Note: (This story I have added Nymphadora Tonks as a 18 year old Auror trainee. This is an apology to those who prefer cannon ages, I know she's Charlie's age but for the purpose of this story she is older.)

The next morning Sirius woke Harry up. He helped Harry get ready for the day.

They were almost ready when Remus yelled from the kitchen, "Padfoot come on food."

Harry asked, "What did he say?"

Sirius picked up Harry and started for the kitchen, "He said Padfoot come on food."

Harry said, "What's a padfoot."

Sirius chuckled, "It's my nickname. Because I can turn into a dog. Dogs have pads on their paws."

Remus yelled again, "What's taking so long?"

Sirius yelled back, "Hold your horses Moony, we're almost there." Quieter he said to Harry, "Moony, or Remus as you know him, gets grumpy if he doesn't get fed often enough."

Remus said, "I do not."

Harry laughed. Sirius loved the sound of Harry's laugh and vowed to make him laugh every day. Of course it would probably be at Moony's expense.

When they reached the kitchen Remus said, "Finally. I thought you had gotten lost. I was going to advise you to have Snuffles lead you."

Harry asked, "Moony, who's Snuffles?"

Remus smiled, "It's the name we gave Sirius' dog form. When we were at school he would sometimes walk around as a dog when other students were around. To get his attention we didn't want to yell Sirius or Padfoot, because everyone knew him with those names. We chose Snuffles because of the sound his nose makes when he's tracking and no one would link Sirius to Snuffles."

Harry and Ginny had to share a chair, because all the other chairs were full, they were the smallest and would fit.

Once everyone was eating Arthur said, "Sirius, Albus reminded me that we need to get you to Gringotts. He also said you should try to call your family house elf."

Sirius said, "I'll do that later, I'm not ready to face that possibility during breakfast."

After breakfast Sirius went outside with Remus. Harry tried to watch from the door but the kids took him into the living room to play exploding snap.

Outside Sirius called loudly, "Kreacher."

The house elf popped up and started grumbling. Sirius said, "Do you know happened to Regulus?"

Kreacher told him the story of Regulus' death by inferi in the cave by the sea. Sirius said, "Bring the locket to me."

Kreacher popped away and was back a few minutes later, "Here it is Master, can you destroy it?"

Sirius said, "I'm going to try. Thanks Kreacher, you can go back to the house."

Back inside the adults were looking at the locket, in the kitchen. After a few minutes Ginny and Harry came in holding hands. She started to say, "Mum Harry needs…" She stopped talking suddenly and everyone looked at them. Both of them were glowing. Harry had a black aura that looked like flames and Ginny's was red.

At the same time they began to talk, "We must be destroy it. Horrible dark magic resides inside. We need the whole flame."

Just then Ron walked into the room and stopped beside Harry. As soon as he was close to Harry and Ginny his aura also turned to Red flames and he repeated what they had said.

Sirius put the locket in his pocket and the aura's around the kids disappeared and they all blinked.

Ron was the first to talk, "What was that?"

Harry said, "Don't know but it was weird."

Ginny said, "We need to find that other flame. I really think we need to search for her."

The first thing Sirius noticed was that Ginny's lisp was gone. She was saying her r's and th's like she never had a problem. Ginny and Harry also seemed taller so he asked Molly, "Are Ginny and Harry taller?"

Remus said, "I'm calling Albus. He might know what's going on."

A few minutes later Albus stepped through the floo carrying a box. They had sent the three kids back into the living room.

Sirius said, "What did you find at the Dursley's?"

Albus said, "He was kept in the cupboard under the stairs. All his possessions and clothes are in this box."

Sirius opened the box to find mostly old ratty clothes and a few broken toys. Finally at the bottom was an old blanket. It looked like it had been blue but it had never been washed.

Remus gasp, "I can smell Lily and James on that blanket. It must be the one you left with him Albus."

Albus said, "That's what I thought. It was the only blanket on the little mattress. Why would they get him clothes that were obviously to large?"

Sirius said, "I don't think they did. At St. Mungos Harry said Ron's clothes were much nicer than Dudley's."

They sat in silence for a few moments then Albus asked, "What did you need from me?"

As Sirius put all Harry's things back in the box and put it under the table he explained about Kreacher and the locket and then what the kids did.

Albus said, "Let me see the Locket." Sirius handed it to him. Albus did a series of spells and said, "This is Slytherin's Locket. I can feel some magic about it but I'm not familiar with it. I can't imagine any magic causing something like that. Bring the kids back in, I want to see their reaction."

Sirius hadn't even called them in whey they stepped just inside the door, with flaming aura's and all looked at Albus and said together, "We must destroy it. It is evil. We need the other flame. She is coming."

Albus asked, "Where is she coming from?"

Harry answered, "London."

Albus asked, "How will she get here?"

Harry answered, "By car."

Albus asked, "When."

Harry answered, "Today."

Albus said, "Sirius take the locket and put it in your pocket."

Sirius did and the flames around the kids disappeared, Ron said, "That didn't feel as weird as the first time." Ginny and Harry agreed.

Albus said, "I would like to do some tests on you alright."

Harry said, "Do them on me first." Sirius was astonished, the last time they wanted to do something to him Harry had been as timid as a mouse. Now he was demanding to go first with no fear. What was happening.

After Albus was done with Harry he tested Ron and then Ginny. The kids went back to play and the adults stayed in the kitchen to talk Albus said, "This is odd. They all appear to be almost six years old."

Molly said, "But Ginny won't turn four until August."

Several hours went by and Harry, Ron and Ginny came back and Harry said, "They're here." And the three children walked out the door.