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Chapter 2:

Anguis in Herba

Carefully, tentatively, my fingers roamed my features.

Eyes . . . nose . . . mouth . . .

My hands were shaking as I traced the different contours of my face—No, scratch that . . . I was tracing the contours of Pansy's face.

I could feel my heart beating heavily inside of my chest—the sound momentarily blocking out any other noise in the deserted bathroom.

It worked!

Pansy's face stretched into a smile—an emotion that seemed out of place against her pointed features.

Studying my reflection, I appreciated my handiwork, tipping my head first this way, and then that.

I couldn't believe it.

My hand remained on my cheek—a tangible reminder that this was reality and the stranger in the mirror was actually me.

Finally, I shook my head—the foreign smile vanishing from my alien face—and forced my eyes away from the mirror.

I was wasting time.

I only had an hour until the Polyjuice Potion wore off and the longer I stood around, alone, in Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom, the less time I had with Draco.

Precious moments were ticking by and I knew that I had to move, because I had all intentions of spending every last second with Draco.

Smoothing my hair, I checked my watch, gave one final, excited look at the mirror, and rushed from the bathroom.

Hurrying down the stairs, I felt my excitement grow and I had to slow my actions, forcing my feet to continue to move at a "normal" pace as to not draw attention to myself.

My plan was going exactly as designed.

I knew exactly where to go, thanks to Harry and Ron's excursions to the Slytherin Common Room 5 years ago.

As I moved, I could feel my borrowed robes swishing against my legs—only reminding me of the fact that I was nude underneath the fabric. I felt exhilarated—alive—and couldn't stop the smile that suddenly overtook my face.

Lost in my mind, I turned a corner . . . and immediately collided with another student.

I jumped back, my heart in my throat.

I didn't recognize the student . . . some young looking girl dressed in Slytherin robes . . . but she was staring at me, her eyes studying me intensely.

My smile dissolved from my face.

I suddenly felt like a fraud—like I was wearing a disguise that everyone else could see right through. I felt self-conscious, and was beginning to second guess quality of my potion.

Of course another Slytherin would be able to tell that I was a fake! And, if this student—this girl that I didn't even know—was able to see that I wasn't actually Pansy, why would Draco be any different?

The girl continued to scrutinize me, without a word, until I finally couldn't take it anymore.

Licking my lips, I administered the worst scowl that I could muster—trying to mimic the exact facial expression I had seen Pansy send my way countless times. "What?"

My voice was harsh and the girl blinked, as if snapping out of a trance. Taking a small step back, she dropped her eyes to the floor. "Oh . . . it's nothing. I just . . . I just thought . . . ."

She was stammering and I sighed in annoyance. "You just thought what?"

The girl lifted her eyes momentarily and when they caught my gaze, I saw they were terrified. "I just thought that you were gone this weekend, that's all. I guess you just scared me. I'm sorry."

Oh, my God . . . she thinks I'm Pansy!

My heart soared, bringing a new wave of adrenaline with it.

Keeping in character, I pressed my hands on my hips. "Yeah, well, you should be sorry. Because, I am here . . . so you can just get out of my way."

The girl nodded quickly and, keeping her eyes trained on the floor, stepped quickly to the side and let me pass.

Keeping my head held high, I sauntered past—doing my best to maintain the power that I had just exuded on the poor student.

I rounded another corner and paused, panting slightly. Leaning my hand on the wall, my shoulders slumped as I allowed my façade to disappear.

I had never treated another student, hell . . . another person like that. Ever.

Seeing the student's face flash in my mind, I felt terrible . . . and yet absolutely powerful at the same time.

I had passed the test. My potion was strong and I realized that from here on out, there was nothing that could go wrong.

Taking a breath, I straightened and, squaring my shoulders once more, I continued on my way to the dungeon.

I descended the stairs quickly and turned one final corner.

And there it was . . . the large, empty stone wall in front of me that led to the Slytherin Common Room . . . and to Draco . . . .

I could feel my excitement grow.

Stepping up to it, I looked up at it in wonderment.

But I wasn't able to enjoy it, because suddenly, a terrible sinking feeling filled my chest.

I now realized that there were things that could go wrong . . . terribly wrong:

I didn't know the password.

