"Oh go fuck yourself, Sebastian! Don't act all high and mighty about this, you did this too!" I yell at him, screaming, internally fighting myself not to beg for him to stay.

"You manipulative bitch, you fucking mind fucked me into continuing this until it got outer hand. You couldn't handle the fact that I fell for Annette!" He yells back, his voice much deeper than mine.

"I mind fucked you? Ha." I laugh bitterly in his face, stepping so close to him our chests are almost touching. My hand reaches out to touch his face, he doesn't flinch he just stands there. "You didn't fall for her brother. You simply couldn't stand the idea that I would win so much that you obsessed about getting into her panties, convincing yourself you 'love her'."

He takes my hand and smiles. There's something in that smile that tears my heart apart like I know this is not going to end well. Like I know he's about to hurt me.

"Do you know how absurd that sounds, Kathryn? How absurd you sound making up all kinds of fucking excuses just so you won't feel rejected? Face the facts baby, she's better than you." He snidely tells me, never backing down.

I scoff. But to some extend I can see the truth in his eyes. Is she better than me now, my Sebastian? You want her and not me? "Better than me? I laugh at how pathetic you are Sebastian. She's a poor blonde substitute and you'll get bored of her just like you get bored of every other fucking blonde woman you try to substitute for me."

"Oh darlin'." He begins, seemingly adapting a southern drawl. "She's better looking, she's a better person, people actually fucking like her and aren't afraid of her. She's got a heart and a soul. She'll always be better compared to you. In fact you're nothing but a dirty, pathetic slut, Kathryn."

I slap him. Hard. Twice. Because one never seemed enough. He just smiles. So I hit his chest. Angry, no not angry fucking fuming with rage. How dare he…how fucking dare he say that to me! Doesn't he know what I could do to him…to her? I could ruin them. I could fucking bury them if I wanted to.

"Don't you fucking come near me ever again Sebastian. We are through." I spit at him.

He shoves me. Hard and hurtful. My back slams against the wall. I crumble and fall to the floor. Defeated, broken. He looks down at me with such hatred and disgust that for the first time in my life I feel like I'm nothing to him anymore. Maybe that's what he wanted?

"We were through long ago, I just didn't want to admit it and don't worry it'll be my fucking pleasure to stay away from you. Fucking whore."

I watch as he walks out of my room. I listen as his feet take him downstairs and out the door. I hear his car speed off. Then I cry. I sit there and fucking cry. My heart feels like it's been crushed. Like he's literally stolen it from my chest, thrown it to the ground and stomped on it until it's just a slushy pile of blood and muscle.

My body shoots up in bed, I'm sweating. My body is drenched in my own sweat, disgusting. I take in my surroundings. My beautiful chocolate coloured bedroom looking out over the city. I immediately calm down and take in the delectable smell of vanilla and strawberries, the sweet smell of the incense I constantly burnt in my apartment. My apartment. Mine, mine, mine. Not the Valmont townhouse, not that fucking cold empty mansion I hadn't been to in years.

Breathe Kathryn it's been 7 years.

The body next to me stirs, the covers of my bed sliding down the chiselled chest of my bed mate. I purr and run a finger down his chest, to his belly button. He smiles, never opening his eyes.

"Kathryn…" He groans, croaky, hoarse. Evidence he'd been in a deep slumber.

"Wake up." I whisper seductively.

His eyes slowly open, his beautiful long lashes fluttering. He looks at me, no actually he looks into me. Into my soul and my heart and I don't mind one bit. I've become accustomed to his piercing gazes that penetrate my body, the ones no other man (besides the one I no longer speak of) can do. I let him tear my walls away and melt away the ice. His gaze softens a little and he touches my cheek. I smile, a real Kathryn smile. Nothing fake, nothing pretend. Never anything fake or pretend about the way I look at him. Not anymore. He brings my face down and kisses my forehead softly, his pouty pale lips brushing against my skin.

"Sleep Kitty." He says.

