Originally written for the LJ community atlaland Special Challenge. It was a crossover challenge with the avatar_500 community, where participants were supposed to write a story using the avatar_500's prompt for the week, "teach". I'm not sure how I got this from that, but I did, and I kind of like it, actually. It was just something I thought of when I heard about the A:tLA sequel and read about how all Air Nomads are airbenders. So yeah. Enjoy.


A child born of any Air Nomad will always be an airbender.

Katara hadn't known that. Though she supposed that was a good thing, because it meant that there was still hope for the balance of the world. She felt much better knowing that the Avatar cycle could continue, though it would be generations before airbenders flourished as they once had, if that was even possible.

And yet…she had hoped that at least one of her children would be a waterbender. She always dreamed of passing her culture and heritage down her own line, in the way she never had. And now, knowing that any children she had with Aang would always be an airbender and she couldn't participate in that part of their lives… somehow, it just didn't seem fair.

Well, at least there was still Sokka's daughter…when he finally discovered his daughter was a waterbender, anyway.

The End