My eyes wide, I faced the blank wall, my thoughts going a mile a minute. I felt nauseous. All of this work . . . all of this preparation . . . and for what?

I glanced over my shoulder.

It was still fairly early. Perhaps a Slytherin would be coming back from a late night snack or study session. Or, perhaps the fellow Slytherin student that I had altercated would come back.

But, to my dismay, the hallway remained empty.

The clock was ticking and I could feel the pressure with each second that passed.

I had no idea how to get inside.

Stepping closer to the wall, I muttered a few passwords that came to my head: Basilisk, Serpentine, Saalazar—but, even as the words were leaving my mouth, I knew my attempts were pitifully futile.

Reaching out, I touched the black stone wall in front of me.

The rock was cool and slightly damp from the atmosphere of the dungeon under my fingertips.

Slowly, I ran my hand along the wall, feeling for a crack or crevice, attempting to find an alternative way in—as if there were some secret button or lever that would open the wall.

I know that it was stupid—knew that only a password would open the doorway and allow access into the common room, but I couldn't help it.

And, just as expected, the stone was smooth under my touch—completely unblemished.

I felt like I was going to cry—I couldn't believe that I had missed such a simple, yet crucial aspect of the plan.

Finally, I had to make a hard choice: I still had enough Polyjuice Potion left to come back . . . I would just need to be more prepared.

Dejected, I turned to leave, fighting the tears that threatened to fall from my eyes.

Taking a single step, I took one final, sad look over my shoulder, and suddenly halted unexpectedly—my heart beating loudly in my ears.

The wall was slowly opening.

Holding my breath, I watched—frozen in place, my eyes wide—as Millicent Bulstrode emerged from the Common Room.

She looked up, her eyes locking with mine, and she stopped, her eyebrows knit together tightly on her brow in confusion. "Pansy?"

I turned to face her.

Millicent took a few hesitant steps toward me. "I thought you were away with your parents this weekend."

I shrugged as nonchalantly as I could muster. "Change of plans."

Millicent studied me in silence, and I could feel a bead of sweat form and drip down my lower back.

The tension forming between us could be cut with a knife. But finally, Millicent broke the silence: "Why are you just standing out in the hallway?"

"I forgot the password." I laughed nervously and Millicent scowled at me.

The smile melted from my face and I swallowed thickly.

Millicent studied me suspiciously for a moment more.

Finally, as if she were satisfied, she shrugged. "It's Anguis in Herba."

I recognized it as Latin, and my eyes dropped to the floor in thought as I quickly translated it in my mind. In realization, I suddenly began to laugh.

Millicent frowned at me. "Something funny?"

"No, it's just a very fitting password." I cleared my throat hastily. "I can't believe I forgot it."

Millicent lifted her eyebrows at me. "Are you feeling alright, Pansy?"

I nodded. "Sure, I'm fine."

Millicent rolled her eyes, but let it go. "Okay . . . ."

Giving me one last hesitant look, she turned to leave.

My plan was back in action and I felt a new wave of adrenaline pump through my veins.

Taking a deep breath, I faced the wall, but I suddenly thought of something and turned back. "Hey, Millicent."

She stopped and turned back, a look of exasperation on her broad face. "What?"

"Do you know where Draco is right now?" My heart raced as his name—his actual name—slipped from my lips.

Millicent shrugged. "His room, I suppose."

"And where is that?"

I regretted the words as soon as they came out of my mouth and I bit my lip in fear.

Millicent stared at me with a look of disgust on her face. "Really, Pansy?"

I shrugged, too scared to say anything more.

She sighed—a loud, exasperated sound. "I don't know what you're doing, Pansy . . . but okay. I'll play along."

My heart skipped a beat.

"You go through the Common Room and go up the stairs on the left."

She was speaking at me as if I was a two-year old, but I didn't even care about her patronizing tone. I was too busy mentally putting her words to memory as I counted my lucky stars.

"It's the last door on the right." Her voice suddenly turned sarcastic. "Do you think you can remember that, or do you require a guide?"

I nodded and had to try very hard not to smile. "I've got it."

Millicent crossed her arms across her chest. "Seriously, Pansy. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Just having one of those nights, I guess."

