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~Chapter.1 start~

Hiei inhaled deeply and shivered. The scent of his comrades was intoxicating to his sensitive nose. He could identify each of them just by their aroma. Yusuke had a scent like a night time rain. Kurama's scent was a light mix of musk and flower, a complex mix that was strong but subtle. The strongest scent came from Kuwabara, a heavily spiced musk that definitely spoke 'male' to Hiei's nose. It made his mouth water and skin tingle.

"Hiei may I speak to you for a moment?" Hiei sighed, releasing the delightful scents from his nose.

"What is it Kurama?" Hiei answered in annoyance.

Kurama looked forward at Kuwabara and Yusuke, checking that they were out of ear shot before continuing.

"May you withdraw your aura for a moment it is… distracting to say the least."

A small blush painted Hiei's face as he withdrew the aura he had accidentally released. He had been so caught up in the scents that his aura had slipped from his focus. It could have revealed their position to the enemy. Especially when his aura held the resonance that he was in heat. The resonance acted like an attraction spell meant to lure in any potential mates.

"Hiei, maybe it would be best if you let us handle this mission alone… it would give you enough time to find a ma-"

"I have no intention or interest in leaving to find a mate; do not bring it up again." He snapped feeling his temper easily rising and mentally scolded himself for being angered so easily.

"I'm merely suggesting it for-"

"My own good, you've repeated this same conversation each time I've been in heat and my answer remains the same."

Kurama rolled his eyes in frustration.

"You do realize that with each heat that you refuse to mate the weaker your state will be in the next heat?"

Hiei stopped in his tracks and turned to Kurama while gripping the handle of his Katana, a deep growl sounding from his throat.

"Do not even suggest that my being in heat makes me incapable of completing this mission but if you find it so distracting maybe you should leave this mission to find your own toy to fool around with."

"How dare you Hiei! I'm trying to prevent you from gaining any injuries. Your heat will distract you during battle and that can have dire consequences!"

"Listen fox, I have had enough of this debate now leave it be!" Hiei spat before leaping up into the trees, choosing to leap from tree branch to tree branch to travel and effectively cut off anymore conversation with Kurama.

Kurama growled and pinched the bridge of his nose as he felt his aura flare with his frustration. He knew that heat was a touchy subject with Hiei but he knew he had to try. Demons often died during their heat. Both from fighting and the strain it put on their bodies when they did not find a mate. It was a kind of starvation, the longer a demon ignored their heat, the more it would drain them. Kurama faintly wondered why Hiei had risked not mating for so long. He knew it was something to do with Hiei's past; prying the information from Hiei would cross his own boundaries and he already had a basic idea of what had happened though he wished with all his heart that he was wrong.

"Hey," Kurama almost jumped at the sound of Yusuke's voice "What the hell was that all about?" He said while staring up at the branch the Hiei had escaped to.

"It was just an argument." Kurama's voice was monotone as he looked at his two team mates in front of him.

"Ya sure? 'Cause he looked ready to take your head off, literally."

Kurama waited until he felt Hiei's aura travel to a distance where he was out of hearing range. He was startled when he felt a calloused finger wipe a tear from his cheek; he hadn't realized that he had become so upset. He thanked Kuwabara before wiping the rest on his sleeve. He looked up at his two friends; both of them looked extremely concerned.

"Let me explain the situation." Kurama said, knowing that this might be his last chance.

The sun had long since set before the gang arrived at the demon village. Few light were visible and even fewer villagers were awake. The village could barely be considered a village; it was more of a camp ground. Blankets were hung over cave and hut entrances as make shift doors and lanterns were hung in front of each occupied domain. A few flames still burned but many had been snuffed out.

A cold shiver ran down Hiei's spine. The place brought back old memories of his childhood spent in the Bandit camp. None of the memories were good.

"We are to meet her in there." Kurama said while pointing to the only blue lantern in the village that hung above one of the smaller cave entrances.

