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The Assassin watched the Schemer as he sat at a table in the Castle's library. His back was to him, so The Assassin was as quiet as he possibly could be, as he walked across the floor to where he was. He bent down and whispered into the slate-haired man's ear. "Boo."

Zexion shut the book he was reading with a quick "thud". "Gaia, Number VIII. Why must you always insist on coming up to me like this?"

The Assassin laughed at the smaller man's frustration. "Why wouldn't I do this? Your reaction is always the best." He pulled out the chair next to the still fuming Schemer. He sat down noisily. "So, whatcha readin?"

Rolling his eyes, the Schemer picked up his book from the table and showed him.

"Kama Sutra?" Axel bit back a laugh. "Why in the world are you reading that? Curious about that kind of stuff?" Winking, Axel tried to grab the book, only to find that the other man would not let go.

"What if I am? What's wrong with that?" Zexion muttered. "I see the way that Number I looks at Number VII." At this statement, he noticed the redhead become a little upset by this remark. "What? You mean to tell me you don't know about the two of them?" It was his turn to throw his head back in laughter. "I'm quite shocked, Number VIII." He immediately stopped talking when he felt Axel's hands on the top of his cloak, holding him tightly.

"Never mention the two of them again," Axel huffed as he stared straight into steel-blue eyes. The Schemer nodded his head quickly, afraid that if he spoke he would sound too high pitched. Axel removed his hands from the other man's cloak and sat back in his chair. "So, why are you interested?"

Zexion shrugged his shoulders. "I was hoping it would help me understand my body and maybe it would help me trying to get someone to be with me." He said the last part quietly and decided he had said too much. He rose quickly from his chair and took the book off the table. "I'll be going now," he turned away quickly so that the redhead would not see his blush and approached the door leading out of the library.

"Oh Zexion?" Zexion turned when the redhead called to him. "Should you ever want to actually experience any of those positions, you know where you can find me." The emerald eyes twinkled with mirth as the steel-blue eyes widened. "Don't tell me you've never thought about it." Axel replied. Before he would let his mouth betray him, Zexion stepped out of the library - leaving Axel's laughter behind him.


As the Schemer sat in his room in The Castle That Never Was, he continued to examine the pictures in the book. Most of the pictures were of men and women together, but there were a few that showed what could happen between two people of the same sex. He could feel himself getting warmer as he stared at this pictures. He sighed deeply and decided that he had had enough. He set the book aside and took off his clothes, placing them neatly in a pile at the foot of his bed. He then walked to the head of his bed and pulled back the sheets. Getting this worked up over a book, he decided he wanted to take a nap and sleep it off. He crawled underneath the sheets, shut off the lamp and closed his eyes.

Shortly after falling asleep, he suddenly felt his bed shift. "Huh?" He blinked his eyes a few times. He felt his breath catch when someone began to touch his hair, pushing back the long locks on the right side of his face behind his right ear. Before he was able to say anything, the person that was touching his face placed their lips against his, kissing him deeply. Not quite knowing what was going on, Zexion tentatively returned the kiss. The person who was kissing him released his lips and touched his face again.

"I'm sorry if I woke you up," the person whispered. Zexion still had no idea who was in the bed with him. He reached back with his hand to turn on the lamp on his side of the bed. The stranger grabbed his arm and lowered it. "Leave the light off," he whispered as he kissed the side of his face. "Just feel me," his lips moved back to Zexion's lips. Not able to stop it, Zexion moaned at those words. "Good, that's it." More soft whispers. "Let me take you away," the stranger captured his lips again, this time barely touching Zexion's lips with his tongue. Zexion sighed and parted his mouth slightly, allowing the man entrance into his mouth.

Their tongues touched each other lightly, and then Zexion felt his breath being stolen away and the stranger devoured his mouth in an escalating kiss. Zexion returned the kiss with equal passion, moving his body so that the stranger would have better access to it. He broke off the kiss when he felt the stranger begin to caress his length. He moaned loudly, knowing that this would please the man touching him.

