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An Artist's Muse

By: Sombra112

A Model

"And what is this?" A very old man asked as he and his equally old female companion stopped in front of a gorgeous panting.

"Oh, darling. It's beautiful." the woman said looking at it admiringly.

Every year the Tokyo Museum held an art exhibition for raw talent. Up-and-comers, newbies, diamonds in the rough; they all got their best work hung in the museum. Art collectors from all over Japan, and even some from out of the country, came to look and admire the art.

Not to mention bid on their favorites.

The old man was a great lover of art, only his wife meant more to him. And she loved accompanying him to the many different places and seeing so many wonderful paintings and sculptures and glass. They came to this exhibition every year. She wore her pearl colored dress, he wore his nice suit, and they mingled with the other art lovers and artists.

"Do you like it?" a young man with glasses asked appearing at the old man's elbow.

"Ah, very much." the old man said not taking his eyes off of it. "The colors and shades are just so...captivating."

"It's so...odd." the woman said tilting her head and making the young man laugh.

"It's a Takahashi." he said admiring the painting himself. "I imagine he'll be a household name soon."

"It's an incredible portrait." the old man smiled. "Can you tell me who the young...woman is?"

The young man laughed again. "So you noticed, huh?"

"It seems like there's two people." the woman remarked. "But there is obviously only one."

"There's an interesting story behind it." the man said. "There is two women in that painting." he continued when the couple looked at him curiously. "But there is only one body."

"Quite confusing." the old man remarked. "What is the story?"

"Well, it started a few months ago..." the man started and smiled. He laughed. "Gosh, it seems like only yesterday."

"Oh, do stop with the suspense, my old heart can't take it." the old woman chided gently with a smile. "Tell us."

"I'd rather not." he said suddenly reluctant. "It's a long story."

"Well, you've got us curious now." the old man laughed. "Go on, we have all night."

"Well, if you insist." the man smiled. "It was a few months ago, at the end of the school year. Summer was just starting. And everything starts, with a single punch..."

Kagome blinked, unsure of what had just happened. She was standing there, frozen in shock, her fist still outstretched.

The whole cafe had fallen silent and stared with wide eyes at the scene in front of them.

It had been a normal day. Kagome had got up, got dressed, and decided to come to this small cafe to get breakfast instead of cooking.

That's where she met The Bitch.

The Bitch had long hair, long legs, big eyes, big breasts, and a really big attitude.

"Ugh." she had sneered at Kagome. "I hate copycats."

Kagome hadn't really known what had happened. She hadn't even been paying attention to anythingmuch less to The Bitch. She was wearing sweat pants rolled at the waist because they were too big and a maroon T-shirt from the university with the gold letters TU on the front. A direct contrast to The Bitch who looked like she had just come from a beauty parlor in her designer jeans and trendy, pink shirt with matching pumps.

But it was Kagome's unfortunate luck to look nearly identicle to her.

The Bitch's face was sharper and her legs longer and her skin creamier, but there was definitely a similarity to their features.

"I'm sorry?" Kagome had said hoping she was talking to someone else.

"Look, I know I'm cute, but you need to get your own style." The Bitch had sneered the 'advice'.

Kagome had looked around but The Bitch was obviously talking to her. She turned back around and said back, "I don't even know you. What are you talking about?"

"Sure you don't." she had smirked. "Seen my portraits on campus?" she indicated to Kagome's Tokyo University shirt.

After that it was all a big mess. Shouting ensued, Kagome was in her face, The Bitch was right back, unfortunately the taller as Kagome wasn't wearing heels but her raggedy tennis shoes she had owned, and abused, for over three years.

Anyway, one thing led to another and before Kagome knew it, her fist had shot out and landed square on The Bitch's nose.

"Ow!" The Bitch moaned and sat up.

"Uh-oh." Kagome said quietly. Her anger management teacher would not like this one bit. Kagome grimaced at the lecture he would give her when she saw blood start pouring down her face and soaking into her shirt. "Oh, this is not good." she moaned to herself as the people in the cafe converged on the injured woman.

She didn't find out how just 'not good' it was until a few hours later in the hospital.

She was sitting in the waiting room, waiting for the officer to release her to her anger management instructor, when he came.

He had the look of a guy who didn't smile and if he did it was few and far in between. His hair was long and black and fell straight down his back. He had on baggy, paint splattered jeans and a paint splattered red shirt. His eyes were violet and burning with anger.

"You! You did it!" he growled at her as he marched over to her.

Immediately the officer that was making sure she stayed put stood at attention, probably to make sure no more violence broke out.

"What are you, her boyfriend?" Kagome asked looking at him carefully. Punching the lightweight was one thing, he would present a much more difficult challenge as he had a foot and probably a good hundred pounds of muscle on her.

"She's my model, and you ruined her FACE!" He yelled at her as he clenched his fists looking like he would like nothing more than to punch her.

An artist, Kagome realized belatedly. And I ruined his model's face. I'm screwed.

"What are you going to do about..." he suddenly cut off and looked her over.

The officer kept an eye on him, obviously as scared by this sudden silence as she was.

"I like you." he said suddenly continuing to look her over.

"Well, I didn't see that coming." Kagome muttered.

"You, you're taking her place." he said suddenly.

"Wait a minute, what!" she tried to say but he cut her off.

"You punched my model in the face, be happy I'm not pressing charges and I'm keeping her from doing so." he growled at her.

"Look, I'm sorry, but I don't have time to be a model." Kagome protested. "Why can't you just wait for her to heal?"

"The artist's exhabition is in three months." he growled at her. "I don't have time to wait! Now you will be my model or we will press charges!"

Kagome opened her mouth to argue back but she looked at the officer. She really couldn't afford to have another mark on her record. He was giving her a way out. She had to take it, after all, how hard could modeling be?

"Who are you?" she asked eyeing.

"Name's Inuyasha." he growled. "Dorm C, room 115. Be there at 5 o'clock."

"5?" Kagome repeated.

"AM." he clarified and watched her jaw drop.

"You can't-"

"I can and I am." he pointed out. "Be there, or I'm pressing charges."

Without another word, he turned and stormed off in the direction of The Bitch, or as Kagome had learned her name, Kikyo.

"This is so unfair." she moaned. But she would rather be a model than be in juvie.