The gang hurried inside to shelter themselves from the cold night air. Yusuke and Kuwabara grinned at each other as they felt their body heat returning. Kurama still shivered but he, like Hiei, was more focused on the cloaked figure sitting at the back of the cave. A short table sat in front of them with cushions all around it and a roaring fire place at the side. The other two soon noticed their team mates silence and took on the same hardened expressions when they looked at the cloaked figure.

"Come sit down, there is plenty of room." The figures voice chimed through the cave. Her voice was familiar and soft. The boys took her offer and sat around the table where the figure served them all tea from a pot that had been hanging over the fire.

"I can assume that you are the Miss you sent for our help?" Kurama asked.

"Yes, I am her." She answered while letting the hood of her cloak fall to her shoulders. A look of shock crossed the gang's faces as they recognized an apologetic Yukina. "I'm sorry for asking all of you to come out here but I didn't know who else to ask." She blushed in embarrassment.

"It's alright Yukina; we'd do anything for you! Right guys" Kuwabara yelled while jumping up and pumping his fist in the air.

"Kuwabara…please sit down, I have something to tell you all." Yukina whispered her voice sad and distant. Kuwabara sat down looking both concerned and confused. "I can't stay in the human world any longer; my time has run out."

Kuwabara and Yusuke were shocked; neither of them could speak but their eyes told all. Hiei simply sighed, he had known that her time had been coming and when he glanced at Kurama he was sure the fox had known as well. Ice apparitions were only given a limited amount of time outside their village. If they didn't obey the time limit, they would start to evaporate into thin air. Like fog that fades in the morning sunlight.

"How much time do we have to get you back to the village?" Kurama asked while keeping his eyes trained on Kuwabara who seemed to become more withdrawn with each second that passed.

"The ice island will meet at Mount Yenen in ten days. They will stay docked to a cliff there in order to trade supplies with the other villages on the mountain. I'm to return during that time."

"Yenen Mountain…" Kurama said thoughtfully. "It will take us ten days to travel there from here. Assuming we don't run into anything hostile along the way, though knowing the forest we have to cross through, the chances of meeting something hostile is extremely likely. Slavers have been known to harvest there. I give us at least eleven days to arrive at the ice village and that includes climbing the mountain." He sighed at the difficult journey ahead of them.

"I don't get why you want to go back to those frozen old hags anyways, it's not like you have to!" Yusuke spat enraged that his friend Kuwabara was being abandoned.

"But Yusuke I don't have a choice! I want to stay! I'd give anything to stay but they're making me go! You see when I left they took some of my blood to tie me to the village when I left, that way when they wanted me to go back I had to or they would use my blood to kill me. It's their way of making sure their population doesn't all disappear off the island." Yukina answered while tears began to pool in her eyes.

"Ouch… tough break, but there's got to be something we can do?"

"That's not likely Yusuke, at least for now." Kurama replied. "Do you have any thoughts on this Hiei?"

"Hn, let's just finish this mission and move on." He said with relative indifference. In truth he hated that his sister was being forced to return to the ice village. A frozen wasteland that drifted aimlessly; no wonder they had to take such precautions to keep the island from going disserted. Hiei was almost thankful that he had been tossed off the islands side but he couldn't say he liked what happened afterwards.

"So you have to leave, just like that?" Kuwabara asked quietly, more to himself than anyone else. The group was surprised to hear his voice. They had never heard him speak so sombrely.

"Kuwabara I meant to tell you sooner, if I could stay you know I wou-"

"I know Yukina I just wi-"Kuwabara cut himself off, afraid he might say something he would regret. "I'm just going to get some fresh air." Then he stiffly walked out the door. The others watched him go, knowing he needed his space. A few inari stones fell from Yukina's eyes and more soon followed. Kurama tried to comfort her thought he felt awkward in doing so.

"I just wanted to find my brother," Yukina whispered as more stones fell. "I didn't want to hurt anyone."

Hiei stood and turned to leave. The scents in the cave were startle to stifle his Heat affected nose. At least that's what he told himself.

"Hiei, what are you doing?" Kurama asked.