"Why? Why when we could be doing other things?" I lick my lips, letting him call me his pet name for me. Something I rarely let anyone ever do to me.

"Because I have to work tomorrow and so do you. I need to sleep, Kathryn. I've got that big client coming tomorrow and I need to look like my girlfriend doesn't wake me up at all hours of the night wanting to fuck my brains out."

I nod and smile, snuggling back down into my bed. He wraps his toned arms around me and smells my hair. I close my eyes and so does he. Within a minute he's softly snoring away and I can't help but love how much he relaxes me. I always get the best night sleep when I'm with him.

He leaves before I do in the morning, (kissing my forehead "Go to work today Kathryn. I'm sure they're stressing without you." He said. "Oh but I could be doing something better with my time. I don't need to work and neither do you. Let's go away. Let's leave." I said. He laughed and left.) and I am all alone. I turn on the TV straight to the gossip channel. I'm usually not one for gossip, but I felt like indulging this morning.

A perky blonde woman appears on my flat screen TV talking about whatever drug/alcohol problem Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton had at that moment. She talks about Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian. I tire of listening to her voice drone on until I hear a familiar name.

"…And lastly Hunter Wright II and his beautiful girlfriend Kathryn Merteuil were seen dining out last night on the Upper East side…" I smile, absolutely thrilled. "Are we seeing a baby bump? Or has Miss Merteuil just been eating out too much? We'll keep you posted, until then…"

I scowl. Baby bump? I'm not pregnant. Nor am I fat. I stand up and immediately retreat to my bedroom where I stand in front of the full length mirror staring at my body from all angles. My cell rings and I flip it open angrily.

"What?" I bark.

"Princess I just seen…are you okay?" Blaine. Of course. The only person I know who admits to watching sad Gossip channels.

"Yes Blaine." I hear the hesitation he wants to ask me if I'm pregnant. "No, Blaine. You're not going to be an uncle any time soon. Fucking gossip slut. I haven't even put on weight!"

"Oh. Don't worry about it. You're so skinny, Kathryn."

"Shut up. I have to go. I'm late." I hang up.

I get to my office in a shit mood. My receptionist smiles and waves at me, I don't even acknowledge her. Stupid bimbo. I only hired her because my male clients love her over sized breasts that she so sluttily puts out there for show. Hasn't she heard a thing called class? My personal assistant knocks on my door.

"What is it?" I ask, slamming down a folder on my desk.

"Don't talk to me like that." She tells me. The only woman alive, brave enough to talk to me like that. "Hunter called," also the only woman in my office to call him Hunter and not Mr Wright, "He just wanted you to call him when you got in, he also said that if you weren't in by 10 to personally go to your apartment and drag you here." She laughs. Strangely, I don't hate her. In fact Hailey Wright was one of my closest friends aside from Blaine.

I smile. Perfect Hunter.

"Thank you. Has the Tokyo report been filed yet? I told my grandfather I'd send him the report once it's been filed." I soften to her. After all, she is Hunter's little sister.

"Yes. Here." She passes me the file. "I'm about to go and get coffee, did you want me to pick up your turkey and salad roll while I'm out?" She asks.

"No. I'm having a salad today, I picked it up on the way to work." I lie easily. She eats it up. So what? I could stand to lose a couple of pounds or so.

She leaves me office and I am finally alone. I dial Hunter's office.

"Mr Wright's office, Jenna speaking." His receptionist answers.

"It's Kathryn. Put me through to Hunter." I order.

"Hunter Wright speaking." He answers, his business voice. His sexy, sexy business voice.

"Hello." I speak. Smiling like an idiot.

"Kathryn. You're at work then? Good. I'm taking you to lunch today alright? I had Hailey clear your appointments already so don't argue with me. You are my girlfriend and I am making time for you, so you are making time for me."

"I wasn't going to argue." I lie.

"You were. I know you. I'll pick you up at one okay?"


"I love you."

"Bye." I hang up.

"Hunter's here." Hailey tells me through the intercom.

