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Chapter 2: Susan's Revenge

Susan POV

What to do? What to do? A few days ago Edmund spiked my drink which made me drunk, so now I intend to get even with him. Right, I think I've got everything I need to make this work. I grabbed the giant cardboard box and headed down stairs to Edmunds bedroom. I snuck quietly around the corner and entered the disaster zone. Seriously, someone needs to clean up his bedroom. Anyway, back to the mission. I got out the bucket and poured in all the black ink, until it was full. Then I tied it up to the top of the doorway with a string and closed the door carefully. Then I got out the bag of white feathers and tied them up to the doorway as well. This is going to be so sweet. Step one: Door is now complete. Now commence step 2: Room. I got out the mini box of leaves and happily spread the contents of the box around the room. Step 2, complete. Now for the final step, Step 3: I got out the bottle of soap and spread it all over the bathroom, the floor, the bath tub, the sink and the shower. I quickly cleaned up the mess that I had made and hid under his smelly, dirty bed. This is going to be so much more funny than me being drunk!

Edmund POV

Golly, that was the most boring meeting I've been to this week. I mean seriously who cares about an island that is sinking. Yes, I know it's sort of cool, but seriously, there is nothing you can do about. It's just a force of nature! It's not like we can keep it up with ropes or anything. I thought I would never say this, but I'm so glad that Peter is getting back today. I don't think I can last through another boring meeting. I walked up the ivory staircase until I reached the third floor, which was my bedroom. I walked up the corridor and opened the door. As soon as the door was open I heard something snap and then suddenly I was covered in this disgusting black stuff and are these feathers? I picked one out of my hair and, surely enough; it slowly floated to the ground. What on earth? Who would do this? I looked up then and my eyes grew wide. My room is green, as in covered in green because of leaves. I swear there was smoke coming out of my ears. Who in their right minds would do this to me? I'm a King! I don't deserve this type of treatment. I walked over to the bathroom and opened the door. I suspiciously looked around. Everything looks in right order. I shrugged my shoulders and walked forwards swiftly. After two steps I suddenly felt my feet slipping. It is as if I'm on ice. I slipped forwards and fell head first into the full chamber pot. Great, just what I wanted. At that exact moment I heard two quiet knocks on my bedroom door. Golly, who could that be?

"Hey, Ed, we are officially ho-" This is just what I wanted. At that moment I heard two pairs of footsteps walk up to the bathroom door. Oh, please don't come in!

"Edmund, are you alright?" my kind and very caring sister-in-law asked through the closed door. She had a hint of worry in her tone. I decided that it was probably about time to take my head out of the chamber pot. I slowly pulled it out, but not before the door opened.

"Edmund, why is your head in the chamber pot?" Peter asked stifling a laugh. I heard Ashley slap him for asking the question.

"Well, because I got covered in feathers and this horrible black stuff fell on top of me and decided that it was about time to take a bath, so I stepped into the bathroom and slipped on the floor and landed head first in the full chamber pot," I explained with a hint of sarcasm in my tone. "Does that clear everything up for you?" I asked shouting now.

"Yeah it does, but who did this to you?" Ashley asked. She looked honestly upset.

"We have to thank them for it," Peter added before getting another very hard slap on his arm.

"I have no idea," I said looking at the two love birds.

Susan POV

I was in absolute hysterical laughter that is until my older brother and sister-in-law walked in. They were standing at the bathroom door talking to Edmund and were both in plain sight. If they turned around, then they would notice me. I wonder what Peter would do to me if he found out that I did it. Probably kill me I suppose. At that moment the worst thing possible happened. They both turned around and noticed me. Right, now I'm officially dead. Peter narrowed his blue eyes at me, causing me to slide back a little bit.

"What were you thinking?" he shouted at me. The wrath of Peter, Great! Just Great! "Why on earth would you do that to Edmund? I know he's annoying, but he has not done anything wrong to you. So you have officially 2 minutes starting now to explain why you did it. Go!" he commanded me. I smirked and looked at Ashley, too scared to look at Peter's face. I know it seems stupid, but he can be quite frightening when he's angry.

"Well, I did it because a few days ago Edmund spiked my drink and made me so drunk, I can't remember anything that happened that day. After that day, I had a sick stomach and a headache for about 2 days. I only just got rid of it all yesterday. So, I decided that I may as well get him back. So I put black ink and feathers above his door, leaves throughout his entire bedroom and soap all through his bathroom. Then he ended up falling in the chamber pot as well. So that's what happened," I explained quickly. Peter and Ashley both looked shocked.

"Edmund, get your butt out here now!" Peter commanded. I looked over to the door way and noticed Edmund hesitating. "NOW!" Peter shouted at him. He quickly rushed and stood next to me. "You are both grounded for 2 weeks," he punished simply. Wait, grounded? He can't ground us. "I'm older and married, I can easily ground you." It's like he just read my thoughts. How freaky. "Understand?" he asked. We both nodded our heads slowly. "Good, see you both soon," he said, before grabbing his wife's hand and pulling her out of the room.

"Good going. Now we are both grounded for your stupidity," Edmund snapped at me.

"My stupidity, more like your stupidity. You are the one who got me drunk," I said angrily before turning around and leaving. That is what he deserves a good ole' grounding.

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