"The fool should not be wandering around the village; I rather not drag his carcass around on this mission." He then turned to the cave entrance and left.

The night air was refreshing for Hiei; he never liked to be in an in closed space for too long; especially while he was in heat. He wandered into the forest, he hadn't eaten for awhile, they had started the mission three days ago and he hadn't eaten awhile before that, he was going to take his time alone to hunt. It wasn't long before Hiei had found what he wanted, a plump rabbit that he killed easily. A small smile of satisfaction crossed his lips and his stomach growled in appreciation. That's when he smelt Kuwabara's scent lingering in the air. He faintly wondered how he hadn't noticed it before. Without realizing it, Hiei's feet began to carry him forward towards Kuwabara scent. He stopped abruptly as another scent struck his nose. That of another male demon in heat, and as Hiei judged from the wind direction, it was heading straight for Kuwabara. He was running before the thought crossed his mind.

Hiei paused before entering the small clearing he found Kuwabara in, choosing to observe him instead. The boy sat against a mossy rock outside another small cave. The forest was silent except for the rustle of quiet sniffling from the boy. Hiei wasn't prepared for that. He almost felt foolish for not thinking that Kuwabara would be upset over the previous events of the day. It seemed obvious to him now. Kuwabara had always put Yukina's needs over his own. In fact, at the age of twenty three Kuwabara held a stable job at an animal shelter as a veterinarian.

It struck Hiei that he still referred to Kuwabara as a boy when he should refer to him as a man. As Hiei looked on at Kuwabara he realized (with mild horror) that the human had grown slightly taller. His face had also filled out more so that his cheek bones were less prominent. The human's stomach growled and a small smile crossed Hiei's lips as he saw Kuwa squirm. He had forgotten that in the past three days of the mission that Kuwabara had not eaten either.

The snap of twig broke Hiei's train of thought. He sniffed the air and growled; the other demon was still pursuing his human. Hiei dropped his rabbit and walked slowly into the clearing, making sure each of his foot steps made an audible tap on the ground. In one swift movement he had Kuwabara on his back, sharp teeth bared against the human's neck, and a clawed hand slapped over his mouth. Another growl escaped Hiei's lip, a warning for the human to stay quiet. He still felt the demon's aura and knew it was watching him. Hiei let his own aura slip out. That's when he noticed Kuwabara's scent, and the intoxicating effect it had on him earlier that day returned. He lapped at the soft skin in front of him, a light groan escaping his lips. It really had been a long time since he had mated with anyone, years in fact. He hated to admit it, but he did miss the touch of another. His hands glided under the thin fabric of Kuwa's undershirt and caressed the soft skin he found there. Hiei faintly heard the other demon leave but was to busy nuzzling into Kuwabara's neck to notice.

"Are you done yet?" Kuwabara's voice broke into his daze.

Hiei jumped back onto his feet, a bright blush glowed off his cheeks, he couldn't believe he had lost himself so easily. He was shocked when Kuwabara started laughing.

"Quit it Fool! Do you have any idea what type of danger you were in?"

"From what, the other demon? Or your kinky cuddling?" Hiei growled and clenched his fists.

"That demon was also in heat and you were to be his whore if I didn't intervene!" Hiei yelled but calm slightly when he saw that Kuwabara's facial expression had ,finally, turned serious.

"Listen midget, I wasn't totally zoned out, I sensed the demon and yeah his aura seemed to be doing odd things but I was waiting for the demon to step into the clearing so I could see what the hell I was going to fight! At least I don't creep around and tackle people to get some action!"

"Are you really that dense? I only did that so it would look like we were mates so the other demon would leave!"

"What you too chicken shit to pick a fight now?" Another escaped Hiei and he lifted Kuwabara up by his shirt collar so that he could glare right into the human's eyes.

"Let me explain something to you human, I haven't mated in years, each heat I have drains me more and more, neither of us has eaten and thus we are both in weakened states. You should be more concerned about conserving energy than fighting any challenger you come across."