"Thank you." I reply.

I step out into the reception area and find Hailey and Hunter laughing. They look so much alike I would think they were twins if I didn't know better. Both of them had dark, dark brown hair, it was almost black it was that dark. They were both tall, Hailey was 6ft and Hunter was 6'2. Both similarly built, lean but muscular (Hailey a little less, as she is obviously a girl). They spoke with the same tones and elegance (good breeding) and had the same funny habits (like licking their lips a lot and smoothing their clothes over A LOT). The only difference between them? Their eyes. Hunter's were green, like the colour of seaweed and Hailey's were brown, the same brown of an almond. The Wright siblings were beautiful, both well mannered and gorgeous.

I approach Hunter, kissing his cheek. He returns the affection by touching his lips to the top of my head, me being quite a bit smaller then him.

"You ready?" He says to me.

I nod and tell Hailey to call me if anything urgent comes up, she laughs and tells me to go already and stop obsessing over things.

As we reach his car (his black Bentleigh) he opens the door for me, I slide into the comfortable seats, familiar to me as we often travel in his beautiful Bentleigh.

He kisses my hand as we exit the car park. I love how his lips feel, so warm yet so pale looking. We arrive at the restaurant and we're seated immediately in a booth, cornered and dimly lit even in the midday sun. He orders a bottle of champagne and an entrée for us to share.

"So what's this about Hunter?" I smirk. "You're supposed to be working on that big client aren't you?"

"You're more important." He says this without hesitation.

"You're up to something."

"You're suspicious."

"No, just cautious."

He laughs, throaty and beautifully melodic. I never want to leave this perfect moment sitting at this perfect booth with my perfect boyfriend.

"Kathryn there is something I want to talk to you about…" He begins, sipping his champagne.

"I told you."

His hand dips down and he brings a blue velvet box on the table. A ring box? It must be, unless it's earrings. Stop babbling Kathryn.

"Kathryn don't speak okay? You have this uncanny habit of interrupting me when I want to talk. So just be quiet for a second okay?" I nod. "When I met you almost 6 years ago you were this perfect 19 year old. So beautiful, so alive in those eyes. You tried to fool me that elegant tongue, years of being trapped in a world you hated to be in. The moment you let your guard down and said 'So what the fuck do you want then?' that was it. I had to have you. You didn't know me, you didn't know anything about me or my family or my history. I liked that you treated me like just another guy for that whole night, I didn't know your name and you didn't know mine. I enjoyed that. I fell in love that night, Kathryn. I fell in love with a girl who wasn't afraid to tell me to leave her alone or who didn't like me because I was a Wright. You've for so long now, been this woman that I wanted to be my family and I think now we're ready to take that step, Kathryn. I'm asking you, I'm begging you actually. Please marry me, Kathryn?" He opens the box. A beautiful white gold, Harry Winston diamond ring stares at me.

I look at him, smiling, loving the way he's looking at me.

"Kathryn? Don't do that. You scare me when you don't speak."

I look back down at the ring and then back at him.

"Sebastian?" I say, shocked.

"No…Hunter remember?"

"No, no." I say.

"Oh. Uh. This is not how I pictured this."

"No. Quiet. It's a yes Hunter. Yes, I'll marry you. But that over there. That blonde haired fucker is my step-brother. That one right with that matching blonde haired, hick!" I practically yell.

He turns around and he sees Sebastian. He knows of Sebastian. But not the history, not the bet, the anger, the hurt. Kansas Barbie turns around, a smile on her farmer face and then it disappears because she sees me, she looks utterly stunned like she had forgotten I live in Manhattan.

Then Sebastian turns around and he spots me too and he looks like he's been glued to the ground and smacked in the face. They both do. Sebastian's eyebrows knit together and then he looks at Hunter and he looks at the box on the table and he looks a little confused and then I grab Hunter and I kiss him and I mean I really fucking kiss him and I take the ring and practically scream yes as he puts it on my finger. Take that you fucking jerk.