Like Father Like Son

Ash Ketchum didn't know who his father was; his friends didn't know either. Even Professor Oak had no idea who Ash's father was. Only his mom had any idea, and she wasn't planning on talking anytime soon. Everyone had always wondered why Ash's father had never been present in Pallet Town, why Ash had never met him, and most of all, who he was. One day when he was 13, and had completed all the leagues, Ash decided to ask his mother about his father, but he got nothing out of her. Giving up, he went outside and trained a little with Gary. And that, my friends, is where this story begins.

Ash and Gary were practice battling when Paul walked up and challenged them to a 2-on-1 double battle. They accepted and began. Ash and Gary won, but not before Paul's Electivire had to be stopped by Ash's Charizard before it could put Pikachu in a coma. Needless to say, Electivire is now fried to a crisp, and Ash is royally pissed at Paul.

"YOU NEED TO CONTAIN YOUR POKEMON PAUL; YOU CAN GET BANNED FOR THAT!" Gary shouted. Paul shrugged it off. Ash shouted "Your lucky Pikachu's not in a coma or you'd be dead now!" As he said this he pointed at Paul in a swift hand motion to emphasize his point. When he did so, Paul was blasted back by a Gust-like (the move) wind. "Odd…" Ash and Gary said in unison. They shrugged it off, got Pikachu healed, and had Professor Oak suspend Paul for a week. Ash then returned home and bathed at his mom's request.

Ash stepped out of the shower, and it was evident by his facial expression that something was on his mind. He wrapped himself in a towel and walked down the hall to his bedroom. He slipped into his pajamas and then headed back down the hall towards the kitchen. He walked down the stairs and entered the room, finding his mom busy washing dishes in the sink. "Mom, we need to talk." Ash said. "About what honey?" Delia said, putting down a plate she was cleaning.

"About Dad." Ash said. Delia sighed. "Mom, I'm 13, I deserve to know who my own father is!" Ash said.

"Fine." Delia said, "Listen closely; I'm only saying this once. No questions until I finish talking, got it?" Ash nodded.

"OK. Your father was a very nice man; we fell in love on Shamouti Island. I was on vacation, and we just happened to bump into each other. You probably know one thing we did together, it's pretty obvious. Anyways, when I had to go home, we both knew I was pregnant. He said he couldn't come home with me, that he had to stay there; despite how much he wanted to be a father to you. The last thing he told me is that if our child ever wanted to know who his dad was, I was to tell him or her to go to a small island named Elemental Island."

Ash understood the information, but the last bit confused him. "Elemental Island? That island is mentioned in a few legends, but it's deserted. No one goes there." Ash said.

"Do you want to know who your father is or not?" Delia asked.

Ash sighed and said "Alright, I'll see if I can get an old friend to help me out." Delia nodded, and Ash headed back upstairs.

The next day Ash set out to the beach, his backpack full of supplies. At the beach he let out a unique whistle, and waited. He was patient, because he knew that his friend wasn't exactly going to show up instantaneously. After ten minutes, a Lapras swam up to the beach. "Hey old buddy!" Ash said, petting the large Pokémon. It cooed softly. "Do you think you can give me a ride to Elemental Island?" Ash asked. Lapras nodded happily, and Ash climbed on its back.

About two weeks later, Ash stepped onto the white sandy beach of Elemental Island. "Alright Lapras, you can go, I'll call you when I'm headed back." Ash said. Lapras nodded, and began swimming off. 'So, why would he tell my mom to send me here…' Ash thought, 'Maybe because this place makes for a good private meeting place…' Ash set his pack down on the beach and continued pondering.

Not really watching what he was doing, he subconsciously walked towards the water, as if drawn to it. All of a sudden, a big metal claw came out of nowhere and grabbed Ash. He was hoisted up into Team Rocket's Meowth balloon, and put in a net. "You three, what're you gonna do, hold me for ransom?" he asked. "Yes," Jessie said, "A furry, yellow ransom." "YOU'LL NEVER GET PIKACHU!" Ash shouted, while silently thanking Mew that he hadn't brought his best bud with him.

Suddenly, James cried out in fear. "WHY ARE THOSE GYARADOS ALL LOOKING UP HERE?" Jessie looked over the basket edge in curiosity. James' question was answered when the balloon and Ash's net were blasted to bits by a bunch of Dragonbreath attacks. Team Rocket blasted off, while Ash was prevented from doing so by a strange Psychic force. However, he DID fall in the ocean.

He quickly swam to the surface and gasped for air. He could see Elemental Island a good mile away. "Shit, I'll die of Hypothermia before I can swim that far!" Ash said. Suddenly, a voice entered his head. "Hold your breath." it said. Thinking quickly, Ash took a gulp of air before something grabbed him and pulled him down beneath the waves.

The thing pulled him about ten yards down, but Ash felt no pressure. Then it finally revealed itself. 'Lugia?' Ash thought. "Yes Ash, it's me." Lugia said telepathically, "Now, I will show you undisputable proof of who you father is. Do exactly as I say. Remove your clothes, and close your eyes. Imagine yourself controlling my body, the water flowing past your torso and tail smoothly. Imagine sensing the balance of Fire, Ice and Lightning, and hearing the world's balance as a soft, beautiful sound in the water."

