Snape strolled into the hospital before dinner intent on just giving Harry his homework and then leaving. But as he put the assignment on the bedside table Harry reached out and grabbed his arm with both hands. Severus began to panic because he couldn't move. He even looked for Sirius in his limited vision but knew he wouldn't help when he saw him asleep on the next bed.

Harry pulled up his sleeve and wrapped both hands around the dark mark. Ginny, Hermoine and Ron held onto Harry's shoulders. Severus wanted to collapse onto the floor from the pain Harry was inflicting on him but he couldn't move. After several minutes of this Harry let go and Severus passed out on the floor.

In the Great Hall it was very loud as dinner began. Albus noticed Severus wasn't back from delivering Harry's homework yet but he wasn't concerned until a small group of students erupted in white flames. Albus turned to Minerva who had an alarmed look on her face, "Watch them, if any faint bring them to Poppy. I'm going to check on the other four."

Very few people in the room understood the reason the for the Headmaster's quick departure from dinner. Those who did were unable to follow. For Minerva she was watching the students. For the students they were calmly sitting and waiting. Harry had explained it to them. If one of the group needed extra power to do something it would be drawn from them. They would need to find a place to sit or lay quietly until the flame went away.

When he arrived at the hospital he saw Poppy standing over a bed with Severus Snape in it. When he asked her what happened she pointed to Harry and went back to her work.

Sirius was awake by then and said, "Ok, he's here now what happened with Snape?"

"I fixed him." Harry said yawning, "I need some sleep."

Harry promptly fell asleep and Ron took over the story, "We knew that he had the Dark Mark but that he wasn't a follower but a spy. Harry reached out to all the other Death Eaters to see if any others were being forced to be a Death Eater or otherwise didn't want to be one. Any that didn't want to be have been separated. That way they won't die with Voldemort."

Albus stepped over to Severus and pulled up his sleeve. The Dark Mark had been altered to just be a snake tattoo. When he returned to the students he asked, "How… You know the others will die?"

"Yes, it's the nature of the mark." Hermione said, "Harry's been worried that innocent people like Professor Snape would die so he fixed them."

"And Quirrell is going to attack soon." Ginny added.

"How long will Harry be asleep?" Sirius asked concerned.

"Just over night." Ginny said, "He was just a little tired from it. We'll all sleep well tonight."

A few days later Harry was released from the Hospital and returned to classes. That afternoon he had Defense Against the Dark Arts. As he entered class he tripped and fell into Neville who fell down spilling his books. Harry started to apologize a when Quirrell stepped up and started stuttering, "M..M...P..P.. Potter, sh…sh…shoving another s..s..student is b..b..bad. D..D..Detention with me t…t…t..tonight."

Harry nodded without arguing and took his seat. When he reached the detention later he stepped in leaving the door wide open. When he got to the middle of the room the door slammed shut and Quirrell stepped out of his office. He knew the attack he'd been waiting on had come. Albus had been called away for an emergency at the Ministry. Sirius had been sent home because Harry was healthy. It meant that the only adult ally left was setting in a detention with Fred and George on the other side of the school.

The man stepped calmly off the steps coming from the office and spat out his words, "Potter. All alone now. No one to save you." He placed a silencing spell on the door and said, "Or hear you."

"What's my punishment Professor?" Harry feigned ignorance.

"Death." He said with a sneer, "It's what you deserve for hurting my master like you did. I just want to know how you did it?"

"Come here and I'll show you." Harry said.

As the man approached Harry stiffened. Just as he was within arm reach of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny threw off the cloak and surrounded the teacher.

"Oh my, you have reinforcements." Quirrell pretended to be scared, "I'm so terribly frightened of four eleven year olds."

At that each of the four lifted their hands and pointed it at the one next to them. A spark of magic jumped from one hand to the other until it formed a circle around the man who held Voldemort in his head.

"What are they doing?" A voice asked.

"I don't know master." Quirrell answered, "But they are just children it can't be much."

"Let me face them." The voice said.

Quirrell unwrapped the turbin from his head and Voldemort faced Harry once again. By this time there was a shell erected around the four children.

When Fred and George had erupted in white flames Minerva jumped up, "What's happening?"

