A/N: There just aren't any GalexPeeta's out there. So here ya' go. Because we ALL ship that.

The utter shock that he saw come into Peeta Mellarks beautiful blue eyes as he pushed him up against the wall was not enough to stop him from kissing him fiercely; but that same shock almost evaporated when Peeta took hold of the gorgeous face of Gale Hawthorne and kissed those delicious lips right back.

His breathing grew heavy as the little escapade continued. A strange mixture of a cry for help and pleasure filled moan escaped his throat when he felt Gales tounge on his own.

It was at that moment that Peeta realized, Katniss was right. And as if reading his mind Gale pulled from the townie and stared at him, with that sexy grin that was just so...Galey, and the seam boy said: "You are a good kisser." Peeta blinked and almost smiled before he added, "For a spoiled townie." with a cock of his head, that was, again, ever so Galey.

A wicked grin crept on the blonde boys lips. "You aren't so bad yourself, for a dirty seam kid."

Gale laughed, a wicked, teasing, yet genuine laugh. And he kissed him again.

And again.

And again.

Peeta allowed himself to slide those little hands of his to Gales belt, clutching it, and ready to yank that sucker off, and experience for himself why those past little lovers of his went so crazy over him, but Gale pulled from him again, and he chuckled a little.

"Whats wrong?" Peeta asked, surprised and, quite frankly, dissappointed.

"You move too fast, Mellark." Gale said, backing away from him and smoothing out his long black locks. Oooh... Peeta thought, Do it again. "Maybe someother time."

Gale began to walk away, until Peeta called out to him.

"I know why you won't."

"Oh, really?" The seam boy stopped, wanting to here this.

Peeta decided to state the obvious first. "For one, Katniss." and Gale chuckled again,

"Sure , why not blondie?"

"And second, you don't want to, whats the word, corrupt me?"

Gale laughed again, turned back around to face him and Peeta shivered at that laugh and that smile. That sexy laugh and smile...but I digress.

"Oh Peeta, you really think I care about you that much?"

This time Peeta laughed, and smiled at him. "So, what then?"

Gale smiled, and the two boys, absolute opposites, stared at eachother for a moment in silence. In truth, Gale liked Peeta, and he didn't want to take his virginity from him on a whim, in the middle of a hover craft hallway, like some sleezy capitol slut, just because he himself was in the mood, or whatever. But the real reason, would remain in that twisted seamy mind of his.

He just liked to mess with him.

"What does it matter? I said later, okay? You'll get your turn." And with that, Gale winked at Peeta and began to walk away again.

"I'm not as innocent as you think, Hawthorne." This made the seam boy stop, again. "I can...I can take it, okay?"

And Gale laughed again, and decided to add one more witty comment before leaving the boy with the bread in the hall. "Please, Mellark." he chuckled again. "I'd break you."

A/N: So there's a lot of run on sentences. Gale's a little too slutty/sexy, and Peeta's a little to much of pussy. (Can I say that?) That's just a few of the problems in with this story. Or maybe not. Maybe you like that stuff...you know who you are.

So...Love it? Hate it? A nasty combination of the two? (Thats what she said) Let me know. And if the majority of you like it, who knows, I might continue. Yeah...because you'd like that, huh? You like yoai, don't you? I know I do. And I'm very proud of that.

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