Dear Nephew Gobo,

Today I came upon a most interesting creature at the cave where the magical bell controls the silly creatures. This silly creature seemed to be unable to see or hear anyone except for me. Odd isn't it? So, anyway. The trash heap before I left gave me a magic potion to shrink the silly creatures or anything from their world that I might need down to our size. When I visit you soon I will bring her with me to stay with you and the rest of the Fraggles. She has a little bit of trouble speaking and a huge fear of water. I wonder why?


Your Uncle Traveling Matt.

. . .

"GUYS!" Gobo was grinning ear to ear. "Uncle Matt is bringing a Silly Creature to Fraggle Rock!"

"Really?" Wembly asked.

"We'll have to welcome her," Mokey said sweetly.

"With a party by the pool!" Red suggested.

"Not there. Uncle Matt says she's afraid of water." Gobo said.

"Afraid of water?" Boober smiled. "Sounds like my kind of Silly Creature does she like laundry?"

"I don't know Boober." Gobo said honestly. "I can't wait to meet her though."

"I just hope she doesn't bring germs." Boober said to himself.

"She won't will she?" Wembly asked.

"No." Gobo smiled.

"I should write her a poem." Mokey said with a happy giggle.

"She likes other sports Red. You'll get along." Gobo said sensing that was her fear.

"Oh I'm not worried about that. It's just how do we, meaning you, me, Mokey and Boober keep her away from it."

"Keep her with Wembly of course after the last incident when Pa Gorg chucked him down the well he hasn't been too pleased with water either." Red couldn't help but agree. For the past month Wembly had avoided anything that had anything to DO with water.

Gobo watched his younger friend eye the pond warily as he stood a few feet from it's edge. Mokey lead him father away from it and began to paint and sing with him. She sent the two of them a smile and went back to being with Wembly. Wembly couldn't help but be mesmerized by the water.

. . . flashback . . .

Wembly was walking with Mokey in the Gorg's garden. He kept close beside her and was struggling just a bit to keep up. They were preparing a large feast seeing Cantus the minstrel had just arrived. Wembly felt a large hand wrap around his waist. He struggled and squirmed.

"P-put me down."

"Now why would I do that wittle fwaggle?" Junior Gorg asked. "PA! MA! I caught a Fraggle! What do I do with it?"

"Give him here Junior." Pa looked at Wembly. "Well you were the little Fraggle that bit me aren't you? Played into my hand calling me King of the Universe like you should and then freed your friends. I know just what to do with Fraggles like you." Mokey's head popped up and she ran off to get Cantus.

It didn't take long before they found a rather wet struggling Wembly it the Fraggle pool. The Gorgs had thumped him and thrown him down their well which lead to the Fraggle pool.

"Wembly!" Gobo pulled him out of the water as Wembly held tightly to him. Cantus played a soothing song on his pipe and Wembly fell asleep on Gobo's shoulder.

"Let him rest." He advised. Gobo nodded his thanks for the calming of his younger companion and gently rocked Wembly. Gobo stayed with Wembly through out the rest of the week when Wembly refused to leave the cave. After that he would leave but avoided the pool. It took them a month to even go near the Great Hall where the Fraggle pool was.

. . .

Gobo shook the memory from his head. Well, at least things were looking up. He couldn't help but feel a slight bit of anger with the Gorgs they'd cut the Fraggles deeply with their attack on Wembly. Red seemed to notice this too.

"Stop thinking about it." She said to him.

"Yeah," He felt his gaze wander back to Wembly who was painting happily with Mokey.

"He'll be fine if we go take a walk." She whispered in his ear and pecked his cheek.

"I suppose." The two headed in the direction of Outer-Space.