"I don't know but it has to do with Harry." Fred said.

"Ron, Hermione, Ginny and one other person but I don't know who." George stated.

"Where are they?" she asked.

"A class room." George said.

"Defense?" Fred asked.

"Harry had detention." George said.

"What?" Minerva said, "He isn't supposed to ever let himself be alone with Quirrell."

"He's not." Fred said.

"They're attacking him." George said.

Then both boys fainted and fell to the floor. Minerva ran from the room sending off her patronus as she went. She reached the Defense class room and began to break through the spells on the door. Mean while Poppy headed to Minerva's office to collect the twins. And Filius moved to check on the rest of the flame that should be found in Gryffindor tower.

Fawkes reached Sirius and Remus as Minerva's patronus reached Albus at the ministry and Molly Weasley at the Burrow. While Molly began contacting Arthur the rest converged on the Headmasters office only to throw open the door and race to the Defense classroom. Filius got the rest of the children settled in beds in the Hospital wing and left Poppy to watch over them. He raced to the Defense classroom to see what he could help with.

As they all descended on the classroom Minerva was finally able to force the door open. What they found inside stopped them all cold. Harry was standing talking to a dark cloud that was hovering in the center of the room trapped in a globe of magic. As they watched the dark cloud disappeared and Harry fell to the ground.

They moved the four children to join those already in the Hospital wing. Quirrell was dead so he was moved to the ministry for investigation. Several hours later Minister Fudge walked into the Hospital wing followed by several reporters and Aurors.

"What is the meaning of this Albus?" Fudge demanded, "One of your teachers shows up dead at the ministry with no explanation from you. He absolutely reeks of dark magic, what have you done?"

"Minister this is not how we question anyone during a case. Please stop and let the Aurors handle this." Head Auror Robards demanded.

Ignoring the Head Auror Fudge yelled, "How did you kill Professor Quirrell?"

"I did nothing." Albus stated.

"You never do anything but your Defense Professors always end up leaving or dead. What are you doing here?" Fudge continued to yell.

"Minister, you have to be quiet or I'll have you removed from my Hospital. You are disturbing my patients." Poppy said.

Fudge finally register the group of students in the wing and sneered, "So you're attacking students too?"

"Cornealus, I was with you during the time these students were attacked." Albus said as if he were a talking to a small child, "We were working on your emergency. You remember the one where you insulted the Goblin Nation and I was helping you find a way to fix it."

"Headmaster Dumbledore, can you tell me what happened?" Auror Robards asked.

"Professor Quirrell was housing Voldemort in his head. He attacked these students and they somehow stopped him." Albus sighed, "I don't know how yet as none of them has regained consciousness."

"He's not back." Fudge snarled, "He died twelve years ago."

"No he's not back these students stopped him." Albus said, "And I told you twelve years ago that he was not dead. Now he is."

"Albus you must be insane." Fudge declared, "Or maybe you're trying to steal my job."

"Don't be ridiculous." Minerva said severely, "If he wanted your job he would have taken it when they offered it the last time."

"Auror Robards." Albus said, "You may want to check the Death Eaters in Azkaban. With Voldemort finally dead they may be too."

One of the Aurors that was with them left to find a floo. Robards turned to Poppy, "Do I need to call for help from St. Mungo's? How many students are in here?"

"No I don't need any help." Poppy said, "For the most part they are just tired and need rest. It takes a lot of magic to stop a Dark Wizard."

"What of your other teacher here." Robards said, "I know he used to be a Death Eater, but he's still breathing."

"He went through a process to remove his Dark Mark a few days ago." She informed the Auror, "He's still recovering from that. Should wake up in a day or two though."

"Robards." The Auror who had gone to check on Azkaban returned, "Reports from Azkaban show three dead so far. They are checking on the rest."

"What?" Fudge asked weakly.

"Excellent." Robards said, "Go back and return when you have a final count. Albus do we have his body this time?"

"No he was just a wrath." He replied.

"Hey can we go print this now?" a reporter asked, "I can still make the evening edition."

"No, report nothing until we know something. There is no proof Albus is still wanted for questioning." Fudge cried loudly.

