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The next day, Rage woke up around noon. He changed into casual jeans and a white shirt, and thought about what happened yesterday. "I guess I'll never see Yuni again." After brushing his teeth, and fixing his spikey hair, he turned the television on, and the news cast were talking about lastnight at Yuni's mansion.

"This man did the right thing about revealing himself and telling everyone to leave Yuni alone. I hope that everyone who has never had anything to do with kissing has learned their lessons."

The TV went blank as Rage turned it off. A knock was made at Rage's door. He got up, creaked it opened, and found a girl with blonde hair and pigtails outside. She had on a purple shirt with a big skull imprinted on it, a white long sleeve shirt underneath, black skirt, purple tights, and black sneaker boots.

"Yuni?" he asked.

Yuni smiled sheepish. "Hi, Rage."

Rage looked to the distance. "Come in before more paparrazzi show up."

He let the door open, and let her in his house. Yuni looked around amazed. She never thought that she'd get into a real, normal person's house.

"Nice place." she commented.

"Uh... thanks." Running out of things to say, he watched her sit on the sofa. "So..."

Yuni stood up. "Rage... about lastnight, I... I..."

"It's okay," he said. "We just needed some time to think."

"I guess... I came to... forgive you... and..." She looked down. Her eyes turned watery. She felt really bad for not forgiving him lastnight. "I'm... sorry for not forgiving you."

He saw her face. "You crying?"

She shook her head. "No..." she croaked.

"Look at me."

Yuni took a moment, looked up at him, and a tear was flowing down her cheek. Rage's arms went around her. This was the first time Yuni and Rage ever hugged each other. Yuni's eyes closed, and she hid her face inside Rage's chest.

"Don't cry..." he said softly. "I hate seeing you all sad. I'm sorry... for everything I did."

"And, I'm sorry for pulling pranks on you."

They pulled away from the hug, and she wiped her tears away. Things were becoming right again.

"I guess this means we're cool?" Rage asked.

Yuni nodded. "Yeah."

He looked around, trying to find anything to say. "You know... it's so weird. Many people freak out over kissing. It's just... stupid."

"I know, right?" Yuni agreed. "I'd rather kiss someone really sweet than those conceded jerks in the movies."


Yuni looked to the right. "Well, I'm really glad that we can put this behind us. Hopefully, we can get our kisses sooner or later..."

Rage remembered his idea. "Well, even if we were the last people on this planet..."


"Well, I came up with... an idea that you might think is stupid..."

"What's the idea?"

"I was wondering if... uh..."

Yuni realized the idea. "We should kiss?"

Rage blinked a few times. "Heh, you're gonna slap me now, right?"

Yuni shook her head. "No..."

"Well, should... we? Just to... get it over with?"

Yuni's eyes looked around. "Just to get it over with, that's all."

Rage grinned. "Fair enough. I'll make this as realistic as it gets."


He came in really close, wrapped an arm around Yuni's waist. Yuni's arms came close to her chest. She can tell that they were both nervous. His hand was placed on her cheek of her face. His face came in close to her's and then... his lips pressed against her's with a kiss. She was so surprised at this. Yuni never expected Rage to be a really good kisser. After seven seconds of kissing, they both pulled away.

Rage's arms returned to his side. "That was... nice."

Yuni nodded. "Yeah...It was almost like that you were really enjoying it."

"I told you I can make it realistic."

Yuni smiled. "Thank you, Rage."

"No problem. Now, we won't have to worry about first kisses."

There was an awkward pause. Yuni suddenly remembered something. "Oh, I have to go with Alice to the mall. I'm supposed to meet her in thirty minutes."

"Oh, I see." he said. "I gotta start ordering takoyaki ingredients anyway."

"Well... see you later?" Yuni asked.


Yuni walked to the door, then stopped. She came up with an idea. Since Rage kissed her, she decided to kiss him back. She ran to him, wrapped her arms around hs neck, and kissed him on the lips. She pulled back in five seconds.

"Now you've been kissed, Rage."

Rage blinked and then grinned. "I guess I have been."

She giggled. "See you later."

As he watched her leave, there was unusual excitement in her. She was really happy. He looked up at the ceiling, then closed his eyes. He was glad that he got really close to Yuni.

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