"Don't you want to say hello to him?"


"He's your brother."

"Step brother, Hunter."

"He's still family."


I pull Hunter outside the restaurant where there are paparazzi scattered everywhere (not actually because of Hunter and I, but because Paris Hilton was inside that restaurant too). Blinding flashes hit my eyes and I curse at being such a high society woman.

"Mr Wright! Ms Merteuil! Is that a ring on your finger? Are you two getting married!" They yell.

Usually I wouldn't give them the time of day. But Sebastian was inside there and even if he couldn't hear the commotion outside, he would certainly see this eventually. It'll be on every gossip segment of every channel all over the country and maybe even in others.

"Yes. We're engaged." I confirm, extending my hand for the cameras to see my beautiful diamond ring.

"Mr Wright where did buy Kathryn's ring! How much did it cost? How many carats?"

He laughs like this doesn't bother him. Like he's used to it. Actually, he probably is.

"Obviously I'm not about to tell you how much I payed for it. But it's a Harry Winston and it's 4 carats. Thank you and good day to you." He says, whisking me away into the awaiting Bentleigh.

As we arrive at my office Hailey is waiting, jumping for joy practically. Other people in my office seem jealous but fake smiles are plastered on their faces. 'I'm so happy for you Miss Merteuil. Congratulations.' Yeah as if. Hailey almost bawls me over when she wraps her arms around me.

"Oh my God. Was it perfect? Show me, show me! I can't believe he didn't tell me he was going to propose to you! Hunter how could you!" She squeals in delight. As much as I generally hated any girl who got all squeaky about this stuff, I did love Hailey.

"Hailey, I have work to get back to. Do you mind getting back to your desk and doing your work too."

She rolls her eyes and laughs. I kiss Hunter's cheek. "See you tonight?" I question just as he receives a text.

"Yes. I'll pick you up around 7." He tells me.

"Why? Where are we going?"

"That was my father. They've heard the news and they want to throw us an engagement party…tonight. I guess news gets around fast. It's okay, nothing flash I assume, well at such late notice…although. Anyway, 7 okay?"

I nod and he kisses me softly and leaves.

"Call me back, Kat! I want to talk about your super hot boyfriend now becoming your super hot fiancé. Beep." Blaine's voice on my answering machine.

"Katie, Mr and Mrs Wright just invited me to your engagement party. Just letting you know I might be a little late, your grandmother can't decide what she wants to wear tonight…" He laughs, so handsome my grandfather is. "Anyway, I'll see you tonight. Beep."

"Kathryn this is your mother. Edward and I were shocked to hear you were engaged. Couldn't inform us first? No, of course not. Always selfish. I expect an explanation tonight at the Wright's. Beep."

"Kathryn…it's," I don't need to be told. Fucking Sebastian, how did he even get my phone number, "Sebastian. I…congrats sis. I guess…Beep." Ha, not enough room on my answering machine for him. Good. I don't want to hear it anyway.

I run my bath and soak up the warmth of the water, admiring my ring. I can't deny that it's beautiful. It looks stunning on my dainty finger, it's like he knew how perfect it would look, like somehow he had a mould of my finger made and took it to Harry Winston himself and said 'here make a ring to fit this'. You know what, I actually wouldn't put it past Hunter. He's that charming and sweet he just might have done that.

By 7 o'clock I am dressed in a simple red dress, all done up and ready to be the Belle of the ball. Ready to address my adoring fans.

Hunter is on time, as per usual in a perfectly pressed Armani suit. His eyes are like glittering seaweed. I can't stop looking at them. He looks wonderful. All blue blood.

"You look…"

"Wonderful, amazing, perfect? I know." I giggle.

"Of course you do." He smiles back.

It doesn't take us long to get to his parent's mansion. It looked much like the old Valmont townhouse on the outside. It spoke of old money, old New York. I loved the look of it, I always had. It always made me feel like I was walking into an old silent film where everything was classy and nothing was every wrong. Inside was complete bliss. It was all marble and mahogany and red. It felt so warm and loving in that mansion that sometimes I forgot that it was a mansion. Everything was pristinely kept but you could also tell that a family had lived here. There were pictures of Hailey and Hunter everywhere throughout the house, as babies and toddlers and children and teenagers right up to two months ago when we threw Hailey her 23rd birthday party on the balcony on the top floor. Over on top of the fire place was a framed picture of Hunter and I taking two years ago, he was 26 and I was 23. I never felt more part of this family then I do when I look at that picture.