Millicent sighed. "Whatever."

Not waiting for a retort, she turned on her heel and strode away.

Silently, I watched her leave, feeling slightly nauseous. That was close . . . a little too close.

But as soon as her back disappeared around the corner, my queasiness was replaced once more with excitement.

The fates were smiling upon me once again.

Facing the wall, I took a deep breath and uttered the password: Anguis in Herba.

The wall came to life, cracking on one side as it slowly slid into itself, revealing a thin door that lead into the Common Room.

My pulse increased.

Taking a deep breath, I held it momentarily before releasing it. Then, smoothing the front of my robes, I took a hesitant step through the doorway.

Standing on the landing just inside the door, I stared in awe. The Common Room was exquisite.

At this time of night, the room was virtually empty and I took the opportunity to allow my eyes to travel the length of the room, taking it all in.

I always knew, deep down, that the Slytherin Common Room would be immaculate, but I had never, in my wildest dreams, imagined it to be like this:

Leather and silk, in opulent silver, green, and black, covered the walls, floor, and furniture. On one side of the room, a single fireplace roared, casting a low glow of light, yet also bathed the room in dim shadows that created a romantic, yet eerie atmosphere.

Expensive paintings hung on the walls, giving the room an even more sophisticated feel.

I felt plain and insignificant in the chic room, and I finally had to force my eyes away from the décor. Glancing quickly at my watch, I felt a sudden pang of urgency.

I only had half an hour until the effects of the potion would wear off.

Shifting my eyes to the left, I noticed a staircase leading to an upper floor of the Slytherin House.

Draco's room.

Keeping calm, I crossed the expansive lobby and made my way steadily up the stairs.

At the landing, I turned down the hallway and began to move past the rooms. Silently, to help calm myself, I counted the doors, but kept my eyes trained on the one that appeared on the end.

The last door on the right.

After what felt like an eternity, I finally made it to Draco's door. Reaching out, I realized that my hand was shaking as I placed it on the doorknob, so I took a deep, calming breath.

Then, releasing it slowly, I quietly turned the knob— it was now, or never—and pushed the door open.

Stepping inside, I closed the door gently behind me and looked around.

Draco's private suite was, in a word: Draco.

Lit only by the thin moonlight that wafted through the open curtains, I could see that it was decorated in simple, yet elegant black leather furniture: A couch occupied a wall by the window, a chair on the other side of the room.

Bold paintings that were strong, dark, and deep—screaming almost audibly of Draco's taste—covered the walls.

Underneath the largest piece of art was an immaculate desk made of rich mahogany. The surface was nearly spotless, save for a few random pieces of parchment, a quill that lay haphazardly outside of its ink well, and various textbooks stacked into a loose pile. His robe was folded neatly over the back of his desk chair.

Shifting my eyes, my breath suddenly caught in my throat.

On a very large, plush looking bed in the middle of the room was Draco. He was asleep underneath silver sheets of silk. It was a warm night and his chest was bare, the material covering him low on the hips and hugging his body so tightly that I had no reason to wonder anymore if he slept in the nude.

I felt a blush spread, the heat flowing up my neck until it settled into my cheeks.

I was suddenly very nervous, my mouth drying.

Draco shifted with a small moan, adjusting his hips to a more comfortable position. The moonlight caught his luminous hair and cast a mesmerizing shadow across his bare skin, accentuating his hard core and wide chest—and bringing my full attention to the unarguably large bulge that was now displayed between his legs.

Staring, my body reacted, my nipples extending, pushing torturously against Pansy's robe as a familiar ache appeared between my thighs.

I took a deep breath.

It was now, or never.

"Draco?" My voice broke through the silence of the room like velvet and my body began to tingle as his name left my lips.

Draco stirred once more, but didn't quite regain consciousness.

I tried again, taking a step toward the luxurious bed. "Draco."

In the moonlight, I saw his eyes slowly open. He blinked drowsily, lines of confusion creasing his porcelain face. Slowly sitting up on his elbows, he swiveled his head, staring unfocusedly until his silvery orbs fell upon me. They almost appeared to glow in the moonlight and my mouth went dry.

