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Chapter 1- Filia? And the Book?

Lina groaned in misery as she climbed up a never-ending stair case. Her current adventure had lead her and her companions to the ancient Temple of the Golden Dragons. They arrived earlier that day by the direction of Filia. She had been reluctant to agree to take them there, but since it was in pursuit of finding information on finding a cure for Zelgadis, she eventually gave in. Lina of course followed, because it was the right thing to do. It had nothing to do with the treasure and gold that would be found in the temple. Not at all.

So of course if Lina was there, Gourry was right behind her. He was now trying to get use to his new sword since the events of Darkstar a year ago. Behind him was Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun, and to everyone's annoyance; Xelloss.

The priest had joined up with the group along the way, though Lina had a sneaking suspoion that the trickster priest had been following them longer than that. And since nobody really could make him go away, they just tried to ignore him to the best of their ability's.

Zelgadis silently appraised the architecture inside the temple since he had not really gotten a good look at it during his previous stay, as he felt anticipation of finding his cure. He had come to Miss Filia two weeks before, and asked her to guide them to the temple. But know he was worried that it could have all been in vain. Many times he felt he was close to his answers, to only find horror and disappointment at the end.

"How much farther is it Filia? Humans can't waste years climbing ridiculous stairs!" Lina whined as she trotted up the stairs unmotivated.

"Not much farther now Miss Lina, we only have ten more flights to go." Filia replied in a voice that sounded reassuring.

Lina cried out and screamed, "Oh forget this! Levitation!"

"Miss Lina-" Filia began to shout as Lina began to fly up the stairs, to quickly be joined by Zel and Amelia.

"Hey Linaaaaaaaaaaa! Don't forget me!" Gourry called after her in a dead run as he chased the impatient sorcerers.

"Oh Honestly!"shouted Filia in irritation as she watched them move along. Then felt a pair of closed eyes watching her. She turned to see Xelloss had not joined the others and for some reason waited on her. She gave him a glare to prove that she didn't like the fact that he was present but he seemed to ignore it completely.

"Well shall we Continue together?" asked Xelloss cheerfully. Filia's Tail popped out in anger and phased to the top of the stairs without answering him.

'Gosh! The nerve of that guy!' Filia thought angerly as she reappeared at the top floor. She really couldn't stand him.

Lina and the others were already waiting on her, and appeared to be trying to open a rather large door. I

"Maybe you have to be a dragon to open it?" Gourry said scratching his head after trying to open the door.

"You're correct." Xelloss replied appearing behind Filia. "Fi-Chan, why don't you do the honor?" He asked in a voice so sweet she thought for sure she would puke.

"When you say it like that I'm considering not." She snapped back at him with distain. When she walked over to the door she placed her left hand of the cool surface, and began to be surrounded by a golden light that caused the door to slowly open.

Inside the room were many rows of books, and lots of treasure. Lina ran around like she had found her own personal heaven, as Filia and Zel walked over to the books.

"There has to be something here to help you Mr. Zelgadis!" Amelia stated confidently, as she looked over many of the books. As she continued to look at the spines of the books her face fell, "I can't read this language."

"It appears most of these books are written in the lost dragon language." Xelloss stated aloud.

"Good thing you can't read it then, I wouldn't want the secrets of the dragon race to fall in the hands of an evil, nasal voiced monster like you anyway." Filia shouted to him from another row of books causing Xelloss eye to twitch.

"Hey this book has pictures!" Gourry shouted as he tried to examine the book. Lina walked over toward him, her pack filled to the brim. "Whatcha got there Gourry?"

As soon as Lina looked at the book her face went beet red, then pale green.

"What is it?" Filia asked walking over to them. She looked at the book and her face flushed as she grabbed the book franticly, then quickly flung it to the other corner of the room. This was pointless because Xelloss phased over there and picked it up anyway.

"Oh my" He giggled gleefully as he looked through the pages. Filia's became as red as Lina's hair as she turned to search more trying to ignore Xelloss.

"So this is how dragons breed, I was always curious Filia." He chortled following her around flipping through the pages. He stopped on a page and smiled really big, "This looks fun," he stated holding the book open for her to see showing a picture of two dragons in human form in a smutty conjunction. "Interested in trying it out?"

Flames of anger and embarrassment flared up as Filia lifted up her skirt and pulled out Mace-sama and swung at Xelloss. He laughed as he easily avoided her swipes, and the louder he laughed the angrier she became. As she put all of her strength in on final swing, and missed, her mace made contact with a bookshelf, which took out the next six.

"Xelloss!" she shouted angrily looking for the Mazoku she felt was responsible. He was sitting on top of a bookshelf that was still standing looking down at her grinning madly.