His mother greets us in the front room, dressed in an elegant Chanel suit, she reminded me of what the first lady should look like.

"Kathryn, it's so wonderful to see you again. It's been too long. Congratulations, sweet heart." She hugs me, she's one of the few people in the world I actually enjoy being embraced by. She treats me more like her daughter then my mother ever did and ever will.

"Thank you Diana and thank you for throwing us an engagement party. Especially so soon. It wasn't necessary." I tell her.

"Oh nonsense Kathryn. When I found out, I absolutely couldn't wait to shove it in all those other society women's faces that my pride and joy, Hunter was marrying such a beautiful lady. Come, come you two. There are people in the ballroom wanting to congratulate you."

We follow her through the house and into the ballroom. It was lavishly decorated with silver and gold. Tables adorned in beautiful silverware and white lily bouquets. Hunter's father stops us.

"Congratulations son, Kathryn." He speaks. He is just as handsome as Hunter, if not more. His salt and pepper hair made him look a little like George Clooney.

Hunter and his father shake hands and I smile, watching as people are waiting to talk to me. To see the ring in person, to touch it and ask me how I got him to propose. In all honesty I have no idea.

"Kathryn, your step-brother is here, waiting for you with your mother and step-father. I think they're over by…" But I don't hear the rest. Because as soon as I'm informed Sebastian's here it's like I know where exactly he is in this room. I find him with no trouble, all blonde curls, blue eyes and black suit. He's arm is around Barbie's waist and he's whispering something in her ear. She looks uncomfortable or scared. I'd like to think she's scared.

"Thank you." I reply hastily before making my way across the ballroom to greet my family.

I ignore everyone trying to talk to me. I have my eyes set on him and he knows it. He seems to grab her tighter as if he thinks I'd act out suddenly and kill her. He's surprised when I don't.

"Mother, Edward. Thank you for coming." I kiss both their cheeks politely.

"Kathryn…" Sebastian starts.

"And brother dear. It's been so long, I see you brought…Annette." I try to be pleasant. I see Hunter coming for me in the corner of my eye. I kiss Sebastian's cheek and follow disgustingly through with Annette. "Let's not keep it so long next time." I smile, fake of course.

I want to walk away but Hunter takes me waist and extends his hand to Sebastian.

"Hi. I'm Hunter Wright, Kathryn's fiancé. You must be Sebastian, her brother." He says, gentleman like and something Sebastian does not deserve. If only he knew the things Sebastian and I had done.

"Step brother actually. This is Annette, my girlfriend." He says, shaking Hunter's hand but even I can tell that he doesn't want to.

"It's lovely to finally meet Kathryn's step-brother. I'd like to say I've heard so much about you, but I guess you know Kathryn. She likes to keep her family separate from me. You'd think she'd have something hide." He laughs.

"Well…" Sebastian.

"Well, you know that's not it at all Hunter. You know I told you, Sebastian's a busy man. Out of the country a lot and things. I mean I haven't seen him in a long time." I interrupt.

"Yes, yes. So Sebastian. Seeing as I know nothing about you, how about I get us some drinks and we all sit down and reacquaint ourselves with each other. Kathryn must be dying to catch up." Hunter smiles, unknowing of the history between us three.

Hunter gets us all a glass of champagne and starts chatting away to Sebastian.

"So in my senior year at Yale I went to a Charity even Tiffany was throwing and there she was. Kathryn. Even though I had been attending college with her for quite some time, I had never seen her around. Did you two attend college?" He asks, sipping his drink.

"Yes. Actually Annette and I we took a break during college. She attended a community college back in Kansas and I left for Oxford. I only did two years before I couldn't stand being away from her any longer." He kisses her temple. "So I flew home and just worked for my dad bit."

"Do you live here in New York or back in Kansas?" Hunter asks.

"Kansas. It's quite a nice house. Lots of…room. Space. You know. We're looking at buying something small in Manhattan, my dad does a lot of business here and I think it'd be wise instead of staying in hotels and things."

"Well, as lovely as it was talking to my brother and Annette we should mingle. Don't want to be rude." I smile half heartedly.

Hunter agrees and we leave the table.

So he has a white picket fence house in Kansas with Barbie? Probably dogs and cats and birds. Yuck. Enough to make me sick.

Later on Annette approaches me.


"What is it? Just because I was polite to you, it does not mean I like you. I still think you're a giant hypocrite." I tell her rudely.

"I need your help." She says, tears in her eyes.

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