Chapter 1

It was Wednesday and I heard my phone ring. I picked it up. It was Mia. She said that I need to get to the safe house right now. Before I could ask why she hung up. I know Mia because my brother had to beat the blacklist racers once. I got to come with him sometimes. I don't know why Mia would call me. I went anyway.

When I got there I saw my brother's car and two other cars. I went inside and there was Mia, my big brother Steve and two other guys that looked like twins. I sat down on the spare seat. Mia started to talk. She said "the blacklist racers are back. They have upgraded there cars and they are way better. We need someone new that they don't know anything about. That's why your hear Ryan."

"Me." I said in astonishment.

"Yes." Said Mia "they have not seen you drive and I think you a pretty good racer."

"Thanks but I don't think I am that good." I said.

"That's ok we will train you a bit" Mia said. "Ok I'll do it. I should get started" I said. I went out to my car. I got in to go do some races.

I was racing all day. I won two races. I needed to win one more. I went to the race. It was a sprint race. There were four people in the race. They looked pretty fast. I would have to try my hardest. The race started and I sped off with the other guys. We were swerving and weaving past all the cars driving on the road. One of the racers rammed into the side of another racers car. He went off the road and slammed into a power pole. I was winning the race when a truck came around the corner. I just swerved out of the way but the other guy was right behind me and he smashed into the truck. I was lucky. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a cop car. I think he saw me too. His sirens and lights were going crazy. He decided to go for the other racer. He pit manoeuvred him and then came for me. I just finished the race but he was still following me. I had to try and get away. I was going flat out but I could not out run the cop. I had to try some tricky stuff. I took a sharp turn into an ally way and then I went out the other side. And drove into a spot where he could not see me. Ho drove strait past and never found me.

When I went back to the safe house Mia told me its time to race Sonny.

It was the next day and it was time to race Sonny. I went to the race and we were about to start. Sonny drove up and revved his engine

My car rattled as I revved mine. I was in my Cobolt SS. He was in his Volks Wagon Golf GTI. "READY SET GO!" Yelled the guy.

I slammed my foot on the accelerator and I sped off in front of sonny. He was furious. He started to catch up. He came up beside me. I took a glimpse at him through my side view mirror. When I looked to the front again, there was a turn. So I quickly tapped the brake and turned the steering wheel. I drifted around the corner easily. I was now smashing sonny. I was on the last strait when sonny used his NOS. Sonny was right beside me again. He pulled in front. I had NOS too. I used it. I just inched my way in front and I won. I was so happy. I won 5000 dollars. I went to go and buy some upgrades for my car when razor, the number 1 blacklist racer came up to me in his Nissan 370z that he doesn't race with. He drove in front of me and stopped so I would stop. He got out of his car and so did I. He said "nice work beating sonny, but you won't be able to beat the next racer."

He didn't tell me who it was. But I knew.

Chapter 2