"Hey Filia, what is that?" shouted Lina from across the room pointing to something behind Filia. Filia turned around and stared at a really old looking book that was floating behind her. She took a couple steps away from it.

"It seems to be giving off Mazoku energy." Filia said looking at it hesitantly.

"I've always thought books were evil." Gourry said in fear as he stared transfixed on the floating novel, causing Lina smacked her face.

"For some reason, that doesn't surprise me Gourry." Zelgadis replied shaking his head.

"Filia Ul Copt." A tenor voice projected from the book, almost as a question. Everyone stared at the book then to Filia, who looked as shock as the rest.


Suddenly a black energy rapidly shot from the book and engulfed her.

"Filia!" Lina Shouted, in a panic as the gold was completely covered in the miasma. She shouted "Fireball" pointing it at the book.

Lina's Fireball was reflected by a barrier that was put up from the book. Amelia tried using another spell on the book, which was also deflected. "Miss Filia!" The princess shouted trying to get the Gold's attention.

Xelloss frowned as he landed by the demonic miasma and tapped the air around Filia, but his staff was deflected.

"Filia Ul Copt." The book spoke to Filia's mind.

"Y-Yes?" She replied.

"Filia, What a honor, I have wanted to speak to you for such a long time."

"Um, aren't you a book." She said not knowing what else to say.

"Yes, I am a Mazoku forever to reside in this book."

"What do you want with me?" Filia asked confused in here hazy trance.

"Dear Filia," the book said mysteriously, "I was made for you."

"I don't understand." She replied quietly.

"I was created by the great Lord of Nightmares as her record. I contain information that L-sama has entrusted me pertaining to the Dragon and Monster race." The voice stated.

Filia shivered. "If what you say's is true then you are a very valuable book."

"Filia Ul Copt, Bind yourself to me as my master, who I have been created for, and together we could do great things."

"What kind of things?"

"I have witnessed the future, present, and past. Miss Filia, after you have bound yourself to me and we create the link, you will bring the Monster race and Dragon race to their true intended destination."

"But you're a Mazoku, how do I not know your trying to trick me?"

"Miss Filia, My word is all I have, there are so many things I can teach you, if you let me." It said softly.


"Simply say, I bind myself to Nexus, to forever be his master."


"Yes Miss Filia?" He asked excitedly.

"That is your name?"

"In this form it is." He stated. "Now, I Nexus, wish to be bound to Filia Ul Copt, to forever be in her service."

"Nothing will work!" shouted Zelgadis dropping a bag of rocks and a dead fish on the ground.

"It was a ingenious plan though Mr. Zelgadis." Encouraged Amelia giving him moral support.

"Is it harmful for her to be in all that miasma?" Lina asked Xelloss.

"I do not feel a decrease in her life force, but that could change over time." He stated staring at the suspended dragon in the air by the Mazoku force.

"If only I had my sword of light." Gourry said regretfully.

"No I do not think that would have helped Gourry," Lina consulted. "It could have harmed Filia."

Then a bright light shot from Filia, encasing her and the book in a brilliant flash. When the light subsided, Filia stood there holding the book. Slowly she opened her eyes.

"Filia! What the Hellmaster Phibrizzo happened?" Lina shouted at the Dragon.

"I-" she started, looking down at the book, then back to her companions, "I'm not completely sure." As she looked around slightly dazed.

"Filia, what is that?" Xelloss asked in a menacing tone staring at the book in her grasp.

"Well it's not a Clair Bible if that's what you are wondering." She spat, holding the book tightly to her chest.

"That Book filled you with demonic energy Miss Filia, Therefore it must be EVIL!" shouted Amelia as she pointed at the book in the dragons grasp.

"I am neither evil, nor good."

"Nexus?" Filia looked down confused.

"It talks?" Gourry shouted looking down at the book scared in a panic.

"If I wish to be heard. I can chose who I want to hear me, which of course my master can always hear me." Nexus replied.

"Your master?" Zelgadis asked perplexed.

"Would someone tell me what is going on?" asked Xelloss ask smiling.

"Being specific in this scenario might help." Lina pressed to the Monster as she crossed her arms.

"He is probably referring to the inability to hear me." Nexus replied in aversion.

"Why can't Xelloss hear you?" Filia asked the book.

"Simple, I don't want him to." The book stated.

"Mr. Nexus, why would that be?" asked Amelia looking up at the book Filia held.

"I just don't like him." Nexus stated. Filia giggled, "Well that's one thing we have in common."

"Filia," Lina Began, "What is the deal with that book?"

"Nexus, states that he was the great L-sama's record." She began, "He holds information about the dragon and monster race." She explained.

"Does he?" Xelloss said in a false chipper voice. "Maybe you would let me see it then?"

"I am not stupid Xelloss; I know you would try to destroy him." Filia defended.

"No Filia, Give me to Xelloss." The booked said to her mysteriously.