"Pansy?" His voice was thick with sleep, but I could still hear an unquestionable edge of annoyance.

I took another step toward him. "Hello, Draco."

His eyes narrowed at me, bringing out the sharpness of his features. He was suddenly wide awake. "What the fuck are you doing here, Pansy?"

"I was lonely." Trying to sound as sexy as possible, my hands roamed lightly over my body, accentuating Pansy's curves. "And I thought that perhaps you were a little lonely, too."

"Jesus, woman." Draco's jaw hardened. "Do you think about anything besides sex?"

"Oh, come on Draco," I prodded. "Don't you want to have a bit of fun?"

Biting my lip, I slowly unzipped my robe to my navel—amazed at my confidence—and revealed that I wasn't wearing anything underneath.

Draco sighed in exasperation. "Pansy, I'm tired . . . I've had a very long day and I have Quidditch practice in the morning." His words held the air of a threat, but I noticed that his eyes never left my body.

While he watched, I silently slipped the robe from my shoulders and allowed the material to naturally fall to my feet, exposing my naked physique.

Vulnerable in the moonlight, I covered my breasts with my hands, palming at them slowly, as my heart raced against my ribs.

Draco's eyes darkened slightly.

"Come on, Draco." My voice was breathy. "Just a little fun . . . . You won't even have to do a thing. I promise."

Adjusting my stance, I let my hand travel down the length of my body until it settled between my legs. Silky juices coated my fingers, and I moaned lightly—my head falling back—as I touched my most sensitive tissue.

Draco didn't say a word as his eyes remained on me, but he didn't have to. I could see that my actions were causing his body to react. The prominent bulge between his spread legs was slowly becoming more defined, pressing against the silky sheets.

I took his bodily reaction as an invitation and crossed the short distance to his bed.

Slowly, deliberately, I crawled onto the bed. The sheets were cool against my flesh as I inched forward, my fingers gingerly raking across Draco's skin.

Straddling his body, I could feel his member stiffen against me, pressing against my opening through the sheets. I sighed, rocking my hips against him as I leaned forward, my naked breasts pressing against the warmth of his chest.

My lips hovered inches above his, my breath hot against his face. "Please, Draco . . . ."

Snaking my tongue out, I licked the corner of his mouth seductively.

With a growl, Draco suddenly grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my face to his, crushing our lips together. I opened my lips and he forced his tongue deep within my mouth. I moaned against him as I swiveled my hips, grinding my hot center against his erection.

I broke for air, panting heavily—my lips swollen—and locked eyes with him. "I want to taste you."

Without waiting for an answer, I kissed him quickly on the mouth before moving to his jaw line . . . planting kisses on his neck . . . his chest.

Sliding down his body, I paid homage to one of his nipples, biting it gently, and I heard him inhale sharply. Then, keeping my eyes trained on him, I continued lower, my tongue licking down his sternum . . . his stomach . . . his hips.

Finally, kneeling between his spread legs, I gathered the silken sheets in my hands and slowly pulled the material from his body, revealing his hardened manhood.

I stared at it in awe. It was beautiful—standing at attention—hard and proud in the evening air.

Licking my lips in anticipation, I leaned forward, my hands pressed against his thighs, and took him deep within my mouth.

Immediately, he stiffened more, filling my mouth as I sucked at him hungrily, mesmerized by his incredible taste.

Lifting my eyes so I could watch Draco's reaction, I swirled my tongue around his thick shaft and almost smiled when Draco's eyes rolled slightly, his head falling back onto his pillow.

My nails scratched against his inner thighs, moving higher until my fingertips found his testicles. Cupping them gently, I stroked them, pulling at them lightly as my head bobbed fervently up and down his length.

He groaned and suddenly his fingers were twisted into my hair in an attempt to control my pace.

Taking him as deep as I could, I moaned against him. My hands traveled up to his stomach and, tracing the contours of his deep set abs, I felt him tense.

Lightly using my teeth, I dragged my mouth slowly—painstakingly—up his erect member, pausing just at the tip. Using my tongue, I tasted his slit as I sucked hard on the engorged head and I heard him swear out loud.

I couldn't help but smile.

I could feel that he was beginning to lose it.

