Notes: First of all I don't own Fantasy Island, and secondly I'm making no money from this. In other words, this is all for fun. Also there will be mentionings of a relationship between Roarke and Tattoo that is more than just friendship. So if you don't like then don't read. This is a snippet of a crossover between Fantasy Island and Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Not sure where this will go, if anywhere. Constructive comments welcomed, flames not so much. Now go read, have fun!

Roarke awoke just as the sun was rising. Slowly, the memories of yesterday's events suddenly came flooding back. 'Ugh, why did this disastrous event have to happen to me?' he pondered as the dawn light came flooding through the blinds. He rolled over and glanced at the small bed next to his; empty like a child's coffin. 'God I miss Tattoo. Why did I have to get stuck with this annoying, glandular freak named Carlton?'. As the morning sunlight intensified, Roarke began to contemplate the day ahead. There was a guest of great magnitude who would be arriving in a few hours. A man who could alter the fate of Fantasy Island forever.