(5 Years in the future)

Ash was jolted from his sleep by the force of something large landing on top of him. He opened his eyes drowsily, and found him self staring into the brown pupils of his son Xander. Xander's younger twin brothers, Austin and Aaron, (Aaron was named after Sir Aaron) were standing by the side of the bed giggling. "I told you not to wake us up until 8:00!" Ash said. He looked over at his clock and read "8:30" "Oh, sorry. Did you guys just wake up?" he asked the boys. "Me and Aaron would still be sleeping if it weren't for Xander." Austin said. "Xander, how many times have I told you NOT to wake up your brothers?" Ash scolded.

"Hey, he woke me up too…" came a groggy voice from the hallway. A drowsy Sir Aaron stepped into the room in his new Aura themed pajamas that he allowed Ash to buy him. "Xander, if it weren't Christmas you'd be grounded!" Ash said, "Now go jump on your mother…" Ash rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. "Come on Ash, don't be a killjoy!" Sir Aaron said.

"Oh fine…" Ash said drowsily. He climbed out of bed and watched as Xander woke up Misty. She grabbed a camera, and the whole family headed for the Christmas tree. They opened up all their presents, and before long the only ones left were from Sir Aaron. Austin and Aaron opened an envelope with their names on it. They read Sir Aaron's letter, which said:

Dear Austin and Aaron,

When you open this letter you shall be given the ability to communicate with each other telepathically. This ability will come in handy in the future, but have fun with it for now. Merry Christmas.

Your Great 39 times Grandfather,

Sir Aaron Ketchum

The two boys were pleasantly surprised. "Aaron, can you hear me?" Austin thought. "Yeah, this is so cool!" Aaron replied. "Thanks really great grandpa!" Austin and Aaron said simultaneously. "How do they do that?" Sir Aaron said. Austin and Aaron giggled. "I think it's a twin thing." Misty said. "Well anyway, you're welcome you guys!" Sir Aaron said, smiling. Next, Xander opened his envelope. He read his letter from Sir Aaron, which said:

Dear Xander,

As you read this letter, your Aura powers shall awaken. Most children can't use Aura until they're at least ten, so consider yourself lucky. Merry Christmas!

Your great 39 times Grandpa,

Sir Aaron

Xander beamed with happiness. He used his newfound Aura powers to fly over to Sir Aaron and hug him. "Thank you really great grandpa!" he said. Sir Aaron hugged Xander back, and then ruffled his hair. "Your welcome kiddo." he said smiling. "Alright boys, it's time for breakfast. Afterwards you're going to spend some quality time with your really great grandpa." Misty said in a motherly tone.

"Yes mother." Xander said. "Yes mommy." Austin and Aaron said simultaneously. "Seriously, HOW DO THEY DO THAT?" Sir Aaron exclaimed. Austin and Aaron giggled hysterically, and Xander chuckled. "I guess it's just something twins do;" Ash said, "even if they aren't identical." "I guess so. It's actually pretty funny." Sir Aaron said. "I think it's cute." Misty said, giving her twins a hug. Austin and Aaron hugged her back. Suddenly there was a low rumble, and Misty looked straight at Ash. Ash put his hands up in the air and said "I swear, it wasn't me this time!" Sir Aaron rubbed the back of his neck and said "It was me actually..."

Misty herded everyone into the kitchen, and started cooking and serving French Toast. It was the boys' favorite, and had become a Christmas morning tradition. Ecstatic, the kids set personal eating records, and Xander somehow finished eating before Ash. "I can't believe it, someone's finally beat Ash at eating!" Misty said. "Like father like son I suppose!" Sir Aaron said, staring at Xander's empty plate.

Breakfast was eventually finished and cleaned up, and then everyone got dressed in thick winter attire. At 10:30, they al headed outside for some fun in the snow. Delia and Luke came outside next door, and joined the party. Pikachu suddenly ran over to Ash with an unusual Christmas present: Buneary. Dawn had sent Buneary over from Sinnoh, unable to keep the two Pokémon separate any longer.

Ash smiled as his best bud played in the snow with the love of his life. Misty smiled as her three boys frolicked around happily. Sir Aaron smiled as Xander helped his (Sir Aaron's) Lucario have some fun for a change. Luke and Delia smiled because everything was peaceful and happy. Although Sir Aaron would have to return to Heaven in a few days, this was certainly a Christmas that even he would always remember.