"Have you ever been touched like this by someone else before?" whispered the stranger into his ear, still caressing his length gently. He felt himself pushing himself up into the hands that were encircling him. "No," he said breathlessly. "Only myself. No one has ever done this to me," he moaned again as the stranger began to lightly touch his sac. "Oh Gaia!" The chills that worked through his body through that intimate contact made Zexion shuddered underneath the man. The stranger chuckled softly, disguising his voice. "Someone likes that," he placed a kiss on the side of Zexion's mouth.

Closing his eyes, he allowed himself to only feel. The stranger lowered the bedsheets and slowly undressed Zexion, letting his hands travel lightly up and down the Schemer's body. Zexion tried to control his breathing, loving how the hands felt against him. "Keep your eyes closed," the stranger whispered and slowly moved away from Zexion. "Yes," Zexion replied. "I will." His hearing senses became more acute and could hear clothing fall to the floor. He felt his breath begin to speed up as the bed sank down again. "Are you ready?" The stranger whispered.

Not waiting for an answer, the stranger put himself over Zexion's body and gently lowered himself to lay on top of him. The Schemer cried out loudly as he felt the other man's arousal against his own. Never before had he felt anything like it. The warmth of the man's groin against his own caused him to move his hips up and down, trying to keep himself in contact with him. The stranger then took his hand and began to touch the both of their arousals, letting out a low moan. Zexion continued to let his heat build as the two of them lay together like this. The stranger lifted his hand to Zexion's face and placed three fingers on his lips. "Suck," he commanded to the slate-haired man under him.

Zexion gladly swallowed the three fingers, sucking on them as if they were the answer to everything. He whimpered slightly when the stranger took them out of his mouth. "Good, that's good," the stranger said as he lowered his hand to Zexion's length. "Prepare yourself," he said quietly. Zexion squeezed his eyes shut, knowing where those fingers would be going and let out a sharp cry when he felt them enter his backside. "Shhh...the pain will be gone in a second, I promise," the stranger said as he continued to work his fingers in and out of him. Soon the pain began to turn into pleasure and Zexion felt himself becoming hotter and hotter, like when he was looking at the pictures in the book. He gasped when he felt the fingers leave his body. The stranger kissed him deeply and then positioned himself at Zexion's entrance. "Are you ready?" he asked softly. Zexion nodded his head yes, knowing that the stranger could see him.

When he felt the man enter him, he did his best to hold still. The pain was back, but he knew that he just relaxed, it would be ok. The stranger did not move either, he allowed the man underneath him to adjust to his size. Once a few moments had passed, he began to move in and out of him. Zexion could not control his voice, he moaned with every thrust in and out of him. He could feel himself getting close to release, but did not want that to happen just yet. Feeling this man inside of him was too good of a feeling to allow it to stop now. The man above him began to move faster in and out of him, speeding up his thrusts. On one particular thrust, the man touched something inside of him that caused him to moan extremely loudly and caused him to see white stars behind his eyelids.

"There! Again!" Zexion cried out, grabbing onto the man's shoulders above him to make him move and hit him in that spot again. The stranger obliged and continued to hit him in that same, wonderful, sweet spot. Zexion couldn't help himself. He cried out "Axel!" as he felt himself releasing between the two of their bodies. The man above him let out a loud moan as he fell over the edge with him.

The two of them laid there for a second to catch their breath. Then the redhead said, "So. You knew it was me?" He placed a gentle kiss on Zexion's lips as he slowly slid out of his body, coming to rest next to him on the bed.

Zexion smiled shyly. "I was hoping it was you. How awkward would it have been if it was someone else and I cried that out?" The two of them laughed.

"I can show you more tricks one day, if you'd like," Axel once again placed his hair behind his ear.

"Next time, can we do it with the lights on?" Zexion asked shyly.

"Of course."

Hope you liked it! :D