Filia raised an eyebrow then slowly handed the book out to Xelloss. Xelloss threw the book on the ground and summoned a powerful attack on the book where the book laid undamaged. Nexus laughed darkly, rising to Xelloss eye level.

"You cannot destroy me." It taunted, "No matter how powerful you are, Xelloss" He said rudely and then floated back in to Filia's clutches.

"What a smart mouthed book." Xelloss grinned tightly.

"Why don't you prove you have knowledge of the monster and Dragon race?" Zelgadis asked.

"Yeah, what is one of the monsters' most kept secrets?" Filia asked.

"Filia-" Xelloss stated sharply. "You are treading dangerous ground right now."

"Ignore him Filia," Nexus said to only her, "As long as I am with you, nobody could harm you."

Filia looked up at Xelloss, "Well there is only one way to prove his claim."

"I will only tell Filia, then she can choose to do what she wants with the information." Nexus spoke out.

Filia looked at the book expectantly. "So-"

"What I will tell you Filia, is the truth of how monsters are created. Since Xelloss has learned of your race's mating rituals." Nexus said to only her.

Filia's face was filled with shock, and slowly nodded her head.

"Monsters can be created three ways. First is the most know way, a high level Monster can create a new monster with a part of their soul, like your dear friend Xelloss, then there is turning an already existing creature in to a monster, by killing it and having it reborn as a Mazoku."

Filia nodded her head, "Yes I knew that already."

"The last is a very well kept secret. A Mazoku can control everything that goes on in there corporeal body, including being able to produce what is necessary to create a baby."

Filia gasped loudly, killing everyone in the room with curiosity. "Are you serious?" she said shocked.

"Yes, and if you wish to say anything to me that you do not want your less worthy comrades to hear, namely a nosy monster, you can communicate with me mentally."

"Monsters are capable of having babies?"

"Yes Filia, it is one of our most keep secrets."

"Then why isn't there a bunch of toddler terrors running around?"

"Isn't all children terrors?"

"Not my Val!" Filia thought with pride.

"Ah, Val, how old is he now?"

"He has not hatched, I left him with Jillias and Gravos, but how did you-"

"Remember Miss Filia, I've seen the future."

"So then why?" Filia asked.

"Because no monster has been able to, they would have to put a lot of work into making it. It is almost like creating a monster. One has to sacrifice part of their astral body to create the child and the other has to be of another race, for the baby to be able to develop."

"I see. Wow."

"Well, Filia, what deep dark secret of the Monster race has the scary book told you?" asked Xelloss his bright smile fading.

"Well," Filia said, raising her finger to her mouth, "That is a secret."

"Perhaps Nexus can answer the question we came here to seek?" Zelgadis asked, interrupting the squabble.

"Hey, that's a good idea, Nexus, do you know of a way to return Zelgadis to his human state?" Filia asked.

"I am filled with information of monsters and Gods, therefore I do not have the knowledge you seek."

Zelgadis sighed in disgust, "Should have figured."

"But you said you have been to the future, perhaps there is a way in the future?" Filia asked.

"Hmm, that would be rather convenient."The book said mysteriously. "Master, would you like to join me on a pilgrimage?" Nexus asked.

"To where?" Filia asked curiously.

"To-" Nexus said dramatically, "The Future!"

"That is impossible." Xelloss said merrily.

"Would you bet on those words Xelloss?" Nexus asked.

"I'm not a betting man." Xelloss grinned.

"I am not so sure about this." Amelia stated looking at the book wearily.

"I could take us over 900 years in to the future where we can observe my mistress. I recall an event where something could be a cure for Mr. Zelgadis, Would this please you Miss Filia?" The book asked.

Filia thought about this for a few moments, and then asked, "Just to observe, we couldn't get hurt could we?"

"We will only be sending our conscious to the future realm; we will not be seen or heard."

"Hold on a minute," Lina intervened, "Are you saying we will be transported in to the future, where we will all no longer be around."

"That is correct."

"Gourry you know what this means."

"Our lifelong ambition." He stated proudly.

"You have an ambition?" Zelgadis questioned.

"Of course." Lina said brazenly, and nodded to her companion. "To eat the food of the future!" they said in unison.

"Filia, are you sure you should trust this book?" Xelloss asked darkly while looking over the dragon.

"More then you, Pain-eater" she snapped.

Xelloss looked at Lina and mouthed pain-eater questionably, Lina just shrugged.

"Alright, I will now be taking us to-" Nexus said dramatically, "the Future."

Xelloss rolled his eyes, and Gourry looked at the book in fear. Lina braced herself as Amelia grabbed a hold of Zelgadis arm.

The book in Filia's hands began to flood Miasma and engulfed everyone in a sea of demon energy. Then they were gone.