"Sir we can't stop them from printing anything." Robards said, "You brought them in so they could report on what they witnessed. And Albus has already answered all the questions he can. We have to wait for the children to wake up to question them.

"Then wake them up we need to know what Dumbledore has done." Fudge yelled.

"We can't." Robards sighed in frustration, "We can't force children awake and their parents or guardians have to be present during questioning. To force them to wake now could harm them."

"Out of my Hospital." Poppy stated, "I told you any more yelling and you would be thrown out so go."

Reporters gleefully ran from the room as Fudge followed slowly after them.

Harry felt like he had been trampled by a herd of Hippogriffs. He couldn't remember why his whole body felt sore and bruised. As he struggled to sit up he felt a hand on his shoulder pushing him back. A soft voice said, "Just rest Harry. Don't try to get up just yet."

"W…w." Harry tried to ask.

"Don't try to talk. You've been unconscious for a few days again." Harry finally recognized the voice as belonging to Sirius.

He relaxed into the bed as Sirius said, "He's awake, sort of."

Harry heard someone walking towards him and then felt a bit of magic flow over him. Then Poppy said, "Give him some water, not but a sip or two."

Harry felt himself being lifted to a sitting position and a glass put to his lips. He sipped the water and then was let back down. He decided to try and talk again, "Others?" it came out raspy but it did come out.

"They're fine. You're the last to wake up." Sirius said, "Now just rest, you've been through a lot."

"K." was the whispered reply before Harry again drifted off to sleep.

Each of the others had been able to give their testimony to what had happened. Harry was the only one left to question but what they had found out had left Sirius dumbfounded.

Ron had stayed awake the longest and was able to tell them what they knew so far. They knew that Harry had been given detention with Quirrell. Fred and George had purposefully gotten detention with Minerva so that she could know if the flame needed help. Ron, Hermione and Ginny had followed Harry to detention under the invisibility cloak because Harry knew Quirrell was going to try and attack him that evening.

It had been perfectly set up. Fudge it turned out was helping Quirrell and that got him removed as the minister and placed in Azkaban. Of course he hadn't know it was Voldemort he just thought it was someone trying to get Dumbledore fired. Ron had said Quirrell told them the whole story, he was proud he had fooled Dumbledore. The last that Ron remembered was Quirrell crumbling to the floor.

Now all they needed to know is what happened and what Harry had said to the wrath that was Voldemort. They had ended up with twenty five dead in Azkaban. An additional twenty, that had claimed to be imperused, were also dead. Several in Azkaban had been released when it was found that their Dark Marks had been changed.

Sirius was still confused about that but he had seen Harry changing Severus Snape's. Albus explained it but it still left Sirius with a headache. Several days later Harry was finally allowed to give his account of the attack. His matched Ron's up to the point where Ron fainted.

"When Ron fainted and Quirrell died all that was left was this dark cloud. It spoke to me." Harry struggled telling what happened, "It… It was Voldemort and he tried to tell me I couldn't kill him because he had anchors to this world and he wouldn't pass over. I told him that we had already destroyed all the anchors and that he would pass over now. That's not what was said word for word but I don't want to go through it. Even as he argued with me I could see the cloud disappearing in the bubble. He was screaming curses at me as he went but none were fueled by magic, it was just words."

"Albus." Sirius said, "I thought he was going to need the wand to defeat Voldemort?"

"I thought so too." Albus pondered the question, "My only guess is we did something right where he didn't need it's protection."

"Does that mean it will never find him?" Remus asked.

"Not necessarily. We do not know what the future holds." Albus sighed.

"I can't believe it's over." Molly sipped her drink, "I was so afraid this would break out into all out war. I feared losing members of the family."

"Well all you have to fear now is who will be the new members of the family." Sirius grinned, "I mean what kind of kid will Remus and Dora make?"

"Multi-colored werewolf babies." Tonks declared.

Mild laughter filtered across the room.

"Sirius." Remus said, "Quit teasing about that will you?"

"What?" Sirius asked, "It's ok for Dora to say multi-colored werewolf babies but I can't say you will have a kid?"

"I just don't want to jinx anything by it coming from your mouth." Remus said.

"Ahh, Moony I love you too." Sirius yawned.