over to the Solstice, she repeated what she did with the Camaro. "Whoever drives you guys must be some pretty cool people." She said with an impressed whistle. Sighing regrettably, she turned away from the two vehicles. "Well guys, I gotta get going. These apples aren't gonna last me long. Hmm…I wonder if Arty will have any leftovers?" She spoke absentmindedly, walking slowly away from the cars.

Meanwhile, the two cars, actually Autobots by the names of Bumblebee and Jazz, were having a conversation about Alaina.

"Hey, Jazz?" 'Bee said over a private link he opened in his COM unit.

"Yeah?" Jazz's deep voice replied.

"Why did that human wear those clothes? They were all dirty, and way too large on her frame." The young 'bot asked his friend. Jazz thought for a minute, using his internet access to help him out some.

"I think she was homeless, 'Bee." The Solstice said.

"Homeless? You mean, she doesn't have a place to live? Why not?" Bumblebee wondered aloud. Jazz did the vehicular form of a shrug.

"I dunno." He rumbled. "There are many reasons why these humans don't have homes, apparently."

"Well," 'Bee huffed, rolling on his tires, "that girl doesn't deserve it. She's too nice!" Jazz laughed at his remark.

"Dude, jus' 'cause a person's nice doesn't change their situation any." He told the naïve Camaro. "Although, the chick does have great tastes in cars, no?" He laughed along with Bumblebee as the two backed out and resumed their patrol, unaware of the events to befall them.

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