Without a second thought, Ash did as Lugia said. "This feels weird!" Ash thought. "Open your eyes and everything will make sense." Lugia said telepathically. Ash opened his eyes, expecting a blurry image of his naked lower body in the water. Instead, he was met with a crystal clear image of what he thought to be Lugia's lower body. He turned his head left and saw Lugia floating next to him, and a big white wing where his own arm should be. Lugia, whose 17'10" tall, was still almost 6 feet taller than Ash.

"I'm a Lugia?" Ash exclaimed. "Yes, my son, you are." Lugia said, a happy smile on his face. Ash, now breathing underwater, said "You're my father?" Lugia wrapped a wing around his son, and pulled him close. "Yes, Ash, I am." he said. Ash teared up and hugged his newfound father. "I love you Dad..." Ash said. "I love you too son." Lugia said, returning Ash's hug.

They hugged for a minute straight, and then they separated and began to swim casually. Lugia told Ash how he could switch between his human and Lugia forms. Then Ash got curious. "So dad, why couldn't you go with mom all those years ago?" Ash asked. "Well son, I have no idea where she lives. I need to be near or in the ocean, I'm the Guardian of the Sea after all." Lugia replied. "Mom lives in Pallet Town, half a mile from the beach." Ash said. Lugia suddenly began to cry. "That means I could have come with her… I could have been a father to you… I SHOULD HAVE GONE! Ash… I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when you were young; I really wish I could have been there for you. Can you ever forgive me?" Lugia said.

Ash responded by hugging his father. "It's ok dad, all that matters is that you're here now, and we can be together now." Lugia dried up and hugged his son back. "Thank you Ash…" he said. Eventually the sun began to set, and it grew late. The father and son surfaced in an undersea cave that Lugia always slept in. Ash yawned, and rubbed his now full belly. His dad had taught him how to hunt, and the two had had quite a dinner.

Lugia had heard the yawn and said "You should get some sleep son, I need to think for a few minutes before I do." Ash nodded, and curled up on the wet sand. It felt good on his leathery, silver skin, and he immediately became drowsy. Lugia sat and pondered something for a few minutes, before he curled up next to his son and joined him in dream land.

The next morning Ash awoke to find a large pile of fish next to him. He remembered what had happened the day before, and smiled. His dad popped his head up out of the water and said "Help yourself to the fish." "Thanks Dad." Ash said. "No problem." Lugia said smiling. Then he dove back under the water. Ash ate from the pile of fish until he was full, leaving about ten left.

Lugia popped back up from the water, ate the remaining ten fish, and sighed contently. "Ready to head home son?" Lugia asked. Ash nodded. "Yeah, but what about my stuff? I left my bag on Elemental Island." Ash asked. "We'll grab it on the way, don't worry." Lugia said. Ash then dove into the water, and began swimming back home with his father. The two arrived at Elemental Island a few minutes later, and grabbed Ash's bag. After grabbing it in his beak and putting a barrier around it, Ash swam off with his dad.

They arrived in Pallet Town at about noon, and walked onto the beach. They both changed into human forms, and Ash looked at his dad as a human for the first time ever. "Wow dad, you look… a lot like me!" Ash said. "You didn't think you got your hair and good looks from your mom did you?" Lugia said grinning. They both chuckled a bit, and then Lugia said "Oh, by the way, call me Luke Ketchum when I'm human." Lugia said smiling. "OK Dad." Ash said.

Luke's hair was jet black, just like Ash's, but it was much neater. He stood about 6'4" tall, (Ash is 5'2") and weighed about 215 pounds. His facial features looked similar to Ash's, but a lot less babyish. He had sky blue eyes, and the same determined gaze as his son. He wore a blue jacket and a white tee over brown cargo pants and blue and white sneakers.

"Do you think this outfit makes me look immature?" Luke asked. "It's awesome dad, don't worry." Ash said smiling. Luke put his right arm around his son, and the two walked towards Pallet Town. They arrived at the Ketchum house in a matter of minutes, and knocked on the door. "One minute!" came Delia's voice from inside the house. "Man I've missed that voice…" Luke said quietly.

Delia answered the door a few moments later, her 5'11" frame sagging slightly in weariness. "Oh Ash, you're- LUKE? Oh my Mew!" she exclaimed. She hugged Luke, who hugged her back. "Should I expect wedding bells in the future?" came a familiar old voice. Both Delia and Luke blushed profusely. Ash and Oak chuckled. "Nice one Professor!" Ash said. "Thank you Ash." Oak said, "So, do I have to ask again?"

Luke and Delia looked at each other. They stared into each other's eyes, into their hearts. They loved each other, they had a son, and the three of them were happy together. Delia knew her answer, but she looked at Luke as if to ask "What do you think?" Luke took a deep breath and said "Yes Professor, you should." Delia squeezed Luke, and this time Ash joined in. Finally, the whole Ketchum family would be together.

Luke and Delia Ketchum were married May 22, 2001, exactly 14 years after Ash's birth. They thought Ash would dislike the idea of them getting married on his birthday, but were shocked to find that he loved the idea. The Ketchum family now lives happily in Pallet Town, and only Delia knows the secret about her husband and her son. They often take vacations, many of them to places with beaches. Misty is now Ash's girlfriend, and they seem very similar as a couple to Ash's parents. The Ketchum family has never been happier.