So sorry for not updating for so long. Once again, I had to make a Rage/Yuni romance. I got into iCarly, and that inspired me to write this story. I was also listening to the DDR songs by Paula Terry. Anyway, I'm making the next chapter. Enjoy~

"Yuni, I'll get you for this!"

"Bring it on, Rage!"

Yuni and Rage were shouting at each other at the arcade after Yuni put syrup in his backpack. Emi and Gus were trying to break them up before the fight could get worse.

"Will the both of you cut it out?" Gus yelled.

"Please, no!" Emi yelled, trying to pull Yuni back. "This has gone far enough!"

"If I catch you in my bag again, Yuni, I'll-" he said, raising his hand in the air.

"Ah, ah!" Yuni said as if she said no. "You're not allowed to hit a girl."

"Try me!"

"Hey!" Gus yelled again. "That's enough!"

"Yeah, Rage. You used all my minutes on my cell phone, and I put syrup in your bag," Yuni said.

"We're even now."

Rage glared, and got out of Gus's grasp. "You'll pay for this, Yuni. I swear, I am gonna get you."

After five minutes of glaring at each other, they were forced by Akira and Sa-Ja to let go of what happened, and went to play DDR with each other to calm down. When things quieted down on the way to another place, Rage was thinking about how to get revenge on Yuni. The thoughts were broken when he heard laughter.

"You really did that, Gus?" Akira laughed.

"Ugh! Don't tell anyone! Stupid unicycle..."

"Well," Yuni said nicely. "It's behind you now."

Gus sighed. "I guess you're right."

When the gang walked by the movie theater, they saw a movie poster with a strange title. They disagreed, and kept walking.

"Who would want to watch a move called The First Kiss?" Sa-Ja asked.

"Definetly not me..." Yuni said.

Akira looked over at Sa-Ja, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "Remember our first kiss?"

Sa-Ja giggled, which cause Yuni to shake her head in disgust. Yuni looked over at Rage. She kind of had a small feeling for Rage, but she isn't sure what it really is. Her face started to turn red rapidly, causing her to giggle at Rage.

He glanced at her. "What?"

"Er... nothing." She answered. "I was... just thinking of something funny."

"Hey, Yuni? Ever had your first kiss?" Emi asked.

Yuni looked over at her, emberassed. "Uh... maybe?"

"What kind of question is that, Emi?" Rage asked. "She kissed a guy while filming a movie."

"It was just a movie, Rage." Yuni stated.

"You mean you never actually had a real kiss?" Gus asked.

"I've had... plenty..."

"Alright, new topic!" Akira announced. "I don't think it's amuzing talking about this."

"Akira, you were such a fun dude, and now you're a party-pooper!" Gus complained playfully.

"Oh, yeah?"


"Well, I'll show you!"

Both Akira and Gus started a fake fight. When they knocked each other on the ground, Akira pinned down Gus.

"Okay, you win!" Gus yelled in defeat.

"Hey, Emi. Can I tell you a secret?" Yuni asked while Akira and Gus were still fighting.

"Sure." she answered.

"Over here." Yuni grabbed Emi's wrist, and dragged her to a private corner. They both didn't know that Rage followed, and he turned around, acting like he was watching Akira beating Gus in a play fight.

"Remember when you asked me about a first kiss?"

She nodded. "Did you get a first kiss? Who kissed you?"

"... I... never kissed anyone."

Emi's eyes widened. "But what about the movies or something? And weren't you in a relationship with-"

"Those kisses were fake. I never had a real kiss in my life."

"Oh, man..."

"Promise me you won't tell anyone?"

Emi smiled at her bestfriend. "I promise."

Yuni returned a smile. "Thanks, Emi."

Rage smirked when he overheard Yuni and Emi's talk. "Gotcha, Verse."

When everyone went to their seperate homes, Rage didn't know he had paparazzi following him. A huge, black van pulled over ahead of Rage, and a group of people dressed in black came towards him. He took the idea that the people wanted trouble, so Rage was ready for a fight.

"Hello, sir," the tall man said. "We were wondering if you know anything about Yuni Verse that we don't."

Rage lowered his guard a little. "Who's asking?"

"We're Donna Burke's Paparazzi," the small woman with a notebook said. "And we see you with Yuni a lot."

"Ever heard of invasion of pri-" Rage remembered all of the pranks that Yuni plays on him. Maybe if he tells Yuni's dark secret of never being kissed, it can be his perfect plan for revenge.

"We heard that she had a lot of first kisses..."

"Well," Rage began. "Yuni and I are bestfriends, but the lots of first kisses thing are only rumors. She has never been kissed in her life."

The small woman was writing down everything that Rage was saying, including Yuni's darkest secret. When he was done telling them everything, he continued walking home. In the shadows of the dark alley, Devil Zukin and CONCENT Kyo-fU came out, and watched Rage walking away. Both glared at him.

"How dare you, Rage." Zukin growled.