Kuwabara looked down in shame and Hiei let go of his collar before he began walking back to the forest.

"Hey don't go, I'm sorry I bugged you Hiei!" Kuwa called after him. Hiei looked back in surprise.

"Would you honestly want me to stay?" There was a long pause before Kuwabara replied with a small 'yes.' " Fine, now gather some fire wood, I wish to cook my rabbit."

"You killed a bunny!" Hiei face palmed.

"Just get the damn wood Kazuma."

Kuwabara paused for a moment at Hiei using his first name before doing as he was told. There was plenty of dry wood on the forest floor and it only took him a few minutes to grab an arm full of wood. When we walked back to the clearing he didn't see Hiei anywhere and he sighed. He dropped the wood at the front of the cave before crawling inside. The cave was too small for him to stand in and even while he was crawling his head sometimes bumped into the ceiling while his wide set shoulders scraped against the walls. The one benefit of the small cave was the thick soft moss the coated the floor. Kuwa lied on the cave floor for awhile before he felt someone shake him. He lazy looked up at an annoyed Hiei.

"I thought a human would be hungry after three days without food."

"I-I thought you left." Hiei almost looked hurt by his answer.

"Hn. I was busy cleaning the rabbit in the stream behind this cave. Besides… you've had enough abandonment for one day." Hiei sighed before turning and crawling back out of the cave with Kuwa following him out.

Kuwabara was confused, Hiei wasn't acting himself. He remembered that Hiei had admitted to being in heat and he wondered if that was the reason for it. He was surprised to see a small fire burning with the rabbit roasting over it and even a few small fish were cooking on sticks.

"You were able to do all this when I just lied done?"

"You've been sleeping for an hour."


Hiei handed a leg of rabbit to Kuwa before taking a leg for himself. They ate in silence, both of them were busy filling their starving stomachs. The flavours were incredible, Hiei had taken some lessons from Kurama on edible plant life and he had used the lessons well to flavour the food with different herbs and spices. Soon only one fish was left but both of them were too full to finish it.

"You're a good cook."


"I mean it! You got to teach me sometime."

"Just go to bed Kuwa." Hiei said before lying back down on the ground.

Kuwabara sighed before crawling back into the cave. He was just about to fall back asleep when he heard the rain begin to fall. After waiting awhile Kuwa peeked his head outside to check on Hiei. The fire had been put out by the heavy rain and Hiei had tucked his head under his clothes in an effort to keep dry. Kuwabara shook his head in disbelief and amusement before going over and picking Hiei up. The small demon growled in response.

"Put me down human, I'm trying to sleep."

"You can't sleep much in the rain." Kuwabara said before carrying Hiei inside the cave.

"You expect us to both sleep in here comfortably?" Hiei griped while pulling off his soaked cloak and wringing it out at the entrance before laying it out on a nearby rock.

"Well you seemed more than comfortable with me when that other demon was near." Hiei met Kuwabara's comment with a glare. "Okay that was a cheap shot, but it is cold in here and you're always warm." He finished before wrapping his arms around Hiei's torso in a tight embrace.

"I could care less about your body temperature now unhand me!" The small demon yelled.

"Aw come on Hiei its only for one night."

"Kuwabara…. You know that I'm in heat, I may do something you'll regret." Hiei said quietly while admitting to himself that he honestly didn't want to hurt the human.

"Hiei it's okay, I trust you." Kuwabara spoke without a doubt on his mind.

Hiei froze at the honesty in Kuwabara's voice. He didn't understand how he could trust him so easily. He had never shown the human an extreme kindness and he saw no reason for him to trust him.


"Because I'm col-

"No you imbecile, why do you trust me?"

"I don't know, I just do." Hiei sighed in defeat before crawling deeper inside the cave and lying down.

"Does that mean we are sleeping together?" Kuwabara said while laying down next to Hiei and embracing the demon a second time.

"Don't word it that way and don't expect this favour to happen again." Was all he said before falling asleep.

~Chapter.1 End~

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