Gasping, he lifted his hips toward me, urging me to take him deeper, but I wouldn't comply. Instead, I sucked at the tip as hard as I could before, without warning, suddenly released him from the warmth of my mouth with an audible pop.

His eyes flew open and he lifted his head to stare at me.

Coyly, I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand before crawling up the length of his body. Placing one leg on either side of his body, I straddled him once more.

I could feel the heat from his body and my pussy began to throb. Carefully, I positioned myself above his rigid erection. He watched me silently, his eyes nearly black with lust.

Reaching between my legs, I gripped him tightly with my hand and guided him to my opening, taking just an inch inside.

He growled deep in his throat when I paused.

Sinking lower, I gasped, my head falling back as took in even more of his length. I paused to let my body adjust to his girth, my eyes rolling slightly.

Finally, with a moan, I sank flush with his lap. He was completely inside of me and I halted briefly, reveling in the moment.

He felt amazing, just as I had always dreamed—stretching me . . . filling me like I knew only he would be able to.

Inhaling deeply, I slowly began to move against him.

Quickly, I found a steady rhythm, biting my lip as he hit spots repeatedly deep within my walls.

Breathing heavily, I arched my back, allowing him to go even deeper as my hands found my breasts once more. Palming my swollen mounds, I moaned loudly.

Reaching out, Draco placed his hands tightly on my hips. I could feel his fingers digging into my flesh as he tried to guide me, but I resisted.

I was controlling the pace.

Raising high on my knees, I felt my muscles constrict around him, milking his cock and I sighed loudly. Then, I sank—hard—taking him all in once more.

Draco jaw hardened as I continued to torture him with my unwavering tempo.

Taking him to the hilt, I swiveled my hips in small circles. "More?"

Draco snarled—his jaw set.

Locking my eyes with him, I rose slowly, elevating high on my knees again. "Say it."

Draco's eyes narrowed into slits. In response, he gripped my hips with unbelievable force before lifting his hips and slamming them—hard—violating me with his rock hard dick.

I cried out as pleasure radiated through my body.

A hint of a smile crossed Draco's face—the corner of his mouth tipping mischievously—and he rocked his pelvis once more, burying himself deep.

Panting, I increased my pace.

Leaning forward, I placed my hands on his strong chest for leverage. Then, lifting my ass off of his lap, I began to ride him hard.

Gripping my waist, Draco lifted his hips, meeting me with powerful thrusts and I began to whimper.

Draping my body over his, my nails dug into his flesh as my lips crashed down against his. Snaking my tongue out, I invaded his mouth, slipping it around his warm cavern.

Draco lifted his head off of the pillow, meeting my kiss as he sucked on my tongue passionately.

Groaning, I moved my hands behind his neck, pulling him closer.

Encircling his arms behind my back, Draco suddenly sat up. Keeping me pressed against his lap, I wrapped my legs around his waist, sighing against his mouth as his bare chest rubbing against my nipples, causing ripples of pleasure to travel down the length of my spine.

Breaking the kiss, Draco bent his head and sucked on my neck, directly below my ear.

Tipping my head back, I allowed him better access, my hips still moving against him.

Buried deep inside of me, Draco's lips traveled lower, moving across my collarbone, over the swell of my breast, before he finally sucked my left nipple deep within his mouth. I moaned loudly, my fingers twisting into his platinum hair, holding him in place.

He bit down and my pussy tensed involuntarily around him. Gripping his shoulders, I stopped moving—my vision going blank as he continued to thrust against my immobile hips.

Pressing my face against the top of his head, I inhaled his scent. "Draco, you feel so good." He hit a spot deep within me and I inhaled sharply. "Oh God . . . yes . . . right there . . . ." My voice was breathy against his hair.

Taking control, Draco increased his speed, pulsing inside of me.

"Fuck!" I tipped my head back, my back arching. "Oh, God . . . . yes! Fuck me, Draco. Oh, please, fuck me! "

When Draco spoke, my nipple was still between his teeth, his breath coming out hot against my swollen breast. He lifted his eyes to meet mine. "You want to be fucked, do you?"

I nodded breathlessly against the top of his head.

Without warning, he released my nipple from his mouth and roughly pushed me from his lap. I landed hard on my back with a squeak.

Rolling onto his knees, Draco gripped my ankles tightly and roughly pushed my legs back and open. Then, adjusting himself between my spread legs, he positioned himself at my entrance and forcefully entered me.

Stars exploded in front of my eyes.

Arching my back, my hands twisting in the silver sheets as Draco's hips worked like a piston, pumping at a furious cadence.

Panting, I watched his well built body, my eyes traveling the length of his beautiful frame—mesmerized by the way his muscles flexed and rippled beneath his skin. My eyes stopped, watching as a bead of sweat formed on Draco's collarbone. With each thrust, it grew bigger, the moisture gathering in the deep hollow by his neck, until it finally spilled over, leaving a slippery path as it traveled down his hard chest, past his taunt stomach, and finally dripped off of his body and onto the bed.

Running his hands up my legs, Draco suddenly grabbed my hips, lifting me from the bed—pulling me harder into his groin.

Swearing loudly, I began chanting his name, not caring if anyone else could hear us.

Releasing my hands from the sheets I gripped his firm buttocks, drawing him closer and deeper.

The room was filled with the glorious sounds of animalistic sex. I couldn't stop the sounds that were coming from my mouth—my throat even starting to go a little raw—and Draco was breathing heavily, his thighs slapping against my flesh loudly.

I felt an abrupt warmth building in my womb—a familiar feeling that radiated from my abdomen all the way out to my extremities.

My vision started to tunnel and my head fell back. "Oh God, Draco. I'm gonna come . . . I'm gonna . . ."

Draco's thumb flicked my clit and I screamed his name—the sound reverberating around his room—as my orgasm washed over me, a repeated wave of pleasure that pulsed through my entire body.

My pussy convulsed around his cock—spasming violently—but Draco continued to thrust.

Grunting, he leaned over me, his hands on either side of my head. His hair was plastered to his forehead, his jaw set, as he put his back into each powerful stroke.

I could feel that he was close to release and I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist. Fighting my vice-like grip, he tipped his pelvis, driving into me once more. He exclaimed—a guttural grunt that came from deep in his throat—and I felt his body go rigid as his hot seed filled me.

Panting, Draco collapsed on top of me, his face pressed against my neck.

Hugging him tightly, my hands slipped over his sweaty back, and I could feel his heart pounding against my chest.

Moments passed and I took it all in as I slowly floated back to Earth.

Finally, Draco stirred.

Inhaling deeply, he pushed himself from me and, with a sigh, flipped onto his back. Grabbing his wand from the bedside table, he performed a quick cleansing charm before he threw one arm behind his head nonchalantly.

Sprawled on top of the sheets, his muscular body was on display, glistening in the moonlight and my gaze dragged over his form, amazed at the pure confidence he exuded.

Getting to his face, he met my eyes with a sideways glance.

He lifted a questioning eyebrow and I stared at him blankly.

His face hardened—his eyes narrowing at me. "We're done. Now, get the fuck out."

I flinched involuntarily, but a smile quickly spread across my face, replacing my unease. I didn't even care that he was throwing me out—that he had just fucked me and was kicking me to the curb like a piece of trash.

Because I had won.

I had known what I wanted and I had gone out and taken it.

And it was amazing.

Sliding from the bed, I crossed the room, bent, and picked up my discarded robe. Slipping it over my shoulders, I zipped it around my naked body.

Running a hand through my hair, I looked over my shoulder. "See you later, Draco."

Draco was watching me with a wary gaze and he sighed heavily.

Crossing the short distance to the door, I pulled it open and entered the hallway. As the door closed quietly behind me, I couldn't help the victorious smile that crossed my face.

Leaning against the wall, I began to laugh quietly to myself.

I couldn't believe what had just happened. And, even though I was tingling—my body still on fire, I touched my face to prove to myself that this was reality.

His scent, smelling of masculinity and sex was still apparent on my flesh and I leaned my face into the palm of my hand, inhaling deeply.

I could still feel his touch, his lips . . . his body.

I had won.

Pushing myself from the wall, I hurried down the hall, still giddy with my triumph.

I had won